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Wilprafen solute: instruction manual

The drug belongs to the antibiotic macrolide group. If Vilprafen is used in recommended dosages, a bacteriostatic effect occurs on a large range of microorganisms. In high concentrations has a bactericidal effect. It shows activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Does not affect enterobacteria, therefore its effect on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract will be minimal. Resistance to the active component is rare.

Form of issue and composition

Josamycin is the main active substance of the drug. Vilprafen solutab is manufactured by the manufacturer in a tablet form. Tablets have a white color or a slightly pronounced yellowish hue. On their surface there is an inscription "IOSA" with a dash on one side, and the inscription "1000" on the other. The form of the tablet is oblong. The taste is sweet. It has a strawberry flavor.

In 1 tablet the content of the active josamine component reaches 1000 mg. Additional substances are microcrystalline cellulose, aspartame, strawberry flavor, sodium docusate, magnesium stearate, giprolose and colloidal silicon dioxide.

Indications for use

Vilprafen soluteba can be used for many diseases, which are of an infectious and inflammatory nature. These include:

  • whooping cough;
  • dacryocystitis, blepharitis and other ophthalmic diseases;
  • scarlet fever ;
  • anthrax;
  • erysipelatous lesions;
  • bronchitis. Different types of pneumonia;
  • infection of the ENT - organs ( tonsillitis , sinusitis, otitis, pharyngitis and many others);
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • diphtheria ;
  • psittacosis;
  • lymphogranuloma is venereal;
  • gastrointestinal diseases caused by Helicobacter pylori;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • venereal diseases (especially with a known increased sensitivity to the penicillin group);
  • infection of soft tissues or skin.


Appointment of medications Vilprafen solutab is contraindicated in the presence of such conditions and diseases:

  • liver diseases that are severe;
  • sensitivity to the josamine or to any of the auxiliary elements;
  • sensitivity reactions to the macrolide group of antibiotics;
  • children whose weight did not reach 10 kilograms.

Dosing and Administration

For adults and teenagers who have reached the age of 14, the recommended daily dosage is from 1 to 2 grams, divided into 2 to 3 doses. If there is a need to increase the dose, then it is allowed to increase to 3 grams in 24 hours.

In pediatrics in children, whose weight has reached the figure of 10 kilograms, Vilprafen soluteab is used at the rate of 40 to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight. This daily dose is divided into 2 or 3 doses.

When a child weighs 10 to 20 kilograms, a dose of 250 to 500 mg is recommended twice in 24 hours. When you take a quarter or half of the tablets are previously dissolved in water.

With a body weight of 20 to 40 kilograms, the dose is 500 to 1000 mg twice per 24 hours (half or whole tablet dissolved in water).

In children, whose weight exceeds the figure of 40 kilograms, Vilprafen soluteba is prescribed 1 tablet twice a day.

The course of treatment is appointed for a period of not less than 5 days. In severe conditions, it can be extended to a 3-week period. In the treatment of tonsillitis caused by streptococcal infection, the course is prescribed for at least 10 days.

Tablets can be consumed whole, squeezed with liquid, or dissolving them in water with a volume of at least 20 ml. The suspension should be thoroughly mixed.

Therapy of Helicobacter pylori requires a combination of the drug Vilprafen soluteba with other medications. It is recommended that dosage of josamine in the amount of 1 gram twice in 24 hours. The course of treatment is from 1 to 2 weeks. In this case, the dose of concomitant drugs remains familiar.

The course of treatment of globular and common acne differs somewhat. The first 15 - 30 days, josamine is taken at 500 mg 2 times during the day. Then the supportive course is carried out for an 8-week period. At this time, the drug is taken at 500 mg once a day.

Side effects

Dyspeptic manifestations are often observed in the form of a feeling of nausea, the occurrence of vomiting, diarrhea, unpleasant sensations in the epigastrium. Sometimes there are stomatitis, loss of appetite, constipation. Very rarely develops pseudomembranous colitis.

Possible reactions of an allergic nature include anaphylactic reactions, edema (including Quincke's edema ), hives, erythema, various types of dermatitis.

Dysfunction of the liver and jaundice can rarely occur.

There is evidence of hearing impairment that occurs independently and is directly dependent on the dose of josamine.

It is extremely rare for purple.

special instructions

The threat of developing pseudomembranous colitis - a disease that seriously threatens the patient's life, can indicate diarrhea, which has a persistent current.

When prescribing josamine, patients with renal insufficiency are required to perform laboratory diagnosis and assessment of biochemical blood parameters. Need extra care in the therapy of these patients.

One must bear in mind the probability of cross-resistance to antibiotics from the macrolide group.

The medicinal preparation Vilprafen soluteab has no influence on the management of complex mechanisms.

Hepatic diseases in severe manifestations are a contraindication to the prescription of the remedy.

Vilprafen soluteab is not used in pediatric practice for the treatment of children weighing less than 10 kilograms.

In cases where the patient accidentally forgot to take a dose of Vilprafen solute on time, it should be taken as quickly as possible. However, if the time of the next appointment has already arrived, then the usual dosage should be used.

The success of therapy directly depends on the correct course and the exact dose of the drug.

Vilprafen solutab analogues

Vilprafen soluteab is manufactured by the manufacturer in various dosage forms. The doctor can prescribe it in a conventional (not dissolved beforehand in the liquid) tablet form, as well as in the form of a suspension.

Terms and conditions of storage

The expiration date is 2 years. Storage of Vilprafen must be carried out in a dry place away from the sunlight source at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees.

Vilprafen solutab price of tablets 1000 mg

Vilprafen Solutab tablets dispersible 1000mg - 650-700 rub.

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