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What products stain teeth?

Of course, no one in the world would want to happen to the teeth, at least something bad. Therefore, you should always be aware of such a danger as ordinary foods and drinks that can harm the color of the tooth enamel.

The less in the diet of unwanted foods, the more beautiful the smile of a person will be, and the teeth will become stronger and healthier. So, the main products, the use of which should be minimized.


Sweets, which can not be remembered when the conversation goes on such a topic. This may be ordinary candy containing dyes. And, in principle, any hard delicacies of this kind. Few people think, but the usual caramel, a small candy in a wrapper, can cause irreparable harm to teeth.

And there are many such sweets. Almost every adult person understands why he often has to go to the dentist. But these are all problems of caries because of the love for sweets. In the modern world, children are usually enlightened about such questions. But then it turns out that favorite caramels can stain tooth enamel! That is why it can become yellow.

And if a person also smokes ... Yellowness will manifest itself twice! Needless to say, even if such a variety of ice cream, like fruit ice, can harm the shade of the tooth enamel, due to the content in it of a large number of dyes, which tend to remain on human teeth, penetrating into the pores of the enamel.


That delicacy, which not only eats away tooth enamel, due to its high sugar content, but also paints it. A chewing gum, which so managed to catch the fancy of all the inhabitants of the world, must also be selected with the mind.

You should stop your own choice on the version that will not contain either artificial colors or sugar. So it turns out to hedge against undesirable difficulties with a shade of tooth enamel. After all, it was not for nothing that the release of such chewing gums began long ago. But still sold options with sugar content. And it is better not to purchase such products, in principle.

The drinks

Of course, not only sweets harm everyone to have a Hollywood smile. There are lots of drinks that can stain teeth. Naturally, the very first coffee comes to mind. And so, this drink can do some harm. Usually the teeth of those smokers who adore coffee, do not look particularly healthy, to put it mildly.

But some experts are convinced that ordinary black tea can harm the teeth, much more! It turns out that this drink also tends to color the teeth of a person. Therefore, you should not drink cups after cups if you want a snow-white smile. But the most surprising thing is that both herbal and white tea can be dangerous for the color of the tooth enamel.

We must immediately recall the wine! Yes, yes, this drink is capable of incredibly staining the teeth, which is why the snow-white smile of wine lovers can suffer. Moreover, it is harmful for the shade of tooth enamel not only red wine, as it may seem at first, but also white. Absolutely nothing depends on the color of the drink itself. The composition of the wine is important. It is important to know about the molecules of wine that discolor teeth.

Adored by many, Coca-Cola and all sodas like it, terribly tinged the teeth, spoiling them. Of course, the blame for all the harmful additives available in such a drink. And also chromogens with acid to boot.

And finally, various fruit juices. These drinks are given not only to paint the tooth enamel, but also to paint the tongue. Immediately there are many questions about the dubious benefits of such a drink. In particular, dark juices will be terrible, like a grape drink.


In particular, you should select beets. About this vegetable in this regard, you can talk for hours. Beets are simply the most powerful coloring effect. Why so? It's all about chromogens, which in this vegetable, more than enough! Favorite many people vinaigrettes are unlikely to be able to do without beets.

If a person decides to try such a dish, or just eat a piece of beet, you should rather run to the bathroom and brush your teeth after this meal! It must be said that beet juice is even more harmful, since the level of concentration of those same chromogens is much higher in it! And what is the result? Unwanted age spots on teeth. So thorough cleaning is necessary every time after eating beets.


Sauces with a dark shade. Yes, loved by many people, soy and tomato sauces, can affect the color of the tooth enamel, not at all as we would like. Before touching the ketchup, it is also worth considering. All this is very, very harmful for those who want to save or gain a stellar smile. These refills can very badly affect the color of the tooth enamel.


Few people can think that the berries are capable of staining human teeth. But the pigmented molecules that are contained in these berries have the ability to destroy tooth enamel. This refers to the brightest berries in color.

So, if you wanted to feast on such natural gifts, it is better to turn your attention to white cranberries or very tasty white grapes. So your teeth will stay healthier, and a smile will amaze others with their own whiteness. And if you really want other berries, it is best to brush your teeth after eating them.


Many like the famous Indian spice curry. However, people do not think that this tasty seasoning causes considerable damage to the condition of their teeth. And that means harm and smile! Yes, this spice can stain a person's teeth.

The reddish or yellow tint of the wonderful seasoning, giving the dishes a savory taste, can leave an undesirable mark on the tooth enamel. Therefore, if a certain person cannot do without this spice, you should carefully brush your teeth after the seasoning has been eaten. At worst, you can at least rinse your mouth.


Surprisingly, turnips are also able to stain tooth enamel, despite the fact that it can make your teeth stronger.

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  • | Catherine | May 28, 2015

    But unfortunately it is true, all these products and paint and destroy the enamel of the teeth. But to give up all this is impossible, and you can try to protect your teeth from staining. After taking the coloring food, if possible, you should brush your teeth, or rinse your mouth with a special mouth balm. Just periodically visit the dentist and do the teeth whitening procedure. Drink drinks that stain teeth through a straw. Girls can paint their lips in bright lipstick color, and darkened teeth will look whiter against the background of bright lips. These are some simple tips for those who watch their smile.

  • | Julia | May 28, 2015

    I would never have thought that so many products can stain tooth enamel. A beautiful smile depends on the beauty of the teeth. Now be aware of what you need to do to keep your teeth white.

  • | Alina | May 29, 2015

    Usually, after dentistry, the dentist warns me that we do not eat coloring foods for a day: red wine, coffee, tea. But I somehow did not think that these products actively influence the color of teeth in everyday life.

  • | gula11 | May 29, 2015

    I couldn’t even imagine that some useful products could stain teeth and even harm them. Very useful recommendations, but not all of them can be complied with.

  • | Anitka | May 30, 2015

    I read and gasped, I eat all this every day — sweet, sauces, beets ... and my teeth are also problematic, I need to adjust my diet now for the sake of healthy teeth

  • | Vika | 3 June 2015

    And I did not understand, it's for a short time, my teeth will be painted? Then it all goes away? Well, that's okay then. And then there are so many useful things: beets, turnips, berries ...

  • | Vika | June 6, 2015

    Wow, even turnips make teeth darker. Now at least I will know. Although, we all know, but use without thinking. I want to advise something to lighten teeth. This is a delicious app of strawberries. Berry mnem and impose on the teeth. It would seem that the teeth should be painted, and they become lighter. Verified personally.

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