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Adnexitis Candles

Adnexitis Candles

Adnexitis Candles

The health of the female genitourinary system depends on many factors and can seriously affect the reproductive function. Most often, patients of childbearing age develop acute inflammation of the uterus appendages (ovaries and fallopian tubes) - adnexitis . The development of this pathology contributes to the penetration into the fallopian tubes of various cocci, Escherichia coli or candidal fungi. Predisposing factors for infection are insufficient compliance with the rules of personal intimate hygiene, unprotected sexual intercourse with a sick partner. The presence in the body of foci of chronic infection.

The first manifestations of the inflammatory process in the appendages are abdominal pain, menstrual irregularities and non-characteristic vaginal discharge (mucous, mucopurulent, purulent). It is necessary to treat adnexitis as soon as possible, otherwise a woman may have serious complications and the threat of infertility.

As a rule, acute inflammation of the appendages is treated with antibiotics, but it is not uncommon for the gynecologist to prescribe candles for adnexitis to the woman, which increase the effect of drugs and more likely help to cope with the infection. The active components of the suppository are absorbed into the vaginal mucosa and quickly reach the site of the inflammatory process. In most cases, candles for adnexitis are assigned to eliminate pain and cramps in the lower abdomen.

There are three types of suppositories prescribed as part of complex therapy for acute inflammation of the uterus:

  • Painkillers - are administered rectally;
  • Anti-inflammatory - are administered rectally;
  • Antibacterial - vaginal.

The duration of the course of therapy and the dosage of the drug is determined by the gynecologist, depending on the severity of the course of the disease, the body weight of the woman, the presence of co-infections and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Most often, women for the complex treatment of adnexitis are prescribed such drugs:

  • Candles with belladonna - relieve cramps and abdominal pain, have anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Fluomizin - suppositories that have a pronounced antibacterial effect;
  • Indo-burning candles - relieve pain, lower body temperature;
  • Polyhanks - candles with a pronounced antibacterial effect;
  • Movalis - candles that have a pronounced analgesic effect of prolonged action (up to 12 hours);
  • Diclofenac - relieve inflammation, numb. Possess antipyretic effect.

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