Go Ear Wands: Weigh Pros and Cons

Ear Wands: Weigh Pros and Cons

Ear sticks Hygiene is certainly an important thing, especially when it comes to cleaning the ears. Most people are accustomed to start the morning with the obligatory procedure of their washing. Someone uses for this purpose soft tampons, someone own finger, and someone cotton buds. It was the last devices that appeared on the shelves relatively recently, but thanks to their low cost and ease of use, they managed to win the hearts and ears of many people. However, whether it is worthwhile to take them into the hands often to perform hygienic measures, and whether they are so safe - it is necessary to figure this out.

Harm of cotton buds to the ears

Not without reason, an increasing number of otolaryngologists say that frequent cleaning of the ears leads to a number of diseases due to the lack of a normal amount of sulfur in them. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Sulfur performs a protective function, bacteria and microbes do not multiply in it.
  • Sulfur removes particles of dust, dirt and other foreign bodies from the external environment from the ear.
  • Sulfur moisturizes the inner ear, preventing it from drying out.
  • Sulfur lubricates the ear canal.

Unreasonably frequent hygiene of the ear aisles will lead to the fact that all the functions that sulfur assumes will be none. Microbes and bacteria in an empty ear canal will feel comfortable, begin to multiply actively and cause a number of diseases.

Another danger of frequent ear cleaning is the formation of sulfur plugs. This is due to the fact that the dried ear canal is not able to contribute to the normal course of sulfur on it. Thanks to the chopsticks, it is hammered into the depth of the ear, hardens and turns into a kind of pebble that you cannot get on your own.

So, the arguments that testify against the ear sticks:

  • Injury of the eardrum, with too deep penetration of a foreign object into the ear, even for the purpose of cleaning it. Especially often it is damaged during an unexpected attack of coughing, sneezing or startling from fright. Not having time to remove the object from the ear canal, a person pushes the wand even deeper, thereby damaging the thin film. This will lead to headaches, dizziness and subsequently, if you do not seek help from a specialist - hearing loss.
  • Damage to the protective skin inside the ear canal. As a result, ingestion of ear infection and the development of otitis media.
  • The risk of ear plug formation.
  • Reducing the ear's own protective functions, impaired natural moisturizing.
  • Risk of scratching due to careless handling of the wand.

Use of cotton buds for the ears

But it can not be argued that the cotton swabs cause only harm. After all, all the arguments that indicate their negative impact are, in fact, the result of improper handling of the product. Ear sticks can be of real use if used correctly and for their intended purpose.

Arguments to protect cotton buds:

  • The layer of wool on the product is optimal. A man will never hurt his ear with a sharp plastic edge. Naturally, if we are talking about a quality product.
  • Vata fits snugly to the stick itself, which eliminates the risk of removing it while performing hygienic procedures. As it often happens when using predecessors of ear sticks - matches with cotton wound on top of them.
  • Chopsticks convenient to clean the outer surface of the ear from the ear - the ear.
  • Using the product, you can point a brilliant green, iodine or other disfiguring substance on the wound in the ear.

It is also worth noting that at this point in time there were not just cotton swabs, but having limiters or a sticky edge at their end. It is especially convenient to use such products for babies to clean their ears. Chopsticks with a limiter are perfect for teaching an older child to care for their ears. After all, the risk that the baby shoves a product deep in the ear with careless handling is reduced to a minimum. A wide layer of wool will not allow this.

How to care for your ears with a cotton swab

With the normal functioning of the hearing aid, sulfur will exit the aisle independently: during the performance of chewing movements with the jaw or during a conversation. Therefore, do not insert a cotton swab deep into the ear and actively scroll it. It is enough to carefully remove the deposits that appeared on the surface of the sink.

If sulfur is visible in the ear canal, but has not come out, then you can lubricate the stick with cream or oil and gently remove it. You can also use a cotton tip to remove residual moisture from the ear after taking a shower or bath. The ear stick is a harmless thing, but it must be used correctly.

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    • | Anna | 13th April 2015

      Yes, indeed, ear sticks do not bring harm, if skillfully use them. I myself always thoroughly clean my ears, and I confess to like the feeling of purity of my ears. So I always incite my husband to clean, because I repeatedly notice earwax in the ear canal. Saying, they say, "not beautiful," "let's clean it," it damaged his thin membrane, as it turned out later in ENT. Now that everything was okay and the damage was not serious (it was enough to bury the ears for a week), I didn’t go there once again. Be careful!

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