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Inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes


Lymph nodes play a very important role in the work of the whole organism. They are a kind of filter that cleans the lymph from foreign and pathogenic microbes. When a dangerous infectious pathogen appears, inflammation of the lymph node occurs, which indicates a serious threat to the entire human body.

Submandibular lymph nodes are able to sensitively respond to any changes. Why are they inflamed and how serious is this condition?

Causes of lymphadenopathy and inflammation

Inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes photo
There are three main causes of inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes:

  • infectious diseases;
  • immune disorders;
  • tumor processes.

You must understand that the lymph node is the most important part of the entire lymphatic system. Lymph is one of the connective tissue types. It performs various functions: it takes part in immunity, protects a person from dangerous infectious pathogens, carries many nutrients, removes dead red blood cells and germs from tissues, and then removes them from the human body. During the development of malignant pathologies, it is in the lymph nodes that cancer cells linger, settle in the lymphoid tissue, forming metastases.

If you notice an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes, see your doctor. The doctor will schedule an examination, conduct a laboratory diagnosis and, if a disease is detected, select the necessary treatment.

Diagnosis with an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes

Examination for inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes requires the mandatory use of laboratory tests. According to a detailed blood test, experts can identify an acute inflammatory process, suspect the progression of the tumor process. Puncture biopsy will determine the nature of the pathology, identify malignant cells, determine further treatment tactics.

Mandatory x-ray of the chest, are tested for HIV infection, viral hepatitis, syphilis . Ultrasound tests can be performed.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in diseases of the immune system

One of the reasons for the increase in lymph nodes located in the submandibular region - immune disorders. The basis of these pathologies is the production of antibodies to the body’s own cells. In the history of patients with immune diseases, long-term current infectious processes are often present.

Systemic immune disorders occurring with an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes:

Enlarged lymph nodes in infectious and inflammatory processes

Infection is the most common cause of the inflammatory process in the ear and submandibular lymph nodes. Especially acute infection occurs in childhood. Diseases such as tonsillitis , caries , pulpitis , otitis media, pharyngitis , laryngitis almost always occur with a moderate or significant increase in lymph nodes.

Inflammation of the lymph node is called lymphadenitis. This condition is a protective reaction of the body to the penetration of microbes and viruses from the purulent focus located in the throat, ear, and soft tissues of the tooth. In the absence of timely treatment, a complication that is dangerous for the patient can develop - phlegmon, which can end in sepsis. When inflammation of the lymph node during the progression of the infectious process, the patient may experience the following pathological signs:

  • redness, swelling of the face and neck;
  • pain with palpation of the enlarged node;
  • pronounced chills;
  • weakness, signs of intoxication: muscle aches, headache, decreased performance;
  • fever.

Signs of the underlying disease (sore throats, otitis media, sinusitis, and pulpitis) can join all these symptoms. In childhood, lymphadenitis is caused by the bacterium Rochalimea henselae, which is found in the urine, saliva, under the claws of cats, rodents, dogs, monkeys. This disease is called cat scratch disease. Pathology is accompanied by an increase in cervical lymph nodes, because an infectious pathogen from the site of scratching and microdamage of the skin enters the lymph nodes in the lymph nodes, causing their inflammation.

Clinical picture of cat scratch disease

The incubation period lasts from 3 to 20-25 days. In the place of the bite or scratch of the animal appear subtle papules slightly reddish color, which are not accompanied by any discomfort. After some time, these small seals begin to suppurate, and their surface becomes covered with crusts. After a few weeks, classic lymphadenitis develops. Enlarged lymph nodes are detected not only in the neck and behind the ear, but also in the groin, in the armpits.

The patient shows signs of general intoxication, sometimes the doctor reveals a slight increase in the spleen and liver. Skin rash may appear. Suppuration papules may be opened. After some time, the manifestations on the skin disappear, and the nodules completely dissolve. Treatment of the disease requires the use of antibacterial drugs, antihistamines and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Respiratory viral infections and inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes

Respiratory viral diseases (influenza, ARVI, ORZ) are often accompanied by an increase in regional lymph nodes. This phenomenon speaks of the good work of the immune system, which actively fights viruses in the body. When this occurs, the following symptoms:

  • body aches;
  • clear or purulent nasal discharge;
  • sneezing;
  • headache;
  • weakness;
  • fever.

When palpating the submandibular lymph nodes, they can be thick, slightly enlarged and moderately painful. The treatment of respiratory viral diseases consists in following the half-bed mode, consuming a large amount of fortified warm drink, taking antiviral, antipyretic drugs.

Enlarged lymph nodes are detected in HIV, syphilis and some urinary infections that are transmitted through unprotected sex. Tactics of treatment in this case is selected taking into account the type of infectious pathogen and the site of inflammation.

Enlarged lymph nodes in tumor processes

Tumors in the lymph nodes lead to their increase, but inflammation in most cases does not develop. This occurs in malignant diseases when metastasis occurs. It also happens that a neoplasm initially grows in the lymph node (with lymphosarcoma, lymphogranulomatosis). During palpation, the lymph nodes are usually painless.

What can not be done with inflammation of the lymph node?

  1. . Do self-medication . A person without medical education and the ability to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis can not surely know what caused the enlargement of the lymph nodes, whether there is an inflammatory process or compaction due to the growth of the tumor. If inflammation occurs in the lymph nodes, it is necessary to pass tests, to undergo diagnostic procedures prescribed by a doctor to conduct effective treatment. Do not prescribe antibiotics on your own, because before taking them you need to identify the pathogen and determine its sensitivity to a particular drug. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the use of funds will be questionable. And some diseases, for example, tumors, HIV, are not treated at all with antibacterial drugs. You only miss the time you can spend on getting qualified medical care.
  2. . To warm up the enlarged lymph nodes . Never warm the lymph nodes, even if you do not have a high temperature. Warming up can provoke the spread of infection to neighboring tissues, will increase the swelling of the neck and facial area, manifestations of fever and pain. And in some cases, applying a warm heating pad or a medical compress to an enlarged lymph node may contribute to the spread of cancer cells with the lymph and blood flow.
  3. , гиперемии и болезненного уплотнения в области лимфатического узла. Apply ice to the place of edema , hyperemia and painful seal in the lymph node. Cold is contraindicated in infectious and inflammatory processes. Inflammation and enlargement of the lymph node is often caused by a viral infection, and local hypothermia can significantly worsen the patient's condition.

Prevention of inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes

Every person can prevent the inflammation of the lymph nodes. To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Beware of hypothermia, because long-term low-temperature effects on the body greatly reduces the immune system and provokes the exacerbation of respiratory viral infections, as well as chronic infectious diseases - rhinitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis;
  • Strengthen your immunity: for this purpose suitable sports, hardening, taking natural biostimulants - honey, aloe, kalanchoe, fruits rich in vitamin C;
  • in the autumn-winter period, always wear hats and knit scarves: a cold wind can provoke the development of the inflammatory process in the soft tissues of the neck and lead to an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes;
  • eat well: fruits, vegetables, fiber should be present in your diet - all these foods contribute to good digestion, provide the body with vitamins, microelements, heal the intestinal microflora, which provides reliable protection against infectious pathogens;
  • timely treat caries, sore throat, sinusitis and other infectious and inflammatory diseases, as they are accompanied by preservation of sluggish infectious process, which during each exacerbation may contribute to inflammation of the lymph nodes.

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