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Can I take a hot bath with cystitis?

Can I take a hot bath with cystitis?

Can I take a hot bath with cystitis?

Cystitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the bladder. Most often, it is women who suffer from the disease - almost every second representative of the beautiful half of humanity at least once felt its specific symptoms. But among men, patients with cystitis are not uncommon.

Cystitis is an infectious disease. As a rule, hypothermia is a factor provoking its occurrence; therefore, a common misconception is the assumption that the ailment can be cured by heating. On the one hand, heat can indeed relieve painful symptoms for some time. However, it is impossible to eradicate the problem with the help of warming up only - qualified medical assistance is required. After all, if you try on your own, without consulting a specialist, to warm a problem place, it is quite possible to provoke only the earliest reproduction of bacteria.

Bask or not?

If signs of cystitis have just asserted themselves, urologists recommend thermal procedures. Under the condition of normal body temperature and the absence of other inflammatory processes in the body, you can make warm baths with the addition of medicinal herbs. But in the event of the following symptoms, in no case can one resort to warming up:

  • pain and pain when urinating;
  • cramps;
  • blood in the urine.

Also, all thermal procedures are prohibited when hematuria is detected (detected by the results of urine analysis), otherwise, bleeding that is dangerous to health and life is not excluded.

Patient's pregnancy is also contraindicated to warming up - even in the absence of cystitis, such procedures can provoke a miscarriage. And do not resort to the use of heat during menstruation.

How to warm up with cystitis?

The following recommendations for thermal procedures, which must be agreed with your doctor, can significantly ease the symptoms of cystitis, but do not replace the treatment:

  • Dry heat - in case of cystitis it is better to use dry heat for warming up: it is recommended to pour salt (or sand) heated in a frying pan to 38 degrees in a fabric bag and attach it to the problem area. Between the procedures should take at least half an hour.
  • Foot baths - have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and quickly relieve symptoms of cystitis; it is better to do them with the addition of medicinal herbs or mustard to the water; after the procedure, the feet should be wiped dry and warm socks should be worn.
  • Warm sitting bath - this bath can be taken only after consulting a specialist. because it is permissible only in cases where the infection was localized only in the bladder, and did not spread to other organs (including the kidneys). The maximum water temperature at the same time - 38 degrees, and the duration of stay in the bathroom - no more than 10 minutes.
  • Warm shower is an effective remedy for relieving the symptoms of cystitis and the best option for the implementation of hygienic procedures during the period of illness, just do not stand in the shower for too long.
  • Treatment with your own palm - warming is done by putting your palm on the night to the lower abdomen. This is the safest and most effective way to relieve a patient with cystitis.
  • Compress - it is better to do it after a shower or bath according to the following recipe: you need to mix eucalyptus and juniper oil (2 drops each), add sandalwood oil (1 drop) and hot water (half a glass). Then you should moisten a piece of cloth in this fluid (you can have a handkerchief), attach it to the sore spot and wrap it with a warm scarf or scarf on top.

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