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Vepren Spray: instructions for use

ATX Code H05BA01

Pharmacotherapeutic group : correctors of bone and cartilage tissue metabolism

Dosage form : spray for nasal use.

Form release : transparent colorless liquid, without foreign inclusions, a bottle with a spray dispenser, a cardboard box.

Pharmacological properties

A drug that regulates calcium-phosphorus metabolism and has an anti-osteoporotic and calcitonin effect.


Active substance :

  • Salmon calcitonin is synthetic.

Auxiliary components :

  • sodium chloride;
  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • concentrated hydrochloric acid;
  • purified water for injection.


The hormone calcitonin, synthesized by C-cells of the thyroid gland, acts as a parathyroid hormone antagonist (PGT), with which it participates in the regulation of calcium metabolism. Salmon calcitonin is synthetic, in comparison with mammalian calcitonin, has a higher affinity for receptors. As a consequence, its effect is more pronounced both in strength and duration. Due to the action on specific receptors, it suppresses the activity of osteoclasts, and also, in the case of osteoporosis (in a state with an increased rate of resorption), normalizes the rate of bone tissue exchange.

With pains of bone origin, caused by direct effects on the central nervous system, has analgesic effect. After a single use, a clinically significant response develops, manifested by an increase in urinary excretion of calcium, sodium, phosphorus and hydroxyproline.

With prolonged use of the drug, there is a persistent and significant decrease in the level of bone isozymes and serum C-telopeptides. The use of Vepren spray helps to increase the bone mineral density of the lumbar vertebrae and femur. Its increase is noted already in the first year of the drug and remains for 5 years.

In the case of the use of the drug (200 IU / day) in combination with calcium preparations and vitamin D, a clinically and statistically significant reduction in the risk of multiple vertebral fractures is noted.

When using the drug, the secretion and exocrine function of the pancreas decreases.


Nasal Spray Vepren almost instantly absorbed through the nasal mucosa, reaching a maximum concentration in the plasma for 10 minutes. Absolute bioavailability of the drug is 3-5%. When using doses that exceed the recommended, this indicator does not increase. Determination of the concentration of polypeptide hormones in plasma is not of significant value, since the therapeutic effect of the drug does not depend on these values. Therefore, the activity of the nasal spray is evaluated according to clinical performance indicators. Synthetic salmon calcitonin is unable to penetrate the placental barrier. The half-life is 20 minutes. With the repeated use of accumulation (cumulation) in tissues is not noted.

Indications for use

  • Osteochondrosis, unspecified etiology;
  • Cervico-shoulder syndrome and other dorsopathies;
  • Deforming osteitis (Paget's disease);
  • Adhesive adhesive capsule;
  • Osteolysis;
  • Postmenopausal osteoporosis;
  • Algoneurodroystrophy;
  • Atrophy of Zudeck;
  • Unspecified bone disease;
  • Osteopathy, which is a consequence of diseases classified elsewhere.


  • Individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • Children and adolescence (up to 18 years);
  • Pregnancy and lactation (in the absence of clinical safety data);

Dosing and Administration

Veprena (spray) is a tool for intranasal use. The drug is recommended to enter in turn first in one, then into the other nasal passage. The daily dose in the treatment of osteoporosis is 200 IU / day. For preventive purposes, the drug is recommended for a long time to be used simultaneously with vitamin D and adequate doses of calcium.

In the treatment of osteopenia or osteolysis, the daily dose is 200-400 IU / day. 200 IU / day can be administered once, and a higher dose should be divided into several administrations. To achieve maximum analgesic effect, it usually takes several days. If long-term therapy is necessary, the initial daily dose should be reduced, or the interval between administrations should be increased.

On average, the course of treatment is 3 months. According to medical indications, it can be increased. In this situation, the daily dose of the drug is adjusted to the individual needs of the patient.

With Paget's disease, the daily dose of the drug should be 200 IU / day. If necessary, increase it to 400 IU / day, the drug should be administered several times a day.

In the treatment of neurodystrophic pathologies, the drug is used daily for 2-4 weeks (200 IU / day). For medical reasons, additional treatment may be prescribed (within 6 weeks every other day).

People of advanced years and patients suffering from renal or hepatic pathologies, a change in the dosage regimen of the drug is not required.

Side effect

On the part of the digestive system : nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

From the sense organs : visual disturbances (rarely).

From the nervous system : dizziness, headaches, flavors.

On the part of the respiratory system : dryness, stagnation, soreness in the nasal cavity, erythema, edema of the nasal mucosa, sneezing, allergic rhinitis, irritation, formation of excoriations, unpleasant odor, nosebleeds, sinusitis, pharyngitis , cough, ulcer rhinitis.

From the cardiovascular system : arterial hypertension, hot flushes.

On the part of the immune system : the development of hypersensitivity, very rarely - anaphylactic reactions, anaphylactic shock.

From the urinary system : polyuria.

From the skin: hyperemia, generalized rash.

From the musculoskeletal system : arthralgia, muscular and bone pain.

Other disorders : flu-like syndrome, increased fatigue, pruritus at the injection site, peripheral and generalized edema, edema of the face.

Drug Interactions

With the simultaneous use of Vepren's nasal spray with lithium preparations, a decrease in the plasma concentration of the latter is possible. In this regard, it may be necessary to adjust its dose.


In rare cases, there is dizziness, flushes of blood to the face, nausea and vomiting. Very rarely the patient develops hypercalcemia accompanied by muscle twitching (paresthesia).

Leave conditions

Refers to prescription drugs.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry place, protected from light, out of reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 2-8 ° C.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the date of release. After the expiration date indicated on the package, the drug should not be used.

The average price in pharmacies in Moscow

From 1290. 00 rubles.

Vepren Spray Analogues

  • Alostine (spray);
  • Miakaltsik (spray).
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