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Buserelin-Long: user manual

Form of issue

The drug is available as a lyophilizate, contained in an ampoule (capacity 10 ml), made of dark-colored glass. A solvent is applied to the ampoule, which prepares a suspension for intramuscular injection. In a carton box there is 1 ampoule and 1 solvent.


In 1 ampoule contains the main active substance - Buserelin (in the amount of 3, 75 mg, calculated on acetate Buselelin 3.93 mg) and auxiliary components:

  • polysorbate-80 - 2 mg;
  • d-mannitol 85 mg;
  • sodium carmene - 30 mg;
  • glycolic and dl-lactic acid - 200 mg.

The solvent is mannitol (0.8% solution).

pharmachologic effect

The drug has the following actions on the body:

  • antiestrogenic;
  • antiandrogenic;
  • antineoplastic;
  • antigonadotropic.

Buserelin-long is able to bind to receptors of cells located in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. And for two weeks is able to completely block his gonadotropic functions. Also, the drug undergoes inhibition of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones.

Due to the use of Buserelin-long it can be observed:

  • decrease in blood levels of estradiol up to post-menopausal indicators;
  • decrease in testosterone concentration in testicles;
  • suppression of sex hormones located in the ovaries.


  1. Infertility (when performing in vitro fertilization).
  2. The flow of hyperplastic processes in the tissues of the endometrium.
  3. Myoma of the uterus .
  4. Endometriosis (in the periods before and the field of surgical intervention).
  5. Breast cancer.
  6. Cancer (hormone-dependent) of the prostate.


  1. Periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  2. The presence of an individual intolerance to any of the components of the drug.

Possible side effects

Are common Among women In men
1. Thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries of unexplained etiology (rare)

2. Dyspeptic manifestations (rarely)

3. Demineralization of bone tissue with an increased risk of osteoporosis

4. Manifestations of urticaria

5. Redness of the skin

1. Reduced libido

2. Pain sensations in the abdominal cavity

3. Dryness of the vaginal mucosa

4. Tides

5. Hyperhidrosis

6. Headaches

7. Frequent and sudden changes in mood

8. Sleep disorder

9. Depressive state

10. Bloody discharge from the vagina

1. Obstruction of ureters (rarely)

2. Pressure on the spinal cord (rarely)

3. Decreased potency (this side effect sometimes requires the use of substitution therapy or the complete withdrawal of the drug)

4. Difficulty urinating

5. Weakness in the Muscular Tissue of the Lower Limbs

6. Puffiness (face, eyelids, legs)

7. Increased level of androgens in the blood

8. Gynecomastia

9. Blood rush to the tissues of the face


Information on cases of drug overdoses has not been reported.

Dosage and Administration

The drug is intended only for intramuscular injection. Preparation of the suspension for injection should be carried out immediately before the administration of the drug. To do this, the package contains a solvent.

Also it is worth recalling that the dilution of the drug with a solvent and the introduction of the drug should be handled by a person with experience in conducting similar procedures.

In the treatment of infertility (in the IVF complex)

The drug is administered in an amount of 3.75 mg before hyperstimulation on the 21-24th or on the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle. After the pituitary function becomes oppressed (this is indicated by a decrease in the level of estrogens in the blood serum, but hormones should not be less than 50%), patients are prescribed gonadotropic hormonal drugs.

This method of treatment should be carried out with the mandatory establishment of control over the level of estradiol and periodic monitoring of ultrasound. Therapy with this drug can not be applied to patients who have ovarian cysts.

In the treatment of uterine fibroids

A single dose of intramuscular injection should not exceed 3.75 mg. Buserelin-long applied in the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle, followed by a four-week break. The course of treatment before surgery is 3 months, in any other cases - six months.

In the treatment of endometriosis and hyperplastic changes in the tissues of the endometrium

The drug is administered at 3, 75 mg in the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle at monthly intervals. The therapeutic course should last from 4 to 6 months.

In the treatment of hormone-dependent prostate cancer

Buserelin-long is administered at 3.75 mg by intramuscular injection once a month. The course of treatment is determined at the discretion of the attending physician.

Table of special instructions

Are common Women Men
Doing work that requires increased concentration of attention, such as driving a car, is not recommended. 1. Functional capabilities of the ovaries, after the withdrawal of the drug, are restored after about 3 months

2. During reception Busezerina-long it is not necessary to admit hormonal contraceptives

3. Before using the drug, it is necessary to exclude the presence of pregnancy

4. If induction of ovulation is carried out, all the prescriptions of the doctor must be strictly observed

5. If a depressive condition is observed while taking the drug, the patient should be under the supervision of a doctor

To avoid the development of side effects, which may occur primarily in the first phase of the treatment of Buserelina-long, the use of antiandrogen drugs is recommended. They should be taken 15 days before the start of therapy by Busererlin-long and within the next 15 bitches after the start of therapy.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The drug is contraindicated.

Drug Interactions

A greater likelihood of developing a syndrome such as ovarian hyperstimulation arises from the simultaneous administration of Buserelin-long and drugs that contain sex hormones.

Buserelin-long has the ability to reduce the effect of hypoglycemic drugs.

Buserelin-Long analogs

  1. Solution of Buserelin acetate.
  2. Buserelin Depot.
  3. Buserelin FSintez.
  4. Buserelin.

Leave conditions

The drug is released only on presentation of the prescription form.

Conditions and shelf life

Buserelin-long should be stored in a dark place at a temperature of + 8 ° C to + 20 ° C.

Buserelin-Long price

Buserelin-long FS powder lyophilized for the preparation of an injection solution 3.75 mg - 3700-4300 rub.

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