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Diagnosis of lung cancer

A timely diagnosis of lung cancer can be a guarantee for successful treatment of the disease and prolonging the life of the patient. Modern medicine allows you to diagnose a tumor in its early stages.

It is not possible to independently determine the presence of a malignant tumor at the first stage of its development, since during this period the patient has no symptoms of its manifestation. Attention to their health is, as you know, the key to longevity. Pay attention to any changes in the state of health, including fatigue. For lung cancer is characterized by the appearance of chronic cough, gradually increasing. It is necessary to consult a specialist if a similar cough (first dry, then with sputum) lasts for several days, while symptoms of a cold or tonsillitis are completely absent.

To diagnose lung cancer using the following methods:

  • x-ray or fluorography chest. This procedure is prescribed to all patients who see a specialist if a lung tumor is suspected. Fluorography is a specific non-invasive, that is, conducted without interfering with the body, the method of examination of the chest organs. In the pictures taken after the procedure, the specialist can easily see the presence of a tumor or other lung pathology;
  • a patient's blood test, the presence of a tumor is accompanied by an increase in the number of leukocytes in its composition;
  • analysis of mucus or sputum, separated from the lungs at the time of coughing. Laboratory examination of the fluid can detect signs of tumor activity in it;
  • lung biopsy - the collection of a separate piece of the organ, followed by a thorough examination. Biopsy can be done in several ways: toraskopicheskaya, needle, using bronchoscopy. If necessary, a parallel intake of pulmonary fluid;
  • computed tomography of the chest is one of the modern ways to diagnose diseases of the respiratory system, carried out with the use of appropriate equipment;
  • Positron emission tomography of the lung is a thorough study of the processes taking place in the organ using a special scanner (it refers to the methods of modern nuclear medicine).

In the event that the diagnosis of the presence of a malignant tumor is confirmed, a thorough examination of all body systems is necessary. To determine the presence of lung cancer metastases, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and bone scanning are primarily used. Cancer cells spread throughout the body along with blood and most quickly reach the liver, local lymph nodes, brain, spine and bones. Their distribution extremely complicates the process of treating a disease and makes it practically ineffective.

Often, a special blood test , the so-called test for tumor markers, specific substances contained in human fluids with cancer, is used to confirm the diagnosis. The tumor marker for lung cancer is called cytokeratin (Fragments 21.1). It should be said that such studies are often used during the examination of patients, as well as in the treatment of a disease (to determine its effectiveness), but are still considered an experimental method of diagnosis. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis cannot be made only on the basis of the results of this test.

It should be remembered that early detection of pathology increases the chance of a complete cure for the disease. The survival rate of patients with the initial stage of lung cancer is 70% of all cases. Persons who are at risk of developing a tumor (experienced smokers working in hazardous occupations living in adverse environmental conditions) should undergo fluorography. every six months.

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