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How to choose compression underwear for varicose veins


Compression underwear with varicose veins Compression underwear is one of the effective ways to prevent the appearance of varicose veins and to halt its development. It can not eliminate the underlying causes of the disease, but it is fully capable of coping with its manifestations, which reduce the quality of life of the patient. Today, compression knitwear is an essential addition to the treatment of varicose veins, which at times increases its effectiveness. Underwear has a lot of advantages, due to which it becomes more and more popular among patients diagnosed with varicosity.

Compression linen: why?

The essence of the action of compression linen is that it creates the right pressure in the corresponding parts of the foot. This contributes to the correct distribution of the load, resulting in a normal blood flow towards the heart. From the veins that are in the lower part of the foot, more effort is required to push the blood upwards - this is the area where the maximum pressure exerted by the compression linen is. And, for example, only about 40% of the pressure is put on the thigh, as the load on these veins is already minimal.

Special linen in the literal sense of the word pushes the blood, squeezing the veins, not allowing it to stagnate in the vessels. As a result, when wearing such stockings (golf or tights), the unpleasant and painful manifestations of varicose are significantly reduced: the legs are not so tired and swell, they do not feel itchy or burning.

Compression knitwear should be used for the following reasons:

  • these hosiery products contribute to the normalization of blood flow, redistributing the blood from altered veins to healthy ones;
  • such linen activates blood circulation and, thereby, improves the nutrition of tissues;
  • if the size of the laundry is selected correctly, then it is an effective prevention of thrombosis;
  • linen looks aesthetically pleasing, it can be worn wherever it suits, for work, for a walk, to the gym;
  • Compression knitwear is one of the simplest, most convenient and safe means in the fight against varicose veins, which has practically no contraindications.


Contraindications to wearing compression linen are very small, but they still exist. These include the following states:

  • endarteritis, atherosclerosis, orthoarteritis and some other chronic diseases, characterized by a decrease in the lumen of the arteries and a significant decrease in blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • eczema, allergic rashes, open wounds, inflammatory processes on the skin of the legs;
  • septic phlebitis, cardiopulmonary insufficiency in severe form;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin.

Use of compression linen: is it not dangerous?

There is an opinion that wearing compression linen can turn into such a serious problem as the degeneration of the muscular layer of the venous walls. And then, after stopping the use of therapeutic knitwear, the veins simply can not resist the pressure, which will only lead to the progression of varicose veins. Refuting these fears, phlebologists put forward the following facts:

  • the patient does not wear varicose knitwear round the clock;
  • the flow of blood in vessels subject to artificially created pressure does not cease, but only decreases;
  • usually atrophy of the muscle layer occurs due to genetic predisposition and the presence of inflammatory processes, and wearing compression linen, on the contrary, prevents it.

What are compression jersey made from?

Compression jersey is made of cotton and nylon fibers, lycra and microfiber. Such linen has no seams, lets in air and gives pleasant sensations at contact with a skin. It is hypoallergenic and externally looks exactly like ordinary tights or stockings. The healing properties of knitwear are due to its processing by the latest computer technologies. The effectiveness of compression linen, provided that the rules of care and storage, are maintained for about six months. Then a replacement is required.

Types of compression knitwear

Compression lingerie is curative and preventive. There is also a so-called hospital linen, which is operated exclusively in stationary conditions. As it is clear from the title, therapeutic knitwear should be used if the disease has already manifested itself in any degree. But in prophylactic purposes, it is recommended to wear underwear for compression to people at risk: pregnant, genetically predisposed to the appearance of varicose veins, obese people, representatives of "standing" and "sedentary" occupations.

As for the types of compression linen, today they are presented on the pharmaceutical market in sufficient quantity, for every taste and for any needs:

  • pantyhose - one of the most popular among women is a kind of underwear, tight-fitting legs and not slipping during use;
  • stockings;
  • stockings - an affordable option for men;
  • elastic bandage is not a very convenient compression option, which, however, does not lose its relevance due to its affordable price, despite the huge choice of a much more effective and aesthetically pleasing therapeutic knitted fabric.

As a rule, products for women (pantyhose and stockings) are decorated with patterns. But men's underwear is most often produced transparent, so that it is as inconspicuous as possible on the legs.

Classification of therapeutic compression linen

If preventive knitwear can be bought at most pharmacies at any time, then a doctor's prescription is required to purchase a medicinal product. It is recommended to make purchases only in specialized pharmacies and salons. By the intensity of the created pressure, the compression knitwear is divided into the following classes:

  • Class 1 - characterized by compression below 23 mm. gt; Art. and are recommended for use by patients with the first signs of varicose veins: blue-red vascular asterisks on the skin, widening of the veins close to the surface of the skin, a feeling of severe fatigue and heaviness in the legs.
  • Class 2 - creates a pressure of not more than 33 mm. gt; Art. and is indicated for the treatment of moderate varicose veins, as well as thrombophlebitis.
  • Class 3 - the compression provided does not exceed 45 mm. gt; Such linen is used in the treatment of a sufficiently severe venous insufficiency, accompanied by trophic pathologies.
  • Class 4 - compression is about 50 mm. gt; Art. and above, such jersey is suitable for the treatment of severe pathologies of lymph flow and removal of the edema caused by these disorders.

A qualified phlebologist can give advice on the choice of a specific class of compression linen, based on the situation of the individual patient. He will also talk about the mode of wearing medical knitwear, as well as explain the basic rules of its storage and care for him.

How to choose a compression underwear?

Obviously, in the first place, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the class of therapeutic knitwear shown for use. Then it is necessary to decide on its type - tights, stockings, stockings, tights. Here everything is determined by individual preferences. Finally, it is important to choose the right size - otherwise the effect of wearing a special knitwear will be minimal (or it will not be at all).

Now, as far as prices are concerned. Basically, the price spread, noticeable to the naked eye in the pharmaceutical market, is explained by the abundance of various manufacturers on it. A spin-up brand or a more modest supplier? In any case, only the products with the most precisely calculated compression get to the pharmacy counters. But what products can differ is the design and duration of socks.

To protect yourself from buying a counterfeit, you need to make purchases in proven pharmacies and established dealer stores. Everyone knows that the European quality standards are very high. This also applies to compression linen. If the package is labeled "ral-gz-387", then you can not doubt - you have the highest quality goods, because its manufacturer had to undergo certification in Switzerland or Germany.

Dressing medical knitwear

Dressing the medical jersey is not as easy as it may seem. It is especially difficult to cope with high-class underwear - 3 and 4. The fact is that such stockings and pantyhose can not be worn just like ordinary items - to collect in "accordion" and pull up. The procedure can cause special difficulties in a person who has a large belly.

So, the dressing process itself looks like this:

  • the top of stockings or stockings is assembled by the "accordion";
  • The palms are inserted inside the product, it is carefully stretched on the foot;
  • gradually straightening the product, it must be pulled on the shin;
  • if we are talking about pantyhose, then they are stretched to the hips already in the prone position (while approaching the waist area, you need to raise the pelvis).

When dressing medical knitwear, certain conditions must be fulfilled:

  • dressing compression underwear is best in the morning, when the legs are not tired and not swollen;
  • The nails on the legs should be short-cut and carefully processed;
  • undesirable presence of calluses and roughness on the skin of the feet - all this can easily damage delicate tissue.

Since dressing compression linen is not an easy task, special devices have been created to make life easier for patients, making the process elementary. It is practically impossible to cope with 3-4 grade jerseys without them.

A few tips on how to wear clothes

For the night compression hair is better to remove, so that your feet can rest a little and "breathe". However, if a person accidentally falls asleep in pantyhose or golf, no harm will come to him.

Wearing compression linen should not end in the summer. High temperatures provoke the development of varicose veins, so in the heat, the veins that are altered need support especially. You can change the class of laundry to a more "light" - prefer products of class 1 or preventive stockings.

It happens that the "varicose" vein is higher than the elastic of the product, which raises a natural question: is there any sense in using expensive clothes in this case. Sense, of course, is - because this vein will necessarily be an indirect positive effect due to the normalization of blood flow in the lower vessels. However, you should always try to choose tights or stockings of the correct size.

Care of knitwear

Compression knitwear - a thing that requires a careful attitude. Therefore, those who are shown wearing it, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of care for such stockings, golf and pantyhose:

  • To erase medical knitwear every day, because the smallest mote and dust particles are destructive to gentle fibers, they are quite capable of depriving the product of its medicinal properties;
  • Wash such items only by hand, at a water temperature of about 40 degrees;
  • in no case can not squeeze or twist compression underwear - you can only "blot" it with a towel;
  • Dry the compression linen in a straightened form on a horizontal surface, away from batteries and direct sunlight; Do not hang them vertically on a conventional dryer;
  • conventional rinsers and conditioners can seriously damage the structure of medical knitwear and deprive it of the medicinal properties, so when washing it is permissible to use baby soap or special products for delicate tissues;
  • it is best to have not just compression pantyhose, but a couple - then you do not have to spend a lot of time each day to wash and dry delicate items;
  • carefully should be treated and a silicone strip on stockings - from any contact with water, it loses its fixing properties, so it is better to clean it with an alcoholic napkin, and when washing carefully guard against getting wet.

It is worth noting that if the preventive underwear can be purchased independently, then choose a therapeutic can only a doctor. The initiative in this matter threatens not only physical inconvenience and a waste of money, but also serious health problems. But if you use compression underwear correctly, it will certainly make life easier for the patient and will be an effective addition to the treatment of varicose veins.

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