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Conjunctivitis eye drops

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the organs of vision is treated with the use of antibiotics, antihistamines, as well as local effects - drops and ointments. The specialist most often prescribes drops for instillation into the affected eye. The specific drug is selected depending on which microorganism has caused conjunctivitis.

The following drugs are often prescribed for the treatment of viral conjunctivitis:

. - Albucid . The main active ingredient of these droplets - sulfacetamide has a pronounced antibacterial effect, which is achieved by disrupting the synthesis of proteins of pathogenic microorganisms necessary to maintain their vital activity. For the treatment of adult patients, 30% Albucid solution is prescribed, for the treatment of children - a 20% solution. The drug is used only locally, getting it into the blood with little. During the period of treatment, all the recommendations prescribed by the doctor should be followed and not exceed the daily dose of drops (two drops not more than six times in 24 hours).

. - Tobreks . The main active ingredient of these eye drops for conjunctivitis is a strong antibiotic from the group of aminoglycosides, tobramycin, which has a destructive effect on protein synthesis in the ribosomes of pathogens. At the initial stage of the development of the disease is recommended to bury the drops in the eye at least once per hour. This dose decreases with the disappearance of its main manifestations. As side effects can be noted: a burning sensation in the eye immediately after instillation, increased tearing.

. - Oksolin . This drug belongs to the group of antiviral drugs, is prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic forms of conjunctivitis. Perhaps its use as a preventive measure. In the first case, the drug is buried in one drop in both eyes up to six times a day. When used as a prophylaxis of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the organs of sight, two can be reduced. Open drops should be stored in a dark place, their use is possible within a month from the moment of the first use, then it is necessary to get rid of the drug. The duration of treatment is not more than two weeks.

– противовирусное средство, выпускаемое в виде капель, мазей, порошка для раствора для местного применения, таблеток для приема внутрь. - Zovirax - antiviral agent, produced in the form of drops, ointments, powder for a solution for topical use, tablets for oral administration. The high concentration of the drug in the intraocular fluid in the first minutes after application is due to its rapid absorption in the main structures of the eye. The main active ingredient - acyclovir excreted by the kidneys. Contraindications to the use of Zovirax is renal failure, nervous disorders, pregnancy. Drug treatment should be continued until the main manifestations of conjunctivitis will not disappear, but not more than two weeks.

In the event that the bacterium (most often staphylococcus) has become the cause of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, the treatment is carried out using the following eye drops:

. - Tetracycline . Treats group of the antibiotics possessing a wide range of action. This drug is available in the form of capsules for self-preparation of the solution, which is buried in the affected eye by one drop no more than four times a day. In the case of local application, side effects are extremely rare, which is associated with the ingestion of a small dose of the drug in the blood. Tetracycline is contraindicated for pathological changes in the kidneys, in the case of a decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood (leukopenia). Children under eight years old should be prescribed the drug in extreme cases, and they should be treated under the close supervision of a physician.

. - Floksal . This antimicrobial drug from the group of fluoroquinolones is often used to treat many ophthalmologic diseases associated with the presence of infection, has high activity against gram-positive bacteria. The daily dose is no more than four drops. The treatment period usually lasts up to two weeks. In the absence of improvements, another drug should be selected. In severe cases of the disease, a combination of drops and Floxal ointment is possible. Contraindications to the use of an intolerance to the main component of the drug by the body of the patient.

– антибиотический препарат, применяемый в офтальмологии для лечения инфекционных заболеваний, оказывает разрушительное воздействие на бактерии, в том числе стафилококк, являющийся основным возбудителем коньюктивита, не всасывается в кровь и не оказывает отрицательного эффекта на организм человека. - Gentamicin - an antibiotic drug used in ophthalmology to treat infectious diseases, has a devastating effect on bacteria, including staphylococcus, which is the main cause of conjunctivitis, is not absorbed into the blood and does not have a negative effect on the human body. The daily dose is 8 drops, two drops four times a day. One course of treatment is 14 days. In the case of chronic conjunctivitis it is possible to re-use the drug after a certain period of time. Prolonged use of Gentamicin provokes a mutation of bacteria, as a result of which they become immune to this antibiotic.

– антибиотик, назначаемый при воспалении слизистой оболочки органов зрения. - Oftadek - an antibiotic prescribed for inflammation of the mucous membrane of the organs of vision. The daily dose should not exceed 15 drops (three drops five times a day). Before starting treatment, you should consult with a specialist, because the drug has some contraindications and side effects. Perhaps its use in the prevention.

Conjunctivitis eye drops for children as such does not exist. Treatment of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the organs of vision in a child should be carried out under the supervision of a physician. As the main therapy, the same drops of Albucid or Zovirax can be prescribed, but in smaller doses. Before instillation of the eye should be thoroughly cleaned of waste products of pathogenic bacteria or viruses using a 2% solution of boric acid. Treatment of conjunctivitis may take several weeks. It is important to note that individual drugs should not be used for more than 14 days in a row.

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