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Walsakor instructions for use

The drug Valsakor is a drug for oral administration, the therapeutic effect of which is aimed at normalizing blood pressure indicators and improving the functioning of the organs of the cardiovascular system.

Form of formulation and composition of the preparation

The drug Valsacor is available in the form of tablets for oral administration, covered with a protective coating in blisters of 7, 10, 14 and 15 pieces in a single plate. In a cardboard bundle, 2-4 such plates are placed.

Each tablet contains the main active substance - Valsartan with a dosage of 40, 80, 160 mg, as well as lactose, hydrochloridiazide and a number of other auxiliary components.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Valsakor tablets are an antihypertensive agent whose acting components affect the specific receptors of angiotensin 2. Under the influence of the drug in patients normalized systolic pressure and cardiac output.

The active substances of the tablet do not affect the heart rate, in contrast to other drugs, with an antihypertensive effect. Patients who took this medication noted the disappearance of dyspnea, swelling of limbs and pain in the heart.

The composition also contains hydrochloridiazide - a drug from the group of thiazides, which has a pronounced diuretic effect.

The therapeutic effect of taking the drug is observed already 10-14 days after the start of the course of therapy. The active components of the medicine ensure the prompt removal of salts, chlorine, potassium and excess liquid from the body. With a single application of the Valsacor tablets, the therapeutic effect persists for 24 hours.

Indications for use

Valsakor tablets are prescribed to patients for treatment of the following conditions:

  • Heart failure of chronic course;
  • Persistent arterial hypertension;
  • Preventing the development of myocardial infarction after one already transferred or to patients at risk (with genetic predisposition, persistent arterial hypertension, obesity, smokers);
  • Disorders in the work of the heart and vessels caused by atherosclerotic deposits.


According to the instructions, the drug Valsakor is contraindicated for the treatment of patients with such conditions:

  • Individual intolerance of the constituent components of the drug;
  • Severe violations of the liver and kidneys;
  • The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • The patient's age is 18 years;
  • Lactase insufficiency;
  • Anuria;
  • Persons who underwent renal transplantation;
  • Stenosis of the renal artery;
  • Severe water-electrolyte balance, for example, with a strong loss of fluid.

This drug is prescribed with particular caution to patients with vasculitis and systemic lupus erythematosus, stenosis of the aorta and mitral valve, as well as to persons with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy accompanied by obstruction of large blood vessels.

Dosing and Administration

The dose of the drug and the length of the course of therapy are determined by the doctor in strictly individual order for each individual patient. It directly depends on the diagnosis, the severity of the clinical picture of the disease, age, general condition of the body and other factors.

Tablets should be taken regardless of food, without chewing, squeezed with a small amount of liquid. Begin with a minimally effective therapeutic dose, which is gradually increased if necessary.

According to the instructions to the drug for hypertension, patients are prescribed 40 mg of the drug 2 times a day, that is, the daily dose is 80 mg. 2 weeks after the appearance of a pronounced therapeutic effect, the dose of the drug may be slightly reduced if necessary. The maximum daily dose of Valsacor for persistent arterial hypertension is 160 mg once or divided into 2 divided doses. In the absence of the expected therapeutic effect, the patient should seek medical attention in order to clarify the diagnosis or prescribe another effective remedy.

Patients for the treatment of chronic heart failure appoint 40 mg of the drug 2 times a day, that is, the daily dose is 80 mg. If necessary, increase the dosage to 160 mg per day, dividing by 1-2 doses

12 hours after myocardial infarction, patients can be prescribed Valsacor 20 mg twice a day, that is, a 40 mg tablet is divided into halves. If necessary, the doctor, by monitoring the patient's tolerance of the drug and its general condition, may increase the daily dose. The duration of the course of therapy is determined individually for each individual case.

Use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation

Tablets Valsakor are contraindicated in women for treatment during the period of bearing a child. In medicine, there is no reliable data on the safety of the components of the drug on the fetus, in addition, physicians generally do not recommend that future mothers during pregnancy take any medication so as not to harm the development of the baby in the womb.

Use of the drug Valsakor during breast-feeding is possible only if the woman stops feeding the baby and transfers it to food with an adapted milk formula.

Side effects

During the period of therapy with this drug, the following side effects were observed in patients:

  • Development of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract;
  • On the part of the digestive system: pain in the stomach, nausea, sometimes vomiting, stool and lack of appetite;
  • From the nervous system: dizziness and headaches, increased fatigue and weakness, insomnia, paresthesia;
  • From the side of the cardiovascular system: pain in the heart, strokes of the angina, a violation of the rhythm of the heart, a decrease in blood pressure indicators;
  • Muscle pain, joint pain;
  • Allergic skin reactions - itching, rash, urticaria ;
  • Changes in the clinical picture of blood - an increase in the level of potassium ions in the plasma, anemia, a decrease in the number of platelets;
  • Noise in ears;
  • Violation of the kidneys - a delay in urine, up to complete anuria.

An overdose of the drug

There were no cases of drug overdose in medicine, however, with the uncontrolled use of tablets and a significant excess of the daily recommended dose, patients may have a sharp decrease in blood pressure, confusion, collapse, in rare cases, shock and coma.

When the first symptoms of drug overdose appear, the patient is given to take enterosorbents. If necessary, wash the stomach and perform symptomatic treatment. To correct a greatly reduced blood pressure, the patient is intravenously injected with a solution of sodium chloride isotonic.

Interaction with other medicinal components

With the simultaneous use of the drug Valsakor with potassium preparations, the patient may develop hyperkalemia, which should be taken into account when prescribing treatment.

When the drug is used concomitantly with diuretics, hypovolemia may develop and the water-electrolyte balance may be disturbed. If the patient is already taking diuretics, then when appointing him Valsakor it is necessary to warn the doctor about this.

Patients with diabetes mellitus with the appointment of the drug Valsakor may need to adjust the dose of hypoglycemic drugs.

With the simultaneous use of the drug Valsakor with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the risk of negative effects of the constituent tablets on the urinary organs of the patient increases.

special instructions

Against the background of treatment with this drug in the patient, there may be a decrease in concentration of attention and suppression of the reaction rate, which should be taken into account when it is necessary to drive vehicles and manage complex mechanisms.

Conditions of dispensing and storage of the drug

Valsakor tablets are dispensed in pharmacies according to a doctor's prescription. Duration of storage of the preparation is 3 years from the date of production date indicated on the package. Tablets should be stored in a place protected from children at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees.

Valsacor Price

Valsacor 80 mg, 30 tablets - 200-230 rubles.

Valsacor 160 mg, 30 tablets - 280-320 rubles.

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