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Are all fish equally useful? We are looking for the most useful!

Fish is the most common and beloved by many seafood. Freshly caught and properly cooked fish is not only tasty, but also very useful. There are a lot of types and ways of its preparation: it is white or red, oily or dry, boiled, salted, baked, fried. Depending on the type of fish and the method of its processing, the utility can vary greatly, so it is very important to know which one can and should be eaten, and which one should be avoided or minimized.

General information

Fish is one of the few products that contain almost all the useful elements necessary for a person: phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, D, E, zinc, calcium and iodine. But the most important thing is that it is easily digestible protein, which is almost impossible to find in other foods.

The main beneficial properties of fish include:

  • The ability to favorably influence the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Improve overall well-being, brain function and emotional state;
  • The constant consumption of fish (at least a couple of times a week) provides the body with high-quality protein and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • To improve the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • The presence of OMEGA-3, helps to establish blood clotting;
  • The ability not to increase body weight, which makes fish an excellent product for a variety of diets;
  • Easily assimilable and healthy fish oil;
  • High calorie.

Which fish is healthier: sea or river?

Traditionally, the most useful fish is marine: it is less likely to become infected with parasites, and river water is usually much dirtier than ocean water. Let us examine each type in more detail.

Sea fish is considered one of the most useful products for humans and takes second place in this honorary list. With a moderate daily use of it, you can protect yourself from many diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, sea fish contains many vitamins and polyunsaturated acids, due to which it favorably affects the condition of the skin, nails, hair, which makes this tasty product indispensable for women.

Among all types of marine fish, experts emphasize red: salmon, chum salmon, trout salmon and pink salmon . The inclusion of these varieties in a regular diet helps to improve vision and slow the aging process. It should be remembered that long-term heat treatment leads to the destruction of most nutrients, so this fish is better to eat salted or lightly salted.

You need to carefully consider the choice of red fish, so as not to pay big money for low-quality product: it must be fresh, the color is a delicate orange-pink, without external smells and mucus.

Pollock, cod and hake are among the more affordable, but also useful, varieties - this is a low-fat fish, excellent for dietary nutrition. It is rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B12, it is recommended for use in pregnant women.

Cod liver and caviar have special benefits, they contribute to:

  • Increase immunity;
  • Strengthen teeth and bones;
  • Improving mood, dealing with stress;
  • Brain oxygenation;
  • Improving the condition of people suffering from arthritis and arthritis.

Pollock is not as healthy as cod and has almost no taste of its own, so it’s best to cook it with seasonings or sauces. But he still has his advantages, we list them:

  • It strengthens the teeth and bones;
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels;
  • Normalizes the sugar level;
  • Positive effect on the nervous system;
  • It helps people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland.

Herring plants have the most beneficial fats for the human body and are well absorbed. We list the most common fish of this family.

Herring is an affordable, tasty and healthy fish. Before choosing, pay attention to the following criteria: the carcass must be elastic, steel-colored and free of third-party odors. Useful properties include:

  • The beneficial effects of the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems;
  • High content of protein and fat;
  • The content of beneficial trace elements and vitamins A, B and D.

Sardine is a fish of the herring family, its meat is well digested and has many useful properties:

  • Contains omega fatty acids, vitamins B12 and calcium;
  • Improves brain function and vision;
  • It promotes immunity and prevents the appearance of blood clots;
  • Boiled sardine meat contains antioxidant Q10;
  • Can reduce the frequency of asthma attacks;
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect.

River fish is more affordable, but not as valued as sea fish . But despite this, there are many good types of river fish, which are not only healthy, but also tasty. Their meat is digestible, contains many proteins and is recommended for those who follow a diet.

Perch is both sea and river. It has a soft and juicy meat, as well as a minimum amount of bones. Particularly tasty is boiled or fried. The advantage of this fish is that when frozen it retains all its beneficial properties.

  • Meat contains antioxidants and phosphorus in large quantities;
  • Has the ability to regulate sugar levels;
  • Positive effect on the digestive and nervous systems.

Carp (carp) is a specially bred fish that lives in fresh water. Possesses large reserves of fat even at a small age, contains a large amount of useful substances, vitamins and minerals. In addition, she:

  • It has a beneficial effect on the skin and mucous membranes;
  • Acts as a metabolic regulator;
  • It has easily digestible meat;
  • Contributes to the overall stabilization of the body.

Crucian has a soft and slightly sweet meat, rich in protein, contains little fat. It has many useful properties:

  • Omega-3;
  • Easily digestible protein;
  • Well suited for the prevention of cancer and infectious diseases;
  • Low calorie.

Pike belongs to the dietary fish, it has natural antiseptic properties and contains a lot of protein. Being a delicacy, great for baking and frying. Like the rest of the fish has a lot of useful vitamins and elements.

At the same time buying a river fish, it is worth remembering that it is very often infected with parasites, so it must be very well processed before use and not allowed to get raw or not fully cooked fish on the table.

Possible harm to fish

Due to the fact that most of the terrestrial bodies of water are now polluted, accumulation of excess mercury in seafood, including fish, is possible. The more fish, the more it accumulates in itself of harmful substances, so you need to monitor both the size of the fish and the portion consumed. River fish are more susceptible to pollution than sea water, due to the fact that sea water is usually cleaner.

Even considering that fish oil is very useful, do not abuse it: it is unlikely that excess fat will help you control your weight.


After the smoking process, the fish goes from the category of useful products to harmful ones. During smoking of any product carcinogenic substances are formed that can cause cancer. The most dangerous is hot-smoked fish, because smoke contains a lot of harmful substances, including benzpyrene - a dangerous carcinogen, harmful even in very small quantities.

How to choose a quality fish?

It is better to take fish alive, but if this is not possible, then using simple rules, you can choose a fresh and tasty fish.

We list the main ones:

  • Fresh fish have clean, clear and bulging eyes.
  • Weak and natural smell. If it is too obvious, then it is better not to take such a fish.
  • The body itself must be elastic. This can be checked by pressing on it with your finger, if the form is quickly restored, then everything is fine with the goods.
  • The gills should be pink or red with no foreign smell.
  • A stale fish swims in water, and a fresh one drowns.

The quality of frozen fish is much more difficult to determine; almost the only option is to inspect the fish for damage and package integrity.

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