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Can I drink milk with pancreatitis?

Can I drink milk with pancreatitis?

Can I drink milk with pancreatitis ?

Milk is a priceless gift of nature, which should be present in the daily diet of adults and, especially, children. Milk and dairy products are an excellent source of animal protein for patients with pancreatitis. However, if there are problems in the functioning of the pancreas, one cannot do without following certain food rules and restrictions.


There are a number of products that are absolutely contraindicated for patients with pancreatitis, these are:

  • whole (undiluted) milk - can provoke a fermentation process in the intestine, which, in case of pancreatitis, increases the risk of exacerbation of the disease;
  • condensed milk;
  • ice cream;
  • processed, smoked, sharp cheeses;
  • all dairy products on the shelves of stores, made using dyes, flavors, artificial flavoring additives (cocktails, berry and fruit yogurts, etc.).

Well, and, of course, it is not recommended to eat dairy products in the period of acute illness. Enter them into the diet is subject to certain rules.

Milk and dairy products in the period of exacerbation

Introducing dairy products into the diet is not desirable until it takes 3 days from the time of exacerbation of pancreatitis. After waiting a fixed time, it is allowed to eat liquid porridge cooked in milk (fat content not higher than 2.5%) and water in equal proportions.

After 5 days from the moment of exacerbation, you can diversify the menu with low-fat cottage cheese (you should start with 50 grams per day, gradually bringing the portion to 100 grams.). Also in the same period, the introduction into the ration of a steamed omelet (on milk diluted with water) is recommended.

After about 2 weeks, provided that the positive dynamics is maintained, the composition and amount of allowed dairy products expands and increases: 1% fat yogurt, unsalted butter, which can be added daily to dishes (no more than 5 grams per day). After about 2 months, with the onset of a period of stable remission, the patient's menu with pancreatitis becomes even more diverse.

Milk and dairy products in remission

During the period of stable remission, milk and dairy products, as a source of easily digestible animal proteins, should be daily present in the diet of patients with pancreatitis. Up to 10 grams. butter per day (added to dishes), low-fat cottage cheese, 1% kefir (which, however, can now be replaced with any other low-fat product: yogurt, varenets, ryazhenka, etc.). Porridges, soups and omelets without aggravation are still cooked on milk diluted with water. Allowed to use non-acute low-fat cheeses. The menu is permissible to diversify even with sour cream and cream (of course, low fat content - no more than 10%) - although it is recommended to eat them no more than every other day and in the amount of maximum 1 tablespoon.

And the last thing - you should not buy milk "from the hands" (or, at least, it should be boiled at the same time). This product is an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms, especially if it has not been pasteurized in the factory. And any intestinal infection in a patient with pancreatitis can cause serious complications.

Goat's milk for pancreatitis

But goat's milk for pancreatitis is even recommended for use. It has many useful properties, and it is hypoallergenic. The composition of goat milk is a substance lysozyme, which activates the restoration of the pancreas and reduces inflammation. In addition, the drink very quickly neutralizes hydrochloric acid - one of the components of gastric juice. This process occurs without violent reactions, manifested through heartburn, belching, abdominal distension. However, with goat's milk, it is necessary to comply with the measure - its use in quantities of more than a liter per day can provoke fermentation in the intestines with all the ensuing consequences.

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