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Inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear: causes, treatment


> The lymphatic system in the human body is part of the immune system. The main purpose of the lymph nodes is to serve as a kind of biological filter, that is, to participate in the absorption and destruction of toxins, bacteria and microbes. Sometimes the lymph nodes become inflamed and enlarged. It is not difficult to understand what is happening because of the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the organism. It is not difficult to determine the source of infection, because the lymph node inflamed right next to it. Compaction may occur in the armpit, in the groin or behind the ear.

Causes of lymph node enlargement behind the ear

In the human body, there are about six hundred lymph nodes. Their sizes can reach fifty millimeters. Nodes have bean-shaped, oval or round shape. The parotid nodes, which, as the name implies, are located behind the ears, are located along the posterior auricular vein. They are not felt in their normal state. If the nodes can be felt, it means that they have increased in size, therefore, inflamed. This is a signal to the body about the presence of any diseases, including:

  • otitis, eustachitis and other diseases that cause inflammation in the ears;
  • diseases of the throat and oral cavity ( pharyngitis , tonsillitis , caries , etc.);
  • fungal infections - are characterized by itching of the scalp and abundant hair loss;
  • acute respiratory infections and colds;
  • rubella, parotitis.

In none of the above diseases, the lymph nodes behind the ear do not hurt or suppurate. After undergoing a course of treatment, they return to their normal state. However, if there is suppuration or pain, this may indicate a condition such as lymphadenitis , in which there is suppuration in the lymph node area and an increase in body temperature to + 38 ° C. The patient has headaches, sleep worsens and appetite decreases. Sometimes with lymphadenitis, pustular rashes can be found in the area of ​​the inflamed lymph node.

If you notice any symptoms of lymphadenitis, you should immediately consult a doctor, as the disease may turn into a purulent stage. In this case, the patient will experience deterioration of health. Pain becomes strong and almost continuous. It should be noted that any inflammation in the body, and especially inflammation in the head, is extremely dangerous to life. Inflammatory processes left untreated, can cause sepsis, that is, blood infection.

Swollen lymph nodes in children

The child’s immune system responds to any invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, an increase in lymph nodes behind the ears and near the jaw in children is much more common than in adults.

To avoid the appearance of seals, it is necessary to treat colds in a timely manner, as even a common cold can lead to serious complications. The most characteristic causes of an increase in the lymph nodes in children can also be all sorts of allergic reactions that often occur in the children's body.


Lymph node behind the ear photo Since an enlarged lymph node may indicate many diseases, it is very important for a specialist to get as much information as possible about the patient's health.

First of all, the doctor must palpate an enlarged lymph node. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate not only its size, but also the presence / absence of pain. In addition to the nodes behind the ear, they also examine those located on the neck and the back of the head. Examine the thyroid gland, tonsils, salivary glands. In most cases, the examination is enough to make an accurate diagnosis.

It is not necessary to influence the lymph nodes themselves. After eliminating the cause, they independently return to normal. If the antibacterial preparations prescribed by the doctor did not produce the desired effect, and the lymph nodes do not decrease or even continue to grow, become hard to the touch, the patient needs a blood test. Through analysis, a specialist can determine the intensity and scale of inflammatory processes in the body. If this type of examination does not provide enough information, the patient is prescribed tomography or ultrasound. In 10% of cases in patients who have found a seal behind the ear, malignant tumors are detected. One of the most common diseases of the lymphatic system is lymphoma. That is why the patient may need a biopsy.

Treatment of inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear

As mentioned earlier, if the lymph node enlargement is a reaction to a certain disease, then it will be enough to eliminate this disease so that the node returns to normal.

For treatment, in most cases, broad-spectrum antibiotics, antihistamines, sulfonamides, and fortifying agents are used. In the presence of pain can be used analgesics. To reduce puffiness, physiotherapy is prescribed. Heat exposure is one of the main mistakes that patients make when they self-assign themselves treatment. Thermal effects on enlarged lymph nodes should be avoided.

In the treatment of purulent lymphadenitis, complicated by necrotic and phlegmonous processes, in addition to antibiotics, the doctor may prescribe an opening of abscesses and drug therapy.

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