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Can I use lugol in angina?

Lugol with angina Lugol is a remedy for the treatment of angina (and other infectious-inflammatory diseases of the oropharynx), the effectiveness of which has been proven for decades. Even despite the huge number of "pharmacy competitors", constantly appearing on the pharmaceutical market, the drug does not lose its popularity.

Lugol's composition

The active ingredient of the drug - molecular iodine - has an antiseptic, bactericidal and local irritant effect. This substance with the same efficiency affects both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as affects pathogenic fungi. Quite often the causative agents of angina are staphylococci. As is known, such a flora is very stable, but Lugol destroys it even with prolonged use. Other components of the drug are potassium iodide (promotes dissolution of iodine in water) and glycerol (has a pronounced softening effect).

How to use the drug in angina

To begin with, today Lugol is produced in two forms - spray and solution.

The spray is more convenient to use. Enough to shake the bottle, take a breath, hold your breath and with a light pressure on the head to irrigate the oropharynx. It is important to avoid getting the drug in the eyes. After use, it is recommended not to eat or drink for half an hour. Lugol in the form of a spray is an excellent option for the treatment of angina in children, because small patients are unlikely to give "without a fight" to handle tonsils with a solution.

As for the solution, our grandmothers also treated our parents with this particular remedy. For processing, it is necessary to fix the cotton wool on the medical tweezers (or wrap it around a pencil), dipped in a solution and carefully lubricate the tonsils and the oral cavity. Another option is to dip a piece of sterile cotton wool into Lugol's solution and suck it for a few minutes.

It should be noted that the solution has a stronger effect, compared with the spray. Lugol - a relatively inexpensive means, but the price of the spray still, as a rule, is several times higher than the cost of the solution. Therefore, what is preferable - convenience of use or low cost and more powerful effect - ultimately depends on the patient himself.

Any angina treated with Lugol's help

In general, Lugol from very old times has established itself as an effective remedy for relieving inflammation from the tonsils. However, in the case of a severe course of tonsillitis, characterized by significant suppuration, the agent can even do harm. The fact is that its rather thick consistency creates difficulties in the outflow of pus from the lacunae.

Why do they love Lugol and do he have any disadvantages?

Lugol is a drug that has been loved and appreciated for many years for its advantages:

  • High efficiency;
  • Low cost;
  • Prevention of iodine deficiency in the body;
  • Economical consumption (both spray and solution usually last for a long time).

However, the drug has some drawbacks:

  • Specific smell and taste, burning sensation in the throat after treatment of the tonsils;
  • The possibility of a vomiting reflex during the treatment;
  • The possibility of allergic reactions to iodine.

With special care is to treat Lugol's treatment of angina in children under 5 for the following reasons:

  • Possibility of laryngospasm in small patients;
  • Great risk of allergies;
  • Increased probability of a vomiting reflex.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications to the use of this tool. If there is pregnancy, urticaria , adenoma, chronic pyoderma, furunculosis, acne, nephrosis, hemorrhagic diathesis, pulmonary tuberculosis or hypersensitivity of iodine, the patient needs the appointment of another antiseptic.

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