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Burning urination in men


Burning urination in men Burning during urination is a common symptom in both sexes. He can talk about the presence of functional disorders, inflammatory processes, venereal and oncological diseases. Therefore, when it appears, you need to contact the urologist and perform the scheduled examination.

Features in men

The urethra or urethra in men performs 2 functions - the output of urine and the withdrawal of sperm released during sexual intercourse. It begins directly from the bladder and, passing through the prostate and penis, comes out on its head. The total length of the channel reaches 18-20 cm. Therefore, there are several departments in it:

  • prostatic;
  • webbed;
  • spongy.

As the name implies, the prostatic section passes through the prostate, the back wall of which has a seed tubercle. During intercourse, this bump becomes erect, thereby preventing sperm from being thrown into the bladder.

The narrowest part of the urethra of a man is the membranous division, which passes through the muscular diaphragm of the pelvis. The spongy part following it is the longest and has a length of about 15 cm. It is surrounded by a cavernous body and continues to the external opening.

Causes of burning sensation when urinating

Consider the possible causes of such an uncomfortable phenomenon, as a burning sensation in the urethra, in more detail. Most often, this symptom indicates that the man has a urogenital infection. The pain and burning sensation in the urethra of men is usually a sign of such diseases:

All of them are infectious diseases. But there are still non-infectious diseases, accompanied by this symptom. These include:

  • urolithiasis disease;
  • phimosis;
  • urinary system tumors;
  • obstruction of the ureter;
  • renal colic;
  • irritation of the external opening of the urethra;
  • traumatic effects;
  • neurogenic burning sensation.

Burning in the urethra can be observed in the complete absence of any pathologies in the event of excess salt in the urine, as well as irritant effects on the external opening of detergents and cosmetics or condoms.

Related symptoms

In various diseases, symptoms associated with burning are somewhat different.

With urethritis, which is an inflammatory disease of the urethra, discomfort is observed not only during urination, but also sexual arousal. In most cases, from the urethra in patients with purulent discharge.

In urolithiasis, when a stone that descends from the upper urinary tract gets stuck in the urethra, pain occurs suddenly there.

Often, burning in the urethra in men is observed with prostatitis. A feature of this disease is the occurrence of burning at the end of urination.

Venereal diseases are characterized by gradual development of symptoms, besides the patient's burning sensation complains of discharge, sometimes with an admixture of blood and pus.

In candidiasis, burning is also accompanied by secretions, but they have the appearance of whites and cheesy.

Burning in the urethra may occur after urination. In this case, it is a symptom of urolithiasis or neoplasm.


The most common cause of burning in the urethra is urethritis, which is considered the most common infectious and inflammatory disease in males. As we already know, the men’s urethra is long and narrow, so an infection that gets into it rarely gets to the bladder, and settles here. The course of urethritis is acute, subacute and chronic.

Urethritis is often accompanied by gonorrhea, and this disease can also be caused by an infection brought from the upper genitourinary system, for example, in chronic pyelonephritis.

With timely treatment to the doctor, acute urethritis can be cured quickly, but chronic ones can be treated with difficulty. Even the determination of the type of infection that caused the disease is difficult.


Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, which is located below the bladder. The urethra, partially passing through it, in the case of its disease is also experiencing certain disorders, as the prostate that has swollen as a result of the disease squeezes the urethra. Constipation, pain during bowel movements may also be noted.

Many pathogens of infectious diseases constantly live on the male genital organs, and with a decrease in immunity, they begin to show activity. In addition to rezi and burning during urination with prostate bothering back pain, malaise, fever.

When late or incorrect treatment of prostatitis often becomes chronic, with less severe symptoms, the treatment of which is difficult.


Burning and pain during urination can also be observed with such a common venereal disease as gonorrhea. She is a classic representative of sexually transmitted diseases. It is caused by a special type of bacteria - Neisseria gonococcus. The probability of infection with gonorrhea with unprotected sexual contact is 50%, and the incubation period is from 2 to 5 days.

In addition to dysuric disorders in this disease, patients suffer from discharge from the urethra of a yellowish-white color.


In each of these diseases, a special treatment is prescribed, which is preceded by examination and diagnosis. Handle this problem should, as soon as possible to the doctor - urologist.

First aid for burning during urination, which every patient can do for himself, is to exclude irritating foods from the diet. These are alcohol, carbonated drinks, spices, citrus fruits, vinegar.

Irritating effect may also have detergents containing dyes and flavors in large quantities. It is necessary to stop using strongly smelling types of soap, bath foams, shower gels.

To reduce the burning sensation can drink plenty of broth hips or just pure water. Facilitates the washing of the bladder, for which drink 2 glasses of water in a row, and then a solution of baking soda, prepared in a ratio of 1 tsp to 1/2 of a glass of water. After that, 1 glass of water is required to drink every hour, up to 8 times per day.

If the unpleasant symptom continues to bother you, you need to start a special treatment at the urologist.

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