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Pain in the joints of the fingers


Pain in the joints of the fingers Our hands more often than other organs come into contact with the outside world, and therefore are subject to the development of various diseases and injuries. The most vulnerable part of the hand is the hand. It is in it that pain occurs most often.

Causes of pain in the joints of the fingers

Conventionally, all the causes of pain can be divided into those that appeared as a result of injuries of the extremities, and those that were developed due to the appearance of a disease. Dislocation of the joint - one of the most common injuries of the hands. Not only people whose work may be associated with hard physical labor are subject to the risk of bone displacement. Dislocations are often in athletes. Displacement can occur when falling, lifting weights, etc. Symptoms such as numbness of the fingers, pain, and difficulty in movements become evidence of injury. If there were no injuries shortly before the onset of pain, pain may be a symptom of a disease.


With this disease, there is an occurrence of inflammatory processes not only in the joint itself, but also in nearby tissues. Arthritis pain can even be felt at rest. The affected area can also be identified by the presence of swelling and redness. If untreated, the joints gradually become deformed, the pain increases, and the movements are considerably more difficult and are accompanied by a crunch. There are several types of arthritis:

  • . Psoriatic . Occurs in patients with psoriasis. A patient may simultaneously inflame all the joints of the affected finger. Symmetric inflammation is usually not observed.
  • . Rheumatic . If an infection or an allergic reaction occurs, this type of illness may occur. Unlike psoriatic, rheumatoid arthritis develops symmetrically, that is, the disease develops on both hands. The patient experiences constant pain and chills. Body weight decreases and temperature increases.
  • . Gouty . It becomes a consequence of the deterioration of metabolism. The disease occurs against the background of progressive gout. The patient experiences bouts of excruciating pain. Gouty arthritis begins its development on the joints of the toes, gradually moving to the joints of the fingers.

Osteoarthritis, risarthrosis, osteoarthritis

Arthrosis is no less serious than arthritis. In the absence of timely treatment, irreversible deformity of the joints occurs. If the inflammation affects the joint that connects the thumb to the wrist, we can talk about such a disease as risarthrosis, which arises from the systematic heavy load on the hands. Destruction of cartilage around the joint indicates the presence of a disease such as osteoarthritis. The movements in this disease are accompanied by a crunch and become more constrained. In the area of ​​the affected joint, the appearance of seals can be noticed.


When an increase in the volume of synovial fluid occurs in the articular bags, the inflammatory process begins. In such cases, the patient is diagnosed with bursitis. The affected finger swells up when it comes to bursitis and becomes scarlet. The patient suffers from severe pain.

Treatment of pain in the joints of the fingers

Even if the patient feels that he knows the cause of the pain or deformity (for example, he was recently injured), one should not draw independent conclusions and make a diagnosis. Only an expert can determine the exact reasons. Nevertheless, some measures are permissible to take before going to a doctor. In case of a mechanical injury, before going to the clinic, it is necessary to apply a cold compress. If the tumor does not subside, the patient may have a fracture or dislocation. Without the participation of a specialist, this problem cannot be solved.

In the event that the appearance of pain and swelling is caused by arthritis, bursitis and other diseases, the effects of low temperatures may be useless. The patient requires medication. Probably, the doctor will recommend to treat the affected areas with special ointments and creams, prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. As an aid to the patient, therapeutic exercises and massage can be prescribed. In the presence of gouty arthritis, a special diet is prepared for the patient, which he must strictly follow. Some diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis , require drastic measures, that is, surgical intervention. In parallel with taking the medication, the patient may be prescribed mud therapy or physiotherapy.

To eliminate the disease, the patient may need chondroprotectors contained in such preparations as Collagen Ultra. The composition of such drugs may include extracts of medicinal plants and mineral-vitamin complexes. Due to the presence of chondroprotectors, metabolic processes in the joints are significantly improved, inflammations pass.

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