Go ASD fraction 2: use for humans, instructions, benefits and harm, reviews

ASD fraction 2: use for humans, the benefits and harm


Alchemists dreamed to create an elixir of immortality and a cure for a thousand ills, scientists puzzled, but all in vain. A brilliant discovery may turn out to be a mere empty shell, if we conduct a series of additional experiments and verify its inaction. Other completely random discoveries or side-effect products turn out to be a real miracle. One such miracle is the sda. It is a broad-spectrum immunomodulatory antiseptic, originally designed to protect animals from pathogenic microorganisms and radiation. But in clinical studies, the drug showed amazing properties, which allowed some to call it “a universal remedy for all diseases,” while others seemed to be just a dummy. What is the SDA fraction 2 really? Is this the greatest discovery or deception?

Creation of the drug ASD

ASD fraction 2
In the mid-50s of the last century, the USSR government commissioned leading scientists to develop a drug that would have a powerful adaptogenic and radioprotective effect for people and animals. The primary task was to create a drug with effective immunoprotective properties at the lowest possible financial investment. The task seemed unattainable, and many scientists hopelessly shrugged. The research work on the creation of the drug was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences A. Dorogov. It took the talented scientist only 4 years to fulfill the instructions of the government. The raw material used was an organic fraction of the tissues of amphibious animals (frogs). The light fraction was processed by thermal catalytic sublimation and subsequent condensation. Exact details and the technological scheme of production for a long time was a state secret. Analytical chemists still do not know what the initial composition of the fraction obtained was. The essence selected for the first time had an immunomodulatory and stimulating effect. The drug effectively healed superficial epithelial wounds, had an antiseptic and adaptogenic effect. The drug was named antiseptic-stimulant Dorogova second fraction (ASD-2).

The amazing properties of the drug to cure damaged tissues, strengthen the immune system prompted scientists to expand the resource base and soon instead of frogs they began to use the meat and bone mass of cattle. Extracted biomass by unchanged technological processing possessed the same biological activity. It is noteworthy that the first fraction does not possess any bioactivity and is practically the ballast part. ASD-2 and ASD-3 are easily dissolved in organic solvents, fats, water and have unique properties. Unlike the third fraction, intended exclusively for external use, ASD-2 is applied inside. With the help of an antiseptic, Dorogov managed to cure many skin diseases, stop bacteriosis, and disinfect wounds. There are unconfirmed evidence of cases of psoriasis cure with ASD.

Interesting fact

In medical practice, a unique case is registered. One of the patients with advanced gangrene required urgent amputation of the lower limb. Relatives of the patient flatly refused the operation and decided to try the famous antiseptic as the last hope. After 2 weeks of the course of taking ASD, the edema subsided significantly, the suppuration stopped and the injured leg was saved.

Biological activity of ASD-2

The creator of a unique drug called it a stimulant antiseptic. In addition to pronounced antiseptic and antibacterial activity, the drug has a powerful adaptogenic effect. Due to the easy passage through the biological barriers of the body, the drug quickly penetrates the tissues and has its healing effect. Scientists have confirmed its full biocompatibility with the human body, and significant contraindications or side effects were not found. The only drawback of the drug is the pronounced smell of spoiled meat, caused by protein breakdown products (putrescine and cadaverine). Completely eliminate the smell can not. A feature of the drug is the lack of cumulative effect. This effect is due to the accumulation in the body of the active ingredients of the agent and a decrease in biological activity as it is taken. In the case of the antiseptic ASD-2, this effect is not observed and even after a year of intake, the bioactivity remains the same as on the first day of use. The chemical composition of ASD-2 includes polycyclic aliphatic compounds, carbohydrates, aminopeptides in complex with the active sulfhydryl group, inorganic calcium compounds (sulfates), and water. Color - brown or yellow with a specific smell. It is applied both inwardly and externally.

ASD fraction 2: use for humans

Variants of treatment with the drug ASD Fraction 2 was studied and proposed by the scientist A.V. Roads. Conventional treatment: 15-30 drops per third cup of cool boiled water or tea. Drink the solution twice a day for 20-30 minutes before eating for five days, followed by a three-day break. This cycle is repeated until the disease is completely cured.

How is the ASD Fraction 2 used for certain diseases and pathologies?

  • Inflammatory diseases of the eyeballs. In 0.5 c of cooled boiling water, 4-5 drops of the drug are added and they are drunk according to the following schedule: 5 days intake, 3 - break.
  • Gynecological diseases. The drug is taken in the usual manner, plus it is used topically (douching with a 1% aqueous solution).
  • Diseases of the nervous system, heart, liver. For these ailments, a special treatment regimen: five days take 10 drops, dissolved in 0.5 C of boiled water, and a break for 3 days, adding 5 drops to the next 5 days, and so on to 25. The course lasts until stabilized condition. If an aggravation occurs, the treatment must be stopped and repeated after the pain stops.
  • Toothache. Sterile cotton wool moistened with the drug ASD-2 and put directly on the sore spot.
  • Hypertension. Accept as usual, but start with 5 drops twice a day, gradually adjusted to 20, adding one drop per day. Drink until the pressure is stable.
  • Tuberculosis . Drink 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach for 5 days, the next 3 days break. Begin with 5 drops per 0.5 table of chilled boiled water, the next 5 days - 10 drops, then 15, 20. They take three months.
  • Candidiasis. Apply 1% solution of the drug externally.
  • Gallstone disease, pyelonephritis. The dosage in this case is standard.
  • Rheumatism, gout . 5 days - reception, 3 - a break of 4-5 drops per 0.5 tablespoons of boiled water. On problem areas you can put compresses on the basis of ASD-2.
  • Frequent colds and colds. Inhalations are carried out: on 1 l of boiling water 15 ml of medicine.
  • Impotence. They drink according to the scheme 5 days after three, taking 25-30 minutes before a meal, 4-5 drops per 0.5 tablespoons of cooled boiled water.
  • Slow hair growth. Rub the skin with a 5% solution of the drug.
  • Runny nose and cough. In 0.5 tablespoons of water dissolve 1 ml of medication and drink twice a day.
  • Enuresis In 2/3 tablespoon of cooled boiling water, 5 drops of ASD-2 are diluted, take 5 days, then take a three-day break.
  • Radiculitis. Twice a day, drink 5 ml of the drug for 1 st water. The course lasts until recovery.
  • Duodenal or gastric ulcer. The drug is taken by the standard method.
  • Gastritis , colitis. The dosage of ASD-2 and the method of administration are normal, but they drink the drug 1 time per day.
  • Overweight. Approximately 35 caps are dissolved in 200 ml of water and taken for 5 days, then the same days - a break. Further, 10 cap for 4 days, the next 4 days - a break, 20 cap for 5 days and again 3 days - a break.
  • Trichomoniasis. Conduct syringing, dissolving 60 drops of the drug in 100 ml of water.
  • Preventing colds. 1 ml of the drug is dissolved in 0.5 article of water.
  • Spasms of vessels of the lower and upper extremities. Carry out the following procedure: make a “stocking” of gauze, moisten it with a 20% solution. The course is long - about 4 months, but after it, as a rule, the blood circulation is fully normalized.
  • Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis). Put compresses on the basis of the drug, make washing the patient's ear. Inside they drink 20 drops per 200 ml of water daily.

Can a drug help with cancer?

About the drug intake by people with cancer, the question is separate. Roads believed that in case of precancer conditions, the drug can give a positive result, even if it is taken in the usual treatment regimen. In skin cancer and visible tumors, he recommended compresses. With regard to cancer, to calculate the dosage, in his opinion, it is necessary, given the patient's age, location and characteristics of the tumor, the degree of its development.

The drug ASD-2 has helped many people in the fight against cancer. It helps to eliminate pain and slows the progression of malignant tumors. In the most difficult cases, the scientist prescribed 5 ml of medicine per 100 ml of water twice a day. But he noted that treatment with this drug should be carried out by the supervision of specialists. In this regard, it is impossible to prescribe a dose yourself. With the deterioration of the general condition of the scientist canceled the drug.

However, you can find negative reviews of the drug. Therefore, one cannot assert its 100% effectiveness and say that it will really help to heal.

How to remove the drug from the bottle?

  • Opening the bottle, you do not need to remove the rubber cap. Only the metal cap is removed.
  • Insert the needle of the disposable syringe into the stopper.
  • Shake the drug and turn the vial upside down.
  • Dial the required number of milligrams of medication.
  • Carefully remove the syringe from the cap, leaving the needle in it.
  • Slowly inject the substance into the prepared water.
  • Stir the solution. After that, you can use the medicine. Prepare it immediately before taking.

pharmachologic effect

Antiseptic ADS-2 has a pronounced stimulating effect. When ingestion increases the concentration of intersynaptic fluid in the gaps of nerve fibers. The gastrointestinal tract is significantly activated, the secretion of endocrine glands hormones is increasing. Enzymatic activity increases, metabolism is normalized. External use causes acceleration of metabolic processes in epithelial tissues, has an antimicrobial and disinfecting effect.

ASD-2 - benefit or harm to humans? Shocking research results

Initially, the drug was intended for the treatment of various dermatological diseases. But more interesting and not fully understood is the use of SDA-2 inside. Initial clinical experiments were performed on animals. The first results were unpredictable. No one could believe in the effectiveness of the “frog medicine”. It has been established that internal use effectively fights various pathologies and has a healing effect on all organs and systems. ASD-2 restores hormonal balance, restores the elasticity of blood vessels and eliminates varicose veins , strengthens the nervous and immune systems, has a rejuvenating effect and has no side effects. Especially useful drug was in gynecology. With the help of a simple antiseptic stimulant, it was possible to cure cancer of the uterus and breast, various enteric-infectious diseases. However, there are no exact data on the cure of deadly diseases or clinically confirmed experiments, some shrug their shoulders and claim that the drug is completely useless. Nevertheless, ASD-2 is still in steady demand.

Immediately after the findings and extensive research, the drug immediately gained popularity. It was used by party leaders and other political elite of the state. Dorogov himself was literally littered with boxes of letters of praise for healing. An antiseptic stimulant helped get rid of ailments before which traditional medicine was powerless. Enthusiastic relatives of the cured and the patients themselves demanded recognition of the open SDA-2 as official. But traditional medicine and the tip of the academic community were indignant about the new drug "from a thousand diseases." In addition, leading medical professionals were outraged by the fact that such an effective drug was discovered not by a doctor, but by a simple veterinarian.

What is the secret of success and failure of ASD-2?

Who was actually Roads? There is an opinion that when creating a miraculous drug, the scientist was guided by the records of medieval alchemists. After all, the drug also has another name - the elixir from a hundred ailments. According to the daughter of Alexei Dorogov, an immunologist and a homeopath, there are no serious reasons to believe that the drug is ineffective or related to medieval alchemists. Her father worked in the chemical laboratory and it should be assumed that the scientist was guided by the simple laws of chemistry when creating the ASD-2: just as ordinary coal serves as an effective sorbent and does not pass harmful substances, organic masses also shield the effects of pathogenic microorganisms, and natural bioelements easily combine with the tissues of the human body. Not without reason, the scientist from time to time whispered the phrase: “trampling death upon death”.

One thing remains strange: for what reason does the drug still have no official recognition and patent? Despite the fact that the tool has helped to cure many patients, it helped to get rid of fatal diseases, today its official purpose is the treatment of dermatological diseases in veterinary medicine. Shortly after the discovery of the miraculous means, its creator died, and the “secret” neck was removed only by 1962. Apparently, the party elite, stunned by the effectiveness of the antiseptic-stimulator ASD-2, did not want all-Union longevity and health. After that, the drug went into oblivion for several decades and only towards the end of the 90s they started talking about it again, and recent studies, which clinically confirmed the biological activity of the drug in relation to certain human diseases, marked the beginning of large-scale studies. It is safe to say that to establish the exact chemical composition and full disclosure of the full potential is still far.

Interesting facts about ASD-2:

  • One of the initial goals of creating a drug is raising agriculture and assisting in raising cattle.
  • The biological activity in relation to a number of skin diseases of humans and animals were discovered by chance during clinical studies as side effects.
  • So far, not a single large-scale study of the chemical composition has been conducted, its activity with respect to cancer has not been precisely determined. But a single case of suppression of liver cancer was observed when the drug was encapsulated in a test tube. Scientific publications on this study have not survived, as well as on cases of healing from cancer in practice.
  • ASD-2 is a powerful stimulant of the nervous system and can lead to overstimulation. The drug is not recommended for children suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and neurological disorders.
  • An antiseptic stimulant contains protein decomposition products — putrescine and cadaverine, which in their pure form are the strongest poison, but in the biological complex these compounds have an antiseptic and disinfecting effect.

Let's sum up

. You can make a logical conclusion: the antiseptic ASD-2 is still unexplored and controversial discovery . Clinically proven data on the healing of fatal diseases in humans have not been confirmed. But where did the thousands of letters of thanks from the cured sick come from? Why has the government kept the results of Dorogov's research classified as “secret” for decades? ASD-2 definitely has a pronounced biological activity in relation to a number of dermatological diseases in animals. Detailed scientific studies will help to explain the miraculous cases of curing mortally ill patients and accurately determine its pharmacological action for the human body. In the meantime, the drug is covered with darkness of uncertainty.

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      Is it possible to overdo it with drugs, and what can happen? I accept from Monday to Friday morning and evening, Mon.-15 drops, Tuesday 20 drops, etc., adding 5 drops Saturday, Sunday is a day off, since Monday again 15 drops, etc. Hernia back aches badly, now there is no such pain. Do I overdo it?

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      Hello everyone, I have pneumonia of the right lung, a familiar veterinarian advised me to take ASD-2F, where I indicated methods of administration and doses, I’ve been reading, I believe in complete recovery today I started to take, the smell is ELSE. He was treated in a hospital. He advised to take in the following dose: 20ml ASD 70 gr. water and so on for 5 days, then a break of 3 days, repeat the course 5 times. He promised that everything would pass and again I would be able to do what I loved - underwater hunting. I will definitely write about the results of the application. Hope, Believe and Fight!

    • | Julia | November 19, 2015

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      I am the son of two vets. ASD took since childhood. Take better in the honeycomb spoon. Dose accumulates in a spoon, topped up with cold water to a full spoon. Preparing a glass of cold water. Next spoon with medicine and a gulp of a glass of water. The stench is not felt that way.

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    • | lorikmozhno | November 23, 2015

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    • | Natalia Mumladze | 25 November 2015

      The method of application of the SDA for a number of serious diseases is described in detail by Mandrovsky, look on the net. Health to all !!

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    • | Alla | November 26, 2015

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      Hello! Can you please tell me if this drug is used for vitiligo? Maybe there is such an experience? Thank!

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    Tarla Makaeff: I’ve been through 2 direct neurofeedback sessions now and it’s been amazing for my anxiety. I already feel tremendously better which is why I did a video to share this with the world too. More people need to know about this.

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Knowing when those circuits activate can then be coupled to a positive (or negative) reinforcement process to make activations or deactivations of those circuits subconscious or preconscious. This method is just a more advanced version of basic cognitive behavioral therapy. It is basic conditioning. It is using your cerebral cortex to rewire your brain to create/destroy circuits. It is the basis of daily affirmations. It is how practicing religion works. It is how living with certain philosophical or ideological ideologies program people to respond to certain stimuli in a certain way. It all comes down to survival of the fittest in side your brain. It is the concept of two wolves (neural circuits) living within you (in your brain). The wolf (neural circuit) that wins is the wolf (neural circuit) you feed. That’s why neural feedback is colloquially known as brain training. You are training the neural circuits that you desire. Case in point: I hade to look up ‘colloquially’ just now. As I read the spelling, I sounded it out in my mind, I said it out loud, and I associated ‘collocation’ to it build language connections, auditory connections, conceptual connections. Each extra circuit you associate to a concept helps staaize that concept in your mind. The more neural circuits you connect to a particular neural circuit, the easier it will be to activate that circuit, and it’s not a linear relationship between number of neural circuits to the ease in activation. Each circuit that you use to activate a particular circuit has its own set of supporting circuits, and so on. This inter-connectedness is why emotional issues like anxiety are difficult and seemingly uncontrollable. Every level of anxiety has certain circuits that you have associated to it. Each of those circuits also have other circuits associated to it. Any one of those circuits in that hierarchy has a path to your anxiety center, and, concsequently, any of those circuits have a path and possibility to activate your anxiety circuit. When you go to the gym to become stronger, lifting hundreds of pounds may be your imagined goal, but you have to work toward it starting with lighter weights. Same thing with anxiety. Your whole life you have strengthened the circuits that triggered your anxiety, and now they activate with little activation energy. From a mild annoyance at some trivial display of inconsiderate behavior (getting cut off in the grocery store) to having a breakdown over finances, every circuit contributes to the anxiety circuit. Breaking those connections is what happens when you are cured. You can do it chemically by flooding the brain with neurochemicals that subdue communications through a synapse, physically severing neural circuits (lobotomies), or building alternate pathways for the circuits in your life. The basic daily affirmation does this by creating cortical circuits for your issues that allow the emotional circuits to slowly wither. Like weight training, extreme anxiety reduction may be your goal, but start with that little annoyance instead. Cognitively work out your trivial annoyances until they annoy you no longer, then work your way up. Reflect on those annoyances an discuss those annoyances until you understand that being annoyed does you no good in the long run. Moreover, allowing yourself to be annoyed merely allows other circuits to connect to your anxiety circuit. Those things that annoy you aren’t inherently annoying. You learned to be annoyed by them. This means you can learn to not be annoyed by them: pruning.

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