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Red spots on the body


Red spots that occur on any part of the human body, are not only a cosmetic defect, but also signal a violation in the body. In order to prevent and eliminate this problem, you should know the reasons that can provoke its occurrence.

In clinical practice, red spots that appear on the body are called a type of rash that changes the color of skin surfaces (while skin texture and other parameters remain unchanged). Often, these spots increase in size and quantity, can peel off and itch. There are many reasons provoking the development of such a state.

Urticaria and other allergic reactions



With the development of an allergic reaction, the red spots that occur on the skin begin to itch and soon turn into blisters. As a rule, this is associated with the development of a reaction to a particular product, drug, or cosmetic.

In this case, eliminating red spots will not be difficult: all that is required for this is to find out what caused the development of an allergic reaction and eliminate contact with the allergen.

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Vegetative disturbances

In some people, when overheating, as well as with significant physical exertion on the body (usually on the neck, on the face and on the upper part of the chest), red spots appear that are prone to fusion. This condition occurs due to a violation of vascular tone. This is a vegetative dysfunction, in which under the influence of various external factors, there is an uneven expansion of the blood capillaries that feed the skin. As a result, a person develops characteristic spotting. This is an absolutely harmless physiological condition, which, unfortunately, is not amenable to correction. In order to reduce this kind of manifestation, special procedures are recommended that normalize vascular tone (douche, exercise, etc.).


Photodermatitis, or sun allergy, is a condition caused by ultraviolet radiation. In this case, the skin may appear red spots or syt, which are accompanied by burning and swelling. As a rule, the cause of phototoxic reactions are substances that increase sensitivity to UV radiation. They can enter the human body from the outside (antibiotics, analgesics, cosmetics with sandalwood or bergamot, barbiturates, etc.), and can also be formed in the body during hepatic pathologies (porphyrin disease).

People who are prone to the development of sun allergy are not recommended to be under the influence of direct sunlight during the period of high sun.

Skin diseases

Atopic dermatitis photo

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis

This is a chronic, relapsing disease of an allergic nature characterized by the occurrence of red spots on various parts of the body. The pathological condition is accompanied by itching, peeling and compaction of the skin. Most often, the exacerbation of the disease occurs in winter, and with the arrival of summer, all its manifestations disappear.

To eliminate the signs of atopic dermatitis, antihistamine medications and the use of hormonal ointments are recommended.

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Pityriasis versicolor photo


This is a skin infection caused by a yeast-like fungus. When it enters the human body, red-brown spots appear on the skin of the back, neck, chest and shoulders, which darken and peel off over time. After recovery, light (hypopigmented) areas remain in their place.

Antifungal agents and exfoliating agents are prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with psoriasis versicolor .

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This is a chronic non-infectious skin disease, which is also characterized by the appearance of red spots. As a rule, they are localized on the buttocks, lower back, knees and elbows. Over time, red spots begin to grow in size, flaking and merging together. This is a serious disease requiring mandatory specialized treatment.

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Pink lichen

Pink lichen

Pink lichen

Pink lichen is a very mysterious pathology, which, according to experts, is of viral nature. During its development (in the early stages), a single large red spot appears on the patient's torso, and then, over time, others appear around it. Often, skin rashes are accompanied by itching. The treatment of this disease takes place under the guidance of a doctor and it is mandatory that a special diet be observed.

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Systemic lupus erythematosus

This is an immune pathology that occurs due to the production of complexes and autoantibodies produced by the body’s immune system to its own tissues. Most often, women aged 20-40 suffer from day-to-day disease.

In this disease, spots appear on the skin, resembling a coin with bright red edges, discolored and thinned in the center. As a rule, for systemic lupus erythematosus the most characteristic symptom is reddening of the skin of the face like a butterfly (on the cheeks and in the back of the nose). Such eruptions are a reaction to sunlight. However, the pathological process may be accompanied by the occurrence of urticaria and hair loss.

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Pathology of the liver and pancreas

In the case when the red spots on the body are grouped on the upper part of the body and on the arms, and are practically absent below the belt and on the legs, have a round or arachnoid shape and dimensions of 0.2-2 mm, most likely, we are talking about skin manifestations of diseases liver and pancreas. As a rule, their number increases after each exacerbation.

It is impossible to get rid of such red spots with the help of outdoor products until the reason that provoked them has been eliminated.


A hemangioma is a single vascular tumor of benign origin. It can be localized on different parts of the body and have different sizes (from several mm to several cm in diameter). Such stains do not pose any health hazard, however, they are a significant cosmetic defect that rises above the surface of the skin, and, in case of injury to the hemangioma, bleeding may develop. These formations are subject to removal by laser or liquid nitrogen.

Children's infections

In the case when the red spots appear on the child’s body, especially if such a condition is accompanied by an increase in temperature, it is most likely the development of such childhood infectious diseases as rubella, scarlet fever , chickenpox or measles. In order to confirm or deny the suspicions that have arisen, the child should be shown to the pediatrician.

Red spots on the body: what to do?

So, there are a sufficient number of causes of red spots on the skin of the face and body. Therefore, before proceeding with their removal, it is necessary to thoroughly understand everything. In such a situation, you should not always rely on your own strength and engage in self-diagnosis. If a person’s condition is a concern, an urgent need to consult a specialist who will conduct an examination and prescribe adequate treatment.

In the event that the occurrence of red spots on the body is associated with the development of an allergic reaction, often the rash is accompanied by itching, often with a periodic nature. This situation is explained by the fact that a person does not constantly contact with the allergen, but periodically (this may be the sun, water, weather changes, food, hygienic or cosmetic products, as well as medicines). In order to eliminate this condition, first of all, one should find out what provoked the occurrence of red spots and eliminate contact with the allergen. And to eliminate discomfort and unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to take histamine blockers (tavegil, questin, suprastin, loratadine, etc.).

If, in spite of everything, the pathological process is periodically renewed, the help of a specialist is required.

In the event that the occurrence of red spots on the body provoked stressful situations, experiences, emotional disorders, fear or prolonged mental agitation, after taking sedatives (sedatives) all the negative manifestations disappear.

However, it is not always possible to say with certainty that skin rashes are a normal vegetative-vascular reaction of the body. Therefore, in this situation, consultation with a specialist will not be superfluous.

With pathologies of internal organs and vascular diseases, red spots may acquire various shades. They do not itch, do not hurt, but they do not pass. In this case, the help of a doctor is also required.

In case of fungal skin diseases, rash is accompanied by itching, whitish plaque may appear on them over time, and they are also able to ulcerate. In order to find out the nature of the pathogen and to conduct adequate treatment, should immediately seek the help of a specialist.

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