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How to choose a comfortable and practical bedding

During sleep, the person completely relaxes and feels rested in the morning. An important role in this matter is played by bedding, the choice of which should be treated with special attention. After all, they provide a comfortable and healthy sleep. Pillows, blankets and, of course, mattresses belong to this category. In order to make the right choice, you need to know what types they are and what advantages and disadvantages they have.

Main types of pillows

Not only how well you can get enough sleep, but also how long your cervical spine will remain healthy depends on the correct position of your head during sleep. Experts in the field of medicine have long made their verdict the correct pillow. It should be flat and preferably repeat the shape of your head and neck. For this ideal orthopedic pillows. They come in several forms. However, today the products bearing the beautiful foreign name “Memory Foam” have become very popular, such pillows are made of a special material, which due to its unique properties, maintains the shape of the head due to the natural temperature of the human body. Even if you often turn in your sleep, the product will take on new smooth shapes. It should be noted that such a pillow has one main drawback - it is a high price.

However, other orthopedic bedding of this type are expensive. These include products made of foam latex - a natural material derived from rubber plants. These pillows have comfortable rollers for the head and neck. They remain elastic for many years.

Another type of orthopedic bedding is pillows stuffed with buckwheat husk or rice, as well as hop cones. Often they are also stuffed with dried herbs. Such products are hygroscopic and hypoallergenic. But they also have their drawbacks - this is the smell that natural components emit, the rustle that they emit during movements, as well as a short operating period of only two years.

If you don’t have indications for using orthopedic products, other options can be avoided. They, by the way, are more economical and among them there are also durable, durable, and most importantly, comfortable pillows, classified according to the filler used in their manufacture. What options are we talking about:

  • . Products with a filler of animal origin . These are pillows from sheep and camel wool, and also swan down. All these natural products are light, breathable and at the same time very durable. Their service life is ten years or more.
  • . Cushions of holofiber and sintepon . These artificial fillers for the manufacture of pillows today are not used often, because they do not justify their cost. Magnificent and easy at sale, in several weeks of use they turn into flat and unpresentable by sight. Of course you can straighten the artificial fiber with your hands, but it will be extremely inconvenient to sleep on such pillows.

What are some blankets?

No less attention should also be paid to the purchase of blankets. This type of bedding is also important for a comfortable sleep. The blanket must be hygroscopic and have a natural thermal conductivity. And still it is necessary to pay attention to its size. Even if you sleep on a small bed or sofa, it is better to take a double product in which you can wrap yourself completely. All of these bedding attributes have several classifications. The first divides them into usable time for winter, summer, and those under which you can sleep all year round. The second classification separates blankets depending on the type of filler used in their manufacture. Here are exactly what bedding in question:

  • . Wadded . Cotton-covered blankets on sale today are rare and are not particularly popular due to the rather large weight. Sleeping under them is not very convenient, besides, they are only suitable for winter use.
  • . Sinteponovye and holofaybernye . These products are just as voluminous as wadded ones, but weigh significantly less. They are considered to be universal, as they are used in winter and summer. This bedding has one significant disadvantage. Already after the first wash, the filler contained in them rolls down, making the blanket unpresentable in appearance and inconvenient for use.
  • . Downy . Products on sale filled with the finest swine fluff are rarely on sale today and are, as a rule, expensive. It is impossible to sleep under them in the summer, because the down has excellent thermal conductivity, but they warm up well in the winter. The only disadvantage of use is the frequent allergy to animal filler that occurs in humans.
  • . Woolen . Blankets of sheep and camel wool are extremely popular today. They are of different thickness, which allows you to successfully choose an option for both winter and summer. The minus of their use is the same allergy to wool, which is often found in humans.
  • . Bamboo . This attribute of bedding is sung by the praises of the inhabitants of most eastern countries. After all, this natural filler is not only a symbol of longevity, but also has excellent antibacterial properties. And he is incredibly durable and thin. Lightweight blankets filled with bamboo fiber can be used year-round.
  • . Hypoallergenic . Blankets made of latex foam are also a universal attribute of bedding. They are perfectly washable, have increased durability, and have only one minus, which may seem significant even to people with allergies. It is about high cost.

Which mattress to prefer?

Mattresses are perhaps the most important among other bedding. There is nothing surprising in this, because during sleep on this product is your whole body. Accordingly, if the mattress is uncomfortable, there can be no talk of a beautiful posture or a healthy sleep. Experts in the field of medicine advise choosing orthopedic mattresses. However, not everyone has the means to purchase them. In this case, it is recommended to purchase ordinary products that are much cheaper and have a moderate degree of rigidity. Simply put, a normal mattress should be neither soft nor hard. Try to choose a middle ground.

What types of such products are:

  • . With spring block . Such mattresses are most often purchased for installation on frame beds. In addition to the springs, they are filled inside with artificial or natural fiber. Such products are divided into two types. We are talking about mattresses with a dependent spring unit, among the advantages of which it is possible to single out a low cost, and among the disadvantages is the lack of orthopedic properties. There are also products with an independent spring block, which ideally repeat the shape of the human body, but cost a lot.
  • . Springless . These bedding attributes vary according to the type of filler. The most expensive and high quality among them are models made of foam latex. The cheapest - wadded mattresses, which quickly become unpresentable because of the ability of wool to absorb moisture and stray into lumps. Among springless mattresses there are also options with a filler made from holofiber, coconut fiber and even wool. You should choose them by touch in order to understand how comfortable you will sleep on such products.

When choosing bedding, it is necessary to take into account the state of their own health. After all, problems with the neck, back, headaches can be partially or even completely solved by proper selection of pillows, mattresses and blankets. In this case, it is better to give preference to orthopedic options. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the product label and get acquainted with the detailed information about the care of him. Choose bedding correctly, because your mood in the mornings largely depends on them!

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  • | Natalia | 5 June 2015

    I want to stand up for silicone pillows. Silicone fillers are different, I have pillows filled with small balls. They do not fall down, do not lose their shape for a long time, they can be washed in a typewriter. And then, such pillows do not cause allergies and the mite does not start in them.

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