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Diet for rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis does not imply adherence to a strict diet, as required, for example, gastritis or gastric ulcer . However, proper balanced nutrition during the treatment of this serious disease can have a significant impact on the general well-being and condition of the patient. Adhere to a special diet should be patients who are at the stage of exacerbation of inflammation of the joints, as well as in the period of its remission.

Severe pain in the joints forces a person to lead a sedentary lifestyle, which contributes to a decrease in the kilocalories consumed by his body. Reduced motor activity and nutrition of fatty foods with a predominance of animal fats and flour products promotes weight gain, which is very unfavorable for the body. In order to avoid such unpleasant changes in weight, you should follow a special diet. It suggests a reduction in the number of calories consumed per day to 70 g. At the same time, they are best obtained from vegetable fats and dairy products. Foods rich in carbohydrates (muffins, chocolate, jam) are recommended to be consumed in small quantities.

Confectionery, white bread, fatty meats, meat soups, such by-products as kidneys, beef liver, and tongue contribute to rapid weight gain. Excess weight can significantly worsen the position of the patient, creating an additional burden on diseased joints, so even a slight increase in body weight can quickly affect his well-being.

Diet for rheumatoid arthritis in remission is different in that it allows the patient to eat a variety of foods, including average calories. His daily diet may include:

  • any porridge cooked in water or milk;
  • fish, vegetable, meat soups. For fish soup, it is best to use river fish, for meat soup - lean beef or chicken. In the event that the threat of overweight is absent, every week the patient should eat separately prepared fatty fish (salmon, salmon), because it contains vitamin D;
  • any bread;
  • boiled meat, fried with vegetable oil or steamed vegetables;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • fresh vegetables, fruits.

From the daily diet for rheumatoid arthritis, be sure to exclude sweet carbonated (for example, Coca-Cola) and alcoholic beverages of any strength. Drinking alcohol and smoking with this disease are key to the onset of disability in the near future.

Drinking down food is not recommended not only to a sick person, but also to all healthy people who wish to maintain their health for many years. Instead of coffee and sparkling water should drink freshly brewed tea, preferably green, containing antioxidants. Mineral water can be consumed in any quantity, as desired.

The list of undesirable products includes tomatoes, nuts, potatoes (no more than two times a week), zucchini, eggplants, and sweet peppers. When inflammation of the joints should not eat any sausage products. From dairy products can be consumed cottage cheese, cheeses, kefir, yogurt. In the event that there are problems with excess weight, you need to buy milk and its derivatives with the lowest percentage of fat.

Compliance with a diet with rheumatoid arthritis helps to improve the patient's well-being, at the same time it should be understood that proper nutrition alone is not enough to get rid of the manifestations of this incurable disease. An important component of treatment is the reception of medicines prescribed by the doctor.

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