A. ENT diseases - Part 3
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ENT diseases

Chronic sinusitis
Chronic sinusitis Contents: Causes of the development of sinusitis Symptoms of chronic sinusitis Forms of chronic sinusitis Complications of chronic sinusitis Diagnosis ... Read More »
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Adenoids in adults
Adenoids in adults Content: Causes of adenoids in adults Symptoms of adenoids in adults Adenoids in adults: diagnosis The degree of adenoiditis in adults How is treatment ... More details »
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Acute pharyngitis
Acute pharyngitis. Contents: Causes of acute pharyngitis. How does acute pharyngitis occur? Common symptoms of acute pharyngitis Clinical manifestations of acute pharyngitis Diagnosis ... More details »
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Acute laryngitis
Acute laryngitis. Contents: Causes of acute laryngitis. How does acute laryngitis occur? Symptoms of acute laryngitis Diagnosis of acute laryngitis Management tactics and treatment of patients ... More details »
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Acute sinusitis
Acute sinusitis Contents: Causes of acute sinusitis Mechanism of the disease Classification Symptoms of acute sinusitis Diagnosis of sinusitis Treatment of acute sinusitis ... More details »
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Dry cough
Dry cough Content: What can cause a dry cough? Cough in children. Diagnosis of dry cough. Treatment of dry cough. Prevention of dry cough. Onset ... Read More »
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Types of sore throat
Types of tonsillitis Content: Types of tonsillitis Catarrhal tonsillitis Lacunar tonsillitis Follicular tonsillitis Herpetic tonsillitis Phlegmonous tonsillitis Fibrinous tonsillitis ... More details »
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Antibiotics for angina
Antibiotics for angina Contents: What are the side effects of antibiotics? How to drink antibiotics for tonsillitis? Antibiotics for the treatment of catarrhal tonsillitis Antibiotics for ... Read More »
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Sore throat: causes, treatment
Sore throat: causes, treatment Contents: Sore throat: causes of discomfort Inflammatory and infectious diseases as causes of sore throat Pharyngitis Acute ... Read More »
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Antibiotics for sinusitis
Antibiotics for sinusitis Contents: Symptoms of sinusitis Main aspects of the treatment of sinusitis Indications for the use of antibiotics for sinusitis Lack of appropriateness of taking ... More details »
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