The Douching with thrush, how to do syringing with soda, chamomile
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Douching with thrush


Douching with thrush

Douching with thrush

Thrush is an extremely common disease. In connection with the presence in women of predisposing environment, they suffer from it much more often than men. What is this disease and how to get rid of it?

This pathology is caused by fungi of the Candida type. In the body of a healthy woman, they are constantly present in the vagina and belong to the conditionally pathogenic flora. When the acid medium is shifted, these microorganisms are transformed into pathogenic ones, begin to multiply intensively and cause a whole spectrum of unpleasant symptoms. Patients in this period are noted:

  • whitish cheesy discharge from the vagina;
  • sensations of burning and itching on the external genitalia;
  • irritation, redness and swelling of the genitals;
  • soreness in intercourse;
  • discharge with bloody veins after intercourse.

There is a fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the vagina, usually as a result of a decrease in immunity. Rapid multiplication causing candidiasis, yeast-like fungi of Candida albicans or their pathogenic strains is often noted against the background of abnormalities in the endocrine system or in pregnancy, when there is a hormonal alteration of the body.

For the treatment of thrush, an antifungal drug Fluconazole is usually administered internally, taken according to the scheme. Usually, it takes place on the first and seventh days after the start of therapy.

Since this does not guarantee a complete cure, in combination with it, local treatment is also used. As it is recommended vaginal pills or vaginal suppositories with clotrimazole or nystatin for 10 days at night, and before their use - douches and baths with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solutions. For the period of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse, exclude alcoholic beverages, as well as products containing yeast. To avoid re-infection after the end of treatment, you need to have it passed and the sexual partner.

Let us consider in more detail, what role does douching play in the treatment of thrush and how to properly perform it?

The role of syringing with thrush

Douching is a medical and hygienic procedure consisting in washing the vagina with medicinal solutions. To cure candidiasis with the help of only it is completely impossible, but its application in combination with other measures significantly speeds up recovery.

With the help of syringing it is possible:

  • change the environment of the vagina;
  • Remove excessive secretions;
  • relieve unpleasant symptoms;
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Douching with medicinal solutions makes it possible to restore the changed acid-base balance. Purified from excessive secretions, the vaginal mucosa better absorbs active substances contained in candles or vaginal tablets, so treatment is more effective. In addition, additional solutions are exerted by solutions, which are performed by douching, which also accelerates recovery.

So, syringing with thrush is a good and inexpensive way to alleviate its unpleasant symptoms, and also serves as an effective supplement to the main drug treatment

The procedure is performed once or twice a day for 7-10 days, preferably at night.

How to do syringing with thrush?

Before performing douching, should one understand how to properly perform this procedure?

First, you must choose the right pose for the procedure. To do this, it is recommended to lie in the bathroom on your back and raise your legs on its sides. You can spend syringing bending forward on the half-bent legs. Some women like to practice the procedure squatting with widely divorced legs.

Used for this rubber pear with a volume of 0.5 liters, which is pre-wiped with alcohol and washed with boiled water. A warm solution is prepared in advance. The tip is injected to a depth of 5-7 cm in the vagina and pressed on the pear, as a result of which the liquid inside it is injected inwards. Do not perform the procedure under too much pressure, so that the solution does not penetrate into the uterus. Repeated rinsing until the solution has run out. After its introduction, you should try to hold it in the body as long as possible.

A more successful device for therapeutic douching is the Esmarch mug. It allows the continuous introduction of large quantities of solution. All of its tips should be subjected to boiling. To complete the procedure, the Esmarch mug is suspended at a distance of 75 cm above the lumbar region.

It should be noted that in order to avoid the transmission of pathogenic microflora, different tips should be used for the vagina and rectum.

The normal duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes. At the end, you should keep lying down for about 20 minutes.

When preparing medicinal solutions for syringing, use medicines, herbal infusions, antiseptic substances. They are prepared using only boiled water. The finished solution at the time of application should have a temperature close to body temperature and be about 37-38 ° C.

The most commonly used in syringing solutions of baking soda, chamomile, manganese and chlorhexidine.

Douching soda

Soda is a universal tool for fighting various diseases of the female intimate sphere.

Often used soda solution for douching and with thrush, in combination with antifungal drugs, it is quite capable of destroying a pathogenic fungus. It is believed that a positive therapeutic effect of the use of soda is observed in half of patients. The mechanism of action is based on the ability of the alkaline medium, which creates a soda solution, destroy the vital activity of the fungus. Initially, there is a slowdown in the spread of fungal infection, and then its complete destruction.

The solution is prepared as follows: for 1 liter of boiled warm water take 1 teaspoon of soda and stir.

After the end of the procedure, the patient must stay with the raised pelvis for a while, so that the solution penetrates well and creates an alkaline environment, destructive for candida.

Douching with potassium permanganate

Douching with weak solutions of potassium permanganate is also often prescribed by gynecologists for various diseases, including thrush. She is a strong antiseptic and for this reason many doctors believe that it is more harm than good. It is believed that it can burn the mucous membrane of the vagina and destroy the beneficial microflora.

In order to avoid burns, you need to ensure that all grains of potassium permanganate, put in water, are dissolved. It is better to dissolve this substance separately in another container. The resulting solution must then be poured into boiled water, which serves as the basis of the future solution for syringing. At the same time, you need to make sure that he gets the right pale pink color, but in any case not saturated purple.

The principle of action of potassium permanganate is based on the ability to release atomic oxygen. When it is combined with proteins, albumins are formed, which have an antimicrobial, tanning and drying effect. Manganese has the ability to neutralize the toxins released by fungi of the Candida type and normalizes the acid-alkaline environment of the vagina.

Douching with chlorhexidine

Chlorhexidine is an inexpensive and reliable antiseptic that has a wide range of uses. It is used in various fields of medicine - dentistry, urology, dermatology.

For douching, it is used only after consultation with a doctor, because for this drug, individual doses are required. It is recommended when a broad-spectrum drug is needed that is active against fungi and bacteria at the same time.

The drug has an effect on chlamydia, ureaplasmas, gonococci, pathogens of fungal diseases, as well as the herpes virus. It is a part of the vaginal suppositories Hexicon and Hexicon-D. The dosage form for douching is very convenient to use, it is sold in pharmacies in ready-made form, which does not need to be diluted.

For syringing with chlorhexidine it is necessary to lie down and insert a spout of the vial into the vagina. Having squeezed out a small amount of solution, you need to lie down for a while, so that it gets better inside.

Quite often syringing with this drug provoke allergic reactions. In such cases, they are replaced with vaginal suppositories or douches with other solutions.

Douching infusion of chamomile

Traditional medicine in this case offers syringing infusion of chamomile. Antibacterial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of chemist's chamomile make it possible to widely use it in candidiasis or, more simply, with thrush. Its pharmacological action is due to a complex of natural substances, primarily azulene and mitricin.

To prepare the broth, take 2 tablespoons of dried flowers per 1 liter. boiling water. We pour the flowers with boiling water, put it on the fire and bring it to a boil. After the infusion has cooled to 37-38 degrees, it can be used for syringing.

Such a wonderful natural antiseptic as a pharmacy chamomile to enhance the effect can be combined with the bark of oak, taken in equal proportions. Syringe with chamomile can be alternated with soda treatment.

Features of syringing during pregnancy

Thrush often accompanies pregnancy. In this state, the immune status of the organism changes. The fetus is perceived as an alien body, and in order to avoid spontaneous abortion the body is forced to suppress the effect of its own immunity. As a result, the conditionally pathogenic flora is activated and thrush arises.

This disease is treated in pregnant women as well as ordinary women. But douching in this case can not be used, since this can create a threat of spontaneous abortion.

The fact is that with this procedure, not only the medicinal solution but also the air is injected into the vagina. As this occurs at slightly increased pressure, air through the cervix can get into its cavity, creating a threat of miscarriage. In addition, along with the solution and air, an unwanted infection can enter the uterus.

Precautionary measures

Despite the apparent benefits of douching in the treatment of thrush, they can not be abused, because they are a very ambiguous procedure. In the world practice, there is already a certain withdrawal of gynecologists from her and replacement in less aggressive ways.

The duration of such procedures should not exceed the recommended period of the doctor, because, according to some doctors, douching with thrush can aggravate dysbiosis . After all, with this procedure, not only the pathogenic, but also useful microflora of the vagina is washed away, which increases the level of imbalance of the vaginal microflora.

And, of course, you need to consider all possible contraindications to syringing. These include:

  • acute inflammatory diseases of the genital area;
  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy;
  • recovery from abortion or childbirth.

You can not syringe in the absence of disease for the purpose of prevention, it disrupts a balanced vaginal environment and is the cause of vaginosis and the same thrush.

Finally, you can not syringe before gynecological examination. This makes the picture of the disease fuzzy, and a smear taken by a doctor to analyze the vaginal flora, after douching, loses its meaning.

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