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Venitan Gel user guide

Venitan gel is a venotonic medicinal product of plant origin for external use. Refers to a group of angioprotectors, capillary stabilizing agents.

Form of issue and composition

Venitan is available in the form of a gel for topical use, in tubes of 50 g. The tube with the instruction is placed in a cardboard package. Another form of the drug is a cream for external use.

The main active substance is β-escin. In 1 g of gel contains 10 mg of β-escin.

Auxiliary components: sodium hydroxide, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propylene glycol, carboxypolymethylene, poloxamer, purified water.

pharmachologic effect

Venitan gel is a vegetative external preparation with local venotonic effect.

The active component of Venitan - β-escin is a mixture of triterpene saponins, which are obtained from the seeds of horse chestnut. β-escin has anti-inflammatory properties (reduces inflammation mainly in the initial stages), strengthens the capillary walls and reduces their permeability. Increases the tone of the venous walls. As a result, the stagnation of blood in the venous vessels and swelling (accumulation of fluid in the tissues). In addition, β-escin has antihistamine and antiserotonin action, inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, which participate in the mechanism of inflammation).

The gel is made on a thermosensitive basis, through which a gradual release of the active component of the drug occurs.

Indications for use

Venitan gel is prescribed for topical treatment:

  • venous insufficiency, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs, cramps in the calf muscles, swelling of the legs and skin pruritus;
  • varicose veins;
  • sensations of heaviness in the legs during pregnancy;
  • sensation of heaviness in the legs, arising in people leading a sedentary lifestyle;
  • edema of soft tissues after bruises and ligament injuries;
  • hematomas after injuries and infiltrates after injections / infusions.


The drug is contraindicated for use in patients with increased sensitivity or individual intolerance of the primary or one of the auxiliary components of the gel.

Dosing and Administration

Venitan gel is used externally. It is applied to inflamed foci with a thin layer 2-3 times a day, it is not rubbed. In parallel, to enhance the therapeutic effect, you can use an elastic bandage or wear a compression knitwear (tights, stockings).

The duration of the therapeutic course depends on the form and severity of the pathology, on the effectiveness of the treatment. If the condition does not improve within 2 weeks of treatment, it is better to see a doctor. Treatment with Venitane can continue for up to 8 weeks or until clinical symptoms decrease.

Side effects

Venitan gel is well tolerated. In rare situations, the appearance of undesirable side effects - allergic reactions, manifested:

  • skin rash and itching;
  • burning sensations;
  • urticaria;
  • erythema;
  • bronchospasm.

If such symptoms develop, stop using the gel and consult a doctor.

Clinical data on cases of drug overdose are absent.

special instructions

During the application of the gel, it is important to know:

  • the drug is used with caution in patients with a tendency to thrombosis;
  • the gel should not be applied to the damaged skin (scratches, abrasions, burns, eczema , etc.), on the mucous membranes;
  • gel is not used in the presence of purulent inflammation on the skin;
  • Do not massage the skin and rub the gel while applying;
  • with sudden development of severe signs of venous insufficiency (swelling, skin discoloration, pain, feeling of tension), you should immediately consult a doctor to exclude thrombosis of the veins of the lower extremities;
  • treatment with gel to enhance the therapeutic effect is recommended to combine with other preventive / therapeutic measures (wearing compression knitwear, cold dousing and rubbing feet, light physical exertion);
  • Do not allow the gel to get into the eyes and mucous membranes, and after each use of the product you need to wash your hands well;
  • one of the auxiliary components of Venitane - methyl parahydroxybenzoate can cause an allergic reaction (instantaneous or delayed type, very rarely - bronchospasm), and propylene glycol provokes skin irritation.

Drug Interactions

The pharmacological interaction of Venitan with other drugs was not noted. It is not recommended to apply the gel to areas treated with other local products.

Pregnancy and lactation, children's age

The drug does not have systemic effects on the body, which is due to the low degree of absorption of the active substance.

However, there is no data on the safety of the remedy for a pregnant woman and fetus, children. The drug is not recommended without extreme necessity to apply during pregnancy and lactation, in childhood. For this category of patients, the need for Venitane should only be determined by a doctor.

Ability to manage vehicles and other mechanisms

The drug does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions and the ability to concentrate, therefore, has no professional limitations.

Venitan analogues

Similar drugs (with the same action and with a similar composition) are: Fitoven gel, VenenTeiss gel, Venosal Plus gel, Herbion Escolus gel, Escuven gel.

Terms and conditions of storage

Venetan gel is stored in a place protected from sunlight, out of reach of children. Shelf life is 2 years. Do not use the gel after the expiry date indicated on the package.

Venitan Gel price

Venitan gel 1% 50g - 230-285 rub.

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