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Male secretions


Male secretions If we are talking about secretions in men, it usually implies a problem associated with the appearance of fluid or mucus from the opening of the urethra (urethra). This symptom always makes patients very worried and nervous, becomes a reason for referring to specialists. However, before you begin to draw any conclusions, you need to know what is the norm, and what can be attributed to pathology.

Normal discharge from the urethra in men

In some cases, from the external opening of the male urethra, discharge may appear that do not indicate a pathological process, but, on the contrary, indicate a normal state of the male body.

  • During strong sexual arousal, a small amount of mucous transparent secretions (literally a few drops) can be found on the head of the penis. This fluid is secreted by the urethral glands and is designed to protect the inner surface of the urethra. It is important to remember that we are talking about discharge in a state of strong arousal or during physiological morning erection.
  • Excretion of sperm, both during sexual intercourse and outside of it (water emission).
  • Defective prostate - the appearance of discharge from the external opening of the urethra during strong straining during defecation. This can be explained by the location of the internal organs in the male pelvis. The prostate is adjacent to the anterior wall of the rectum and during the passage of the fecal masses is somewhat compressed, which leads to the release of its secretion.
  • Miktsionny prostatorea - the secretion of prostate secretion after urination (in small quantities).

Regarding the last two cases, there are still disputes in individual medical circles, but under the condition of the normal state of the gland (as evidenced by ultrasound and analysis of the prostate-specific antigen) do not indicate the presence of a pathological process in the urinary system of a man.

As you can see, all of the above reasons are not a frequent and long-term phenomenon. Rather, they can be called episodes. Consequently, doctors believe that the external opening of the urethra in healthy men should always remain dry and clean.

What should be a cause for concern?

Men, in most cases, know their body well and are able to quickly understand that something is not going on as usual. This contributes to the male anatomy - the external genital organs are clearly visible and are available for examination by the patient. As soon as the discharge changes its quantity, consistency, color or smell, it is necessary to consult a doctor for diagnosis. It is better to spend several hours and make sure that there is no cause for concern than to allow the situation to worsen.

  • Pathological secretions may be gray, white, green, yellow, or even brown.
  • The presence of blood impurities is always a serious cause for concern and immediate visits to the doctor.
  • An unpleasant smell emanating from the penis may indicate the activity of bacteria.
  • In most cases, the pathological discharge is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the urethra: stinging, burning, discomfort. Especially all the manifestations increase during and immediately after urination.
  • In some cases ( chlamydia , for example), the discharge is practically the same as normal. Due to this, they for a long time can not be seen by the patient, which carries the risk of the disease becoming chronic.

What should the patient's attention to the presence of discharge

It is not always possible for the patient to immediately pay attention to the changes concerning his urogenital system. Of course, if their urethra is liquid or mucus throughout the day and in large quantities, then the man will notice it very quickly. Their color, which differs from the transparent one, and the presence of unpleasant sensations, pain and pain, also accelerates the detection of secretions.

However, more often there are situations when only a small amount of liquid or mucus is secreted during the day, which is difficult to notice. At the same time, it also makes it difficult to periodically urinate, during which discharges are removed along with urine and it may appear that they are smaller than they are.

  • Particularly careful to be in the morning, because during the night the man normally does not visit the toilet, and the discharge has time to accumulate in an amount sufficient to detect them.
  • If you press the urethra to hold in the direction from the base of the penis to its head, you can squeeze a certain amount of fluid out.
  • The adhesion of the jaws of the external opening of the urethra or the formation of crusts on them may indicate a slow release and drying of some kind of liquid.
  • Underwear can also carry a lot of useful information. Even if during the working day one drop of mucus in total will stand out from the urethra, she will have time to dry and leave a noticeable mark on the fabric.
  • Sometimes discomfort or discharge provokes a certain error in the diet - the use of alcohol, food with a lot of spices.
  • Casual sexual intercourse should make a man worrying about his health to monitor his condition more closely in the following weeks, since the majority of sexually transmitted diseases manifest themselves in this way.

You can also independently carry out the following test: the first portion of urine is collected in a transparent container and carefully examined. If the patient has discharge, then in the urine there will be filaments or flakes that are not normally found in the urine.

What can highlight talk about?

In urology and venereology, discharge is one of the most pronounced, important, and first symptoms of the disease. Doctors can get a lot of information by examining the fluid that is released and even make a diagnosis without additional examinations.

  • The most common cause of this phenomenon is inflammation of the urethra - urethritis. At the same time, the mucous membrane of the urethra tries to protect itself and produces a significantly increased amount of mucus with the help of its glands. Urethritis can be both infectious etiology and non-infectious (with a strong hypothermia, for example).
  • Specific infectious agents are bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases and are sexually transmitted. This group includes pathogens of gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis.
  • Nonspecific bacteria - can enter the urinary tract from other organs under certain conditions (presence of a powerful inflammatory focus in the pelvic cavity, weakening of immunity, injury, non-compliance with personal hygiene by men).
  • The cause of urethritis can be chemicals and crystals that appear in the urine during the formation of calculus in the kidneys. In response to mechanical or chemical irritation of the urethral mucosa, an inflammatory reaction is likely to develop.
  • Cancer pathology of the prostate is a serious disease that can cause the appearance of discharge with blood.
  • Cancer of the penis - can also cause inflammation of the urethra.

What affects the color of discharge in men?

Transparency and color of secretions directly depend on what processes occur in the body of a man. In any discharge from the urethra can be divided into three fractions: fluid, mucus and cells. The turbidity of the secretions depends on how many cells they contain. Also, the cells give the discharge a certain color.

  • A large number of epithelial cells causes a greater viscosity and gray color of discharge.
  • Leukocytes in large numbers rush into the inflammatory focus during the reproduction of microbes and stain the discharge in yellow or green.
  • White and dense masses, sometimes reminiscent of cottage cheese, speak in favor of male candidiasis ( thrush ).
  • It is important to understand that the same disease at different stages can manifest itself in different secretions. At the initial stage, the patient is likely to observe a clear or slightly turbid discharge. After the body has time to react and directs into the inflammatory focus leukocytes, which change color in the direction of yellow or green.

Does the discharge fully reflect the course of the disease?

Despite the fact that doctors can immediately guess the cause of the discharge, they can never make a diagnosis based on an external examination. It is necessary to analyze the secretions, examine them under a microscope, and sow on a nutrient medium. Color, smell, quantity and texture can be the same for different diseases. Previously, many pathologies were characterized by a rather specific clinical picture, but at the present time many such features have been lost. Consequently, the symptom that a few decades ago with 100% probability allowed to make the correct diagnosis, today gives the right only to assume.

What should a person do when there is a discharge in him?

First of all, it is necessary to visit a urologist or a venereologist and tell them your history in detail, without hiding anything from a specialist and honestly answering all his questions. After the doctor makes his assumptions and is determined with the necessary examinations.

  • Microscopy of discharge from the urethra - under a high magnification of the microscope, you can examine the material under study and determine the number of leukocytes, their composition, degree of maturity. You can also detect epithelial cells, tissue breakdown products. An increase of 1000 or more times allows you to detect bacteria and determine their appearance. In addition to bacteria, fungi and protozoa can be released from the urethra, depending on the disease.
  • Often doctors can not determine the type of bacteria only by microscopy. Then, the culture of the excreta is sown. Today produced good artificial materials that allow you to grow colonies of microorganisms. Also, it is possible to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics, which in the future allows only rational therapy.
  • If the doctors do not detect the causative agent of the disease during previous studies, then it is possible to perform one of the most informative and modern studies - the polymerase chain reaction. Even if only fragments of bacterial nucleic acids are present in the discharge, the device will detect them and understand which microorganism has caused this disease.

You can not independently try to cure the disease, based on the advice of friends and acquaintances who have encountered similar problems before. As mentioned earlier, the same symptoms do not mean the same disease. The use of the same drugs creates an additional burden on the body, but does not eliminate the disease. Symptoms can weaken somewhat, but the pathological process does not recede, which ultimately will lead to serious and sometimes incurable complications.

You should also not take any drugs before visiting the doctor, as this may complicate diagnostic measures (the pathogen will disappear from the urethra and a false positive result will be obtained).

If the doctors determine that the cause of the discharge is a venereal disease, then the treatment should apply to both partners (if the man has a permanent sexual partner). Otherwise, the following situation may occur: the patient is undergoing a full course of treatment and is cured of the disease. After he returns to the rhythm of life and re-infected with the same disease.

You also need to remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. In the case of urethral discharge, the following measures are sufficient:

  • avoid casual sex;
  • contraception;
  • wearing appropriate weather;
  • personal hygiene at the proper level.

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  • | Sergey | February 24, 2015

    Hello. I am 21 years old. I have such a problem for a very long time: with a small excitation a clear watery liquid starts to stand out from the penis (there is no smell). I am with a girl, (LETTERING) touching her breasts, etc. all the pants are wet ... Tell me how can I cure it? preferably with any drugs? I know that this is nothing terrible, but still it is not convenient in front of the girls, they climb into the pants, and there all the panties are wet and they are a little scared, I would like to get rid of the selection!

  • | Anonymous | August 21, 2015

    this is normal

  • | Cook | September 4, 2015

    it is as it should be

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    I have a problem. 2 days ago some white discharge went and go constantly. Before that I had sex with a girl. I told her about it, she went to the hospital, but she was told that she had all the rules. And my selection is going well. I began to worry. True, after sex, I bathed in cold water and literally the next day in the evening the discharge of white color began. So nothing hurts. Tell me what to do, how can you check yourself? I calm myself that I just caught a cold

  • | alexander | September 22, 2015

    tell me what it is and there is a reason for the experience, I have the discharge on their own and when I go to the toilet because of the little itchy head, what is it?

  • | Slavs | 28 October 2015

    Go to a venereologist urgently go together, this is called you reeled !!! Do not tighten, otherwise it will be worse

  • | Timur | November 27, 2015

    Does this fluid act like sperm and can she threaten to become pregnant during intercourse ????

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