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Is it possible to eat cabbage with pancreatitis?

Is it possible to eat cabbage with pancreatitis?

What kind of cabbage can I have for pancreatitis ?

Patients with a diagnosis of "pancreatitis" are forced to deny themselves many dishes, because their well-being directly depends on adherence to a special diet. Doctors provide people who come across a disease for the first time with a whole list of prohibited foods, including cabbage.

This vegetable is traditionally almost daily included in the diet of our compatriots - both as an independent dish, and as part of soups, borscht, etc. So do those who suffer from pancreatitis have to permanently deprive themselves of not only tasty, but also very healthy cabbage? It should understand this in detail.

Such different cabbage

Breeders have about 30 types of cabbage - white, Beijing, sea, color, etc. And they differ not only in appearance - the chemical composition of these vegetables is completely different.

So, if cabbage, especially in its raw and fermented form, irritates the pancreas, causes bloating and aggravation of the disease, sea cabbage, on the contrary, due to its high nickel and cobalt content, has a positive effect on the functioning of the gland, and therefore it even desirable in the patient's diet.

Beijing cabbage also generally has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to use it raw, but not during the exacerbation of the disease.

Cauliflower - this type of vegetable is distinguished by soft fiber, thanks to which it is absorbed by the body quickly and easily, without irritating the mucous membrane. True, it is better to use it for patients with pancreatitis in boiled and stewed, and not in fried form.

The most "harmful" cabbage with pancreatitis

A forbidden product for patients with pancreatitis is cabbage. Moreover, the use of vegetables in raw and fermented form is not recommended to patients categorically, even during a period of stable remission. This absolute limitation is due to the fact that:

  • Vegetable has a high content of fiber, which is long and hard to digest, due to the insufficient activity of pancreatic enzymes, characteristic of pancreatitis, causes flatulence and bloating.
  • White cabbage juice contributes to increased acidity in the stomach.
  • White cabbage activates the secret of the pancreas, and this can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

All this applies to raw and sauerkraut cabbage. But the soup with the addition of this vegetable, as well as baked and stewed cabbage for patients from time to time is allowed to use (unless it is not about the period of aggravation). True, you should follow some rules:

  • It is preferable to eat just the young cabbage.
  • Eating it needs a little (no more than 100 grams per day), and it is better to introduce into the diet gradually.
  • Choosing for cooking is not too hard and the whole leaves (not spoiled).

Cooking cabbage with pancreatitis

So, as mentioned above, it is better to use cabbage with this diagnosis in stewed and boiled form.

  1. Before stewing the cabbage, it is necessary to remove the top leaves from it, cut into 4 pieces and finely chop. Do not use when cooking a lot of oil - extra overload unhealthy pancreas to anything. For the same reason, it is not recommended to abuse salt and seasonings. To reduce the aggressive action of cabbage, it is desirable to add carrots and zucchini to it while stewing.
  2. Another acceptable way to cook cabbage is steaming it. Melted butter or sour cream sauce will make this dish more tasty and healthy.

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