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Vaginorm C candles instructions for use

Release form

The drug is available in the form of tablets of white (less often with a yellowish tinge) color. The package contains 6 pcs. pills.


The composition of the 1st tablet Vaginorm C includes the main active ingredient - ascorbic acid in the amount of 250 mg and auxiliary components in the form:

  • magnesium stearate - 10 mg;
  • hypromellose - 60 mg;
  • lactose monohydrate - 670 mg;
  • Polymethyleyloxan - 10 mg.

pharmachologic effect

This drug has an antiseptic (disinfectant) effect. Designed for intravaginal use. Ascorbic acid is able to inhibit the growth of pathogens, reduce the acidity level of the vagina and contribute to the normalization of flora and vaginal pH. Thus, by reducing the pH, bacteria with an anaerobic etiology are suppressed.

After the first injection of Vaginorm C:

  • after 30 minutes, the pH level drops to 4;
  • after one hour, the concentration of ascorbic acid reaches its peak;
  • after the next 4 hours, the pH level drops another 0.72.

The process of the half-life of the drug from the body takes 61 hours. The main active ingredient of the drug is excreted by the kidneys.

It is important to know!

The normal acidity level of the vagina should vary from pH 3.8 to pH 4.4. If the acidity is normal, then the vaginal environment is acidic. This condition is due to the production of lactic acid bacteria lactic acid, which keeps the pH at the right level. While the environment in the vagina is acidic, the woman is protected from the formation of pathogens and the development of any vaginal infections.


  1. Restoration of impaired vaginal microflora.
  2. Vaginitis, which occurs in a chronic form or is in a recurring stage. The disease is caused by anaerobic bacteria.


  1. Individual intolerance to the components of the drug (extremely rare).
  2. The presence of vulvovaginal candidiasis.
  3. The presence of thrush.

Side effects

As a result of taking Vaginorm C, the following side effects may occur:

  • swelling of the vulva;
  • hyperemia of the vulva;
  • mucous discharge from the vagina;
  • itching and burning sensation in the vagina.


No reliable data on overdose cases have been recorded.

Dosage and administration

The drug is used by intravaginal administration. One pill is inserted into the vagina, lying on its back. In this case, it is recommended to bend the legs at the knees. Vaginorm C is administered once a day in the evening (preferably before bedtime).

As a rule, the course of taking the drug is 6 days. However, at the discretion of the doctor, the duration and number of courses may vary.

Pregnancy and lactation

Reception Vaginorm C in the specified periods is possible.

special instructions

It is not necessary to take breaks in using the drug due to menstrual bleeding.

Feelings of burning and itching when using Vaginorm C may occur due to the presence of an infection of fungal origin.

Vaginorm C does not have the ability to suppress the growth of the fungal flora of the vagina.

The main active ingredient of the drug (ascorbic acid) may affect the performance:

  • serum levels of transaminases, bilirubin and lactate dehydrogenosis (LDH);
  • urine glucose concentrations.

Drug interactions

  1. Reception of salicylates can stimulate the processes of elimination from the body of the main active ingredient Vaginorm C.
  2. Ascorbic acid can reduce the effect of anticoagulants.
  3. Drugs, which include estrogens, help to increase the degree of bioavailability of ascorbic acid.

Vaginorm C: structural analogues

  1. Zevikap.
  2. Setebe 500. This drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy, as it has the ability to penetrate the placental barrier. It is also used intravaginally. From the side effects can be noted insomnia and headache.
  3. Rosvit. The drug can not be used for vulvovaginal candidiasis and a tendency to the formation of thrombosis.
  4. Plivit S.
  5. Vitamin C.
  6. Ascorbic acid (in the form of tablets of 0, 05 mg and 0.025 mg or solution for injection 5% and 10%).
  7. Askovit. The purpose of this drug is unacceptable for thrombophlebitis, increased blood clotting, diabetes, as well as individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  8. Atsilakt. In most cases, these vaginal suppositories are prescribed as part of complex therapy. The drug is acceptable to use during pregnancy, at least, no data on side effects have been recorded.

Vacation conditions

Vaginorm C is available in pharmacies without a prescription form.

Term and storage conditions

The drug must be used for no more than three years, starting from the date of manufacture indicated on the package. Store Vaginorm C is permissible at a temperature that does not exceed + 25⁰С.

Vaginorm C Price

Vaginorm C tablets vaginal 250mg, 6 pieces - 500-650 rubles.

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