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Bronchial asthma attack: emergency


An attack of bronchial asthma passes rapidly and its symptoms are characteristic, therefore it is impossible to confuse it with something else. Often in such cases, the patient begins punk, which further aggravates the situation.

How is the attack?

Bronchial Asthma Attack Literally within a few seconds, severe shortness of breath develops, breathing becomes noisy, accompanied by wheezing in the lungs, which can be heard even from a distance. A dry cough appears, which repeats with attacks throughout the attack.

Patient complaints include:

  • feeling of bursting in the chest;
  • difficulty exhaling.

In order to exhale the air, it is necessary to put considerable effort. The patient is looking for support in order to ease the exhalation by resting his hands on a chair, table, wall, etc.

What should be done during an attack?

  1. The first thing to do is to find a comfortable position for the body that makes exhalation easier. You need to sit on a chair facing back and put under the chest for support. Get rid of the embarrassing clothing, unbutton the collar, remove the kerchief, tie, etc .;
  2. Should try to calm down! The psychoemotional state plays the most important role in such cases! Attempts should be made to normalize breathing and try to exhale the air from the lungs completely. The duration of the attack depends on the ability to completely relax, calm down and take control of the situation. A small child during an attack should be gently stroked on the back, which gives him a feeling of comfort and apply soft massage practices that facilitate breathing. At the same time it is necessary to talk with the child all the time in a calm and gentle tone, assuring that everything will soon pass. Practice shows that children are much easier to suffer an attack than adults. Adults are not inclined to trust entirely, like children, because an attack goes harder and lasts longer.
  3. With an attack of bronchial asthma, fresh air is needed, so the window in the room needs to be opened.
  4. It should immediately apply a special metered inhaler, which should always be with the patient. Means to relieve attacks are selected only by the attending physician! In no case should you buy pills or inhalers on the pharmacy's network on the advice of another patient or by reading or seeing advertising!

Currently, for the relief of asthma attacks all over the world are used:

  • short-acting bronchodilator drugs. These include: salbutamol (analogue - ventolin, salben), fenoterol (analogue - berotek), terbutaline (analogue - bricanyl). These funds are referred to as "ambulance" during an attack, as they are short-acting drugs, that is, they quickly remove asthma attacks. The action of drugs due to the ability to relieve spasm of smooth muscles of the bronchi. To help, you must take two inhalations, after 10 minutes the medicine should have an effect. If the attack is severe and it did not happen, after 10 minutes, two more inhalations can be made. The drug has a pharmacological effect after a couple of minutes, and have a prolonged effect, which lasts for the next four to five hours.

It makes no sense to do inhalation more than twice in 10-15 minutes, if the tool did not work. In contrast, overdose may cause side effects in the form of severe dizziness, weakness, headache, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat).

  • Euphyllinum, spasmolytic, effectively and rapidly expanding the bronchi. Injection eufillina make emergency doctors who come on call. The drug is administered intravenously, and after a few minutes the effect occurs. Emergency care, if the attack is very severe, includes the intravenous or intramuscular administration of hormonal drugs (glucocorticoids), for example, prednisolone or dexamethasone.

If you do not call the doctor and try to stop the attack on your own by drinking a pill, the effect does not come before 40 minutes. To suffer no less than half an hour, choking is not a very good solution for the patient.

  • antihistamine (antiallergic) agents, for example, suprastin, clarithoin, diphenhydramine or tavegil. Drugs can have an effect only in the first minutes of the onset of an attack. If inhalation did not help, and the condition did not improve, it is necessary to take a prednisolone pill.

Additional home measures

To relieve the condition of an asthma attack, you can try home methods that can help:

  • inhalation with saline and iodine (2-3 teaspoons of salt per cup of water and a couple of drops of an alcohol solution of iodine). Breathe in pairs for several minutes, then take a few sips of warm solution. If there is no relief, leave the procedure;
  • massage cans. Carry out the procedure in the usual way, but remain in a sitting position on a chair facing back. Banks are placed on the area of ​​the lungs, to alleviate the condition, you must slowly drive the can up and down the back. In order to avoid pain, it is necessary to use the usual pharmacy petrolatum. The duration of a canned massage is 1-2 minutes on one side of the back, then repeat on the other side. Massage should be done by someone from the household, since the patient himself cannot make it;
  • hot baths for arms and legs;
  • mustard plasters on the chest.

All these procedures are simple, they do not need to be mastered by any special techniques and they help a lot of many patients, as they are able to ease breathing.

How does bronchial asthma proceed?

In order to develop a plan to help the patient with each particular attack, it is necessary to understand how the disease proceeds.

The clinical picture of an asthma attack is divided into three stages:

  • pre-asthmatic condition;
  • direct attack;
  • a period of reverse development.

. Predastmatic condition. This stage is extremely important for everyone suffering from bronchial asthma, because at this time you can recognize the impending danger and try to prevent asthma attacks, exacerbation of the disease or at least alleviate it and make the period of exacerbation shorter. The patient feels characteristic symptoms:

  • chest congestion;
  • the onset of difficulty in breathing;
  • coughing up;
  • copious nasal discharge;
  • indomitable sneezing.

During this period, emotional lability, rapid fatigue, irritability are characteristic, and his sleep is disturbed. These signs suggest that the exacerbation of bronchial asthma begins.

. The height of the attack . Seizures directly begin several days after the onset of precursors (about one or two days). Night is the hardest period for patients. A person with an exacerbation of the disease in patients acquires a specific appearance: swelling, pale, blue skin, lips and nail beds. The patient is shivering and he is sweating.

. The period of reverse development . It comes after treatment and is characterized by sputum discharge. In the initial period, the sputum is very thick and viscous, later it dilutes and leaves more easily. Asphyxiation stops.

Attention! Therapy of bronchial asthma during a choking attack and during remission is different! Do not self-medicate! Each patient in each case, the doctor selects an individual treatment algorithm. Only then can a positive result be guaranteed. The patient must learn to control their condition independently. You must be alert and do not miss the onset of exacerbation. Bronchial asthma, with all the severity of this disease, is not a sentence. In the case of patient discipline and compliance with all the doctor's prescriptions, you can lead a normal life, fully relax and work, as do all healthy people. A treatment regimen that is selected by a qualified allergist and pulmonologist will make it possible to feel relatively healthy and gain self-confidence.

Prevention of asthma attacks

The preventive measures primarily include strict hygiene.

It is necessary:

  • get enough sleep;
  • balanced and varied diet;
  • give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
  • regularly perform gymnastics, especially special breathing;
  • timely and competently treat concomitant diseases;
  • regularly visit the allergist and pulmonologist, follow medical prescriptions;
  • clean the home thoroughly;
  • avoid stressful situations as much as possible;
  • be regularly in the fresh air.

Many experts attach great importance to respiratory gymnastics in the fight against asthma exacerbations. A large number of various methods have been developed, from which one can choose a suitable variant. The simplest and most accessible breathing exercise for all patients is lengthening and strengthening of the breath. This exercise should be done regularly.

Doctor's recommendation . People suffering from bronchial asthma, it is recommended to carry out self-control of the disease. This can be successfully done with the help of a special instrument — a peak flow meter, which determines the state of the external respiration function. It is very simple to use the device: take a deep breath, then breathe out with force into a special tube of the device. The expiratory rate is determined automatically. The spread between morning and evening peak expiratory flow rate in norm should not be more than 20%. For convenience, it is good to have a peak flow meter diary, according to which it will be easier for the attending physician to follow the dynamics of the patient's condition.

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