The Brilliant green solution of alcohol (zelenka): user manual, reviews
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Zelenka instructions for use

Form of issue

The given preparation is issued in the form of 2% or 1% alcohol solution. Poured into glass bottles, the capacity of which is 5 liters, 1 liter, 25 ml, 20 ml, 10 ml or 5 ml. Also it can be produced in the form of a fine-grained powder, which is contained in a package of 1 g.

In addition, today in pharmacies you can buy this drug in the form of a medical pen, which is convenient to use, so it does not spill or splatter.


  1. Brilliant green.
  2. Ethanol.
  3. Purified water.

Brilliant green is often part of the funds that are used to treat various wound surfaces of the skin.

For example, it is part of the "corn liquid", where, in addition to the brilliant green, contains salicylic acid. Used for the treatment of corns and calluses. Or in the "Novikov liquid", which also contains collodion, castor oil and tannin. This liquid is used in the process of primary treatment of various wounds (cracks, abrasions, scratches).


The agent is part of the dye group. It is a green-golden powder or golden-greenish lumps. It is practically insoluble in alcohol and water, but can dissolve in chloroform. The finished solution has a saturated green color.

pharmachologic effect

Brilliant green is one of the most highly active and fast-acting antiseptics. Its bactericidal properties extend to gram-positive microorganisms, the reproduction and dissemination of which it is capable of blocking. To such bacteria it is possible to carry:

Indications for use

The drug is used exclusively externally for the purpose of disinfection of fresh post traumatic (bruises, scratches, burns, cuts, abrasions) and postoperative wounds. Also used:

  • with inflammation of hair bulbs (folliculitis);
  • in the presence of erysipelas;
  • with the development of pyoderma (inflammation of the skin with the presence of purulent clusters);
  • with infectious inflammation of the skin of the eyelids (blepharitis).

The solution is used to prevent infection in the following cases:

  • with traditional and internal barley (meibomite);
  • with carbunculosis;
  • with chicken pox;
  • with herpetic infection;

This remedy is so safe that it is applied to newborn children. For example, the umbilical wound is treated with a solution to dry it, to accelerate the processes of skin regeneration and to achieve a disinfecting effect.

And to older children, this solution can be used when there are bites of insects. In this case, the agent has not only an antiseptic effect, but it also allows to dry the rashes and reduce the intensity of itching.

A diamond green solution of alcohol or green is used mainly in the former CIS countries. And in European countries, this remedy has not become so widespread because of poorly understood pathogenesis (the mechanism of action), and also because of giving the patient an aesthetically unattractive appearance.


The solution can not be used in the presence of individual intolerance to the organism of components that make up its composition. Also, experts do not recommend applying a brilliant green to excessively bleeding wounds and to affected areas of the skin that are wetting.

Side effects

Immediately after using the solution, skin irritation and a feeling of intense burning that soon passes.

Drug Interactions

Brilliant green is incompatible with antiseptic agents whose active ingredients are:

  • alkali;
  • iodine;
  • chlorine.

As an example of such a drug, ammonia (ammonia) can be added.

Mode of application

First, it should be noted that the brilliant green is a part of some adhesive plasters, which have a bactericidal effect. The solution, if necessary, can be used to impregnate bandage dressings.

The agent is used in the form of 1% or 2% solutions only externally. Apply a thin layer on the wound surface of the skin, while capturing a small part of the healthy tissues surrounding the affected area. The application procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day.

special instructions

  1. When exposed to the mucous membranes of the eyes, the solution may cause lacrimation and burning.
  2. The solution is categorically inadmissible to take inside. Otherwise, there may be acute intoxication and hypoxia.
  3. It is also superfluous to know that when applied to the skin, the integrity of which is not damaged, the solution is not absorbed into the blood, and if applied to the affected area of ​​the skin, it will penetrate into the total bloodstream in very small doses.

Pregnancy and lactemia

The solution can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Leave conditions

It is dispensed over-the-counter.

Terms and conditions of storage

The product should be stored in a hermetically sealed vial at a temperature of not more than + 25 ° C. Shelf life is 2 years.

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