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Stage Lung Cancer

A malignant tumor goes through four main stages of its development, each of which is distinguished by signs of manifestation and method of treatment. Full recovery of the patient is possible only if the disease is diagnosed at the very beginning of its development.

Lung cancer stage 1

Lung cancer stage 1 means the following:

A malignant tumor has a small size and has not yet spread to the lymphatic system, that is, it has not metastasized.

The diagnosis of lung cancer stage 1A implies the presence of a tumor, the size of which did not reach three centimeters in diameter, the stage of development of the disease 1B indicates that the tumor has a diameter of up to five centimeters, but has not yet spread to the blood, which means it can be safely removed without causing any dangerous consequences.

The survival rate of patients with the first stage of cancer reaches 70%. The most dangerous small-cell cancer, quickly giving metastases. In case of its detection, the patient is subject to immediate treatment (surgical removal of the tumor, radiation therapy, taking strong chemotherapy drugs).

It is rather difficult to recognize lung cancer stage 1, since the tumor is still so small that it practically does not make itself felt. An alarming symptom of the onset of the disease is a cough, first manifested as a weak tickling in the throat, gradually increasing, accompanied by discharge of purulent sputum with the smell of rot.

Lung cancer stage 2

Lung cancer stage 2 is diagnosed in the presence of a tumor of more than five centimeters, it is manifested by increased cough with sputum, fever, aching pain in the chest. The patient may experience frequent suffocation, lack of air, rapidly lose weight. Stage 2A cancer means that the tumor itself reaches the size of five centimeters, has a location close to the lymph nodes, its first metastases are noted in these nodes.

The diagnosis of lung tumor stage 2B suggests that the neoplasm has reached a relatively large size (7 centimeters), but has not yet spread to the nearest lymph nodes or has sprouted into tissues located near the lung.

Patients with a second stage of lung cancer can live up to five years only with the appropriate treatment. The survival rate is quite low - only 36% of the number of cases. In the case of small cell cancer, this indicator is no more than 18%.

Lung cancer stage 3

Lung cancer stage 3 develops as the disease progresses in the absence of proper treatment, is very difficult to treat and is also divided into stages 3A and 3B.

At the stage of lung cancer 3A, the tumor reaches a size greater than seven centimeters, affects closely located lymph nodes and grows into the pleura, chest or trachea. In some cases of the disease, the tumor affects the blood vessels located close to the heart.

At the developmental stage 3B, a malignant tumor grows into the walls of the lung, affects the lymph nodes, as well as the heart muscle, as a result of which pericarditis can develop.

Lung cancer stage 3 reminds of itself constantly. To alleviate the condition, first of all, to eliminate severe chest pain, the patient is prescribed narcotic drugs, antitussives. The main symptom of the disease at this moment: a hysterical wet cough with a significant separation of blood or parts of the components of the lung bronchi. The main treatment is assigned to suppress cell division chemicals, also shows the removal of part of the lung or the entire body as a whole. Drugs are selected individually, depending on the shape of the tumor.

The survival rate of patients with the third stage of cancer development is extremely low and almost approaches zero.

Drug treatment of the disease in this case usually does not bring positive results, the tumor continues to progress and destroy nearby human organs. Perhaps its metastasis to the brain, liver, mammary gland in women. Only 9% of all patients can be saved from death in the case of the use of modern advanced technologies for treating cancer and loading doses of chemotherapy.

Lung cancer stage 4

Lung cancer stage 4 is fatal and can not be treated. This stage means that the malignant tumor has spread to nearby internal organs. At the same time, a patient may experience signs of liver cancer, an accumulation of exudate, saturated with cancer cells, around the heart or second lung.

To say how much you can live with a diagnosis of lung cancer, definitely not. The survival rate of patients with this disease may vary depending on the stage of its development, as well as the measures that have been taken to save the patient's life.

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