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Vizin eye drops instructions for use

The drug Vizin is a vasoconstrictor drug used in ophthalmology. Due to the vasoconstrictor effect, the drug helps to reduce the severity of edema in various inflammatory and allergic diseases of the eye.

Release form and composition

The drug Visin is produced in the form of a solution for instillation of the eyes. The main active ingredient is tetrizolin, its concentration is 0.05% solution. Also included in the preparation are auxiliary components, which include:

  • Sodium chloride.
  • Benzoalkoniya chloride.
  • Boric acid.
  • Sodium tetraborate.
  • Disodium edatat.
  • Water for injections.

Vizin solution is contained in a 15 ml vial. In a cardboard pack contains 1 bottle with a solution and instructions for use of the drug.

pharmachologic effect

The main active ingredient of the drug Vizin tetrisoline has a stimulating effect on alpha-adrenergic receptors, as a result of which the arterial and venous vessels are narrowed in the area of ​​its use. Tetrizoline has no effect on beta-adrenoreceptors. Due to the vasoconstrictor action of the drug, tissue edema is reduced, the release of blood plasma into the intercellular substance in the area of ​​localization of the inflammatory or allergic process.

With the local use of the drug Vizin, its active substance is not absorbed into the systemic circulation. The duration of the therapeutic effect is on average 4 hours.

Indications for use

Drops for eyes Vizin are shown in various pathologies of sclera or conjunctiva, accompanied by inflammation, hyperemia and edema, these include:

  • Irritation of the sclera and conjunctiva of the eye due to exposure to dust, smoke, aerosols of aggressive chemical compounds.
  • Allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva and sclera, developing under the influence of plant pollen, house dust.
  • In the treatment of infectious inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes.

The use of the drug helps to reduce the inflammatory reaction, burning sensation, "sand in the eyes" and swelling of tissues.


The use of eye drops Vizin contraindicated in such pathological and physiological conditions of the body:

  • Individual intolerance, hypersensitivity to tetrizolin or excipients of the drug.
  • Glaucoma is a pathology in which an increase in intraocular pressure develops.
  • Children under the age of 2 years.

Before using the drug, make sure that there are no contraindications.

Dosage and administration

Vizin eye drops are applied by burying them in the conjunctival sac of the eye. During the instillation procedure, care must be taken to ensure that the dropper tip does not touch the surface of the sclera or conjunctiva. The average dosage for adults and children aged 6 years is 1-2 drops in one eye 2-3 times a day, at regular intervals. The drug should be used only with minor inflammation and eye irritation. If there is no therapeutic effect within 72 hours, the instillation should be stopped and consult an ophthalmologist for advice.

Side effects

In general, the drug is well tolerated. With prolonged and frequent use may develop local negative reactions in the form of burning, conjunctival redness and sclera, blurred vision. In rare cases, may develop mydriasis (dilated pupils). Cases of allergic reactions after using Vizin eye drops are not described.

special instructions

Before you start using Vizin eye drops, you should carefully read the instructions for use of the drug. There are several special indications that are worth paying attention to, these include:

  • Persons with a concomitant pathology of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, coronary heart disease, marked cerebral atherosclerosis), diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism (increased functional activity of the thyroid gland), pheochromocytoma (benign hormone producing a tumor of the brain, adrenal gland) (a pheochromocytoma (a benign hormone producing a tumor of the brain, adrenal gland) (a pheochromocytoma (a benign hormone producing a tumor of the cerebral gland); only a doctor can prescribe the drug, after assessing the expected benefits and the potential risk of its use.
  • For pregnant and lactating women, the drug can only be used as prescribed by a doctor, after analyzing the benefits to the mother and the potential risk to the fetus or infant.
  • The combined use of the drug with drugs MAO inhibitors (monoamine oxidase) can lead to an increase in systemic blood pressure.
  • In the case of contact lenses, they must be removed before instillation of the drug.
  • It is advisable not to allow the eye drop solution to come into contact with contact lenses made from soft materials, since this may reduce their service life.
  • The drug does not directly affect the speed of psychomotor reactions and the possibility of concentration. Within a few minutes after instillation of Vizin eye drops, fog may appear before the eyes and blurred vision. This must be taken into account by drivers or persons whose activity involves the need for sufficient visual acuity.

In the pharmacy network, Vizin eye drops are sold without a prescription. In the event of any doubts or questions regarding their use, you should consult with your doctor.


Cases of a significant excess of the recommended therapeutic dose or erroneous use of the drug inside are not described.

Vizin analogues

According to the therapeutic effect and the active substance, analogues of Vizin eye drops are Oftal, Vizalin, Nafkon-A.

Shelf life and storage

The shelf life of Vizin eye drops is one year from the date of manufacture. After opening the bottle, the preparation can be stored for 1 month. It is necessary to store Vizin eye drops in a dark, dry place inaccessible to children at an air temperature not higher than + 30 ° C.

Vizin price

The average cost of Vizin eye drops in pharmacies in Moscow varies from 217-246 rubles.

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