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Broncho Munal instructions for use

The drug Broncho-munal is an immunostimulating, combined agent, intended for oral administration. Assign a drug to facilitate the course of respiratory disease, as well as for possible reduction of antibiotic therapy. The drug works as follows: a small dose of lysate (lysate is the destroyed cells of bacteria that most often cause respiratory diseases) is orally injected into the body, after which the development of antibodies begins. This effect of the remedy, helps the body to develop immunity and fight infection, in addition, the period of the disease is much easier without complications. The components of Broncho-munal increase the activity of phagocytes and histophagocytes, the production of oxygen increases, which adversely affects the microbes that provoked the infection. Receiving Broncho-munal significantly strengthens the protective functions of the body.


Broncho-munal is used as an integrated or prophylactic agent for infectious diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract. The drug is prescribed for the following diseases:

  • bronchitis ;
  • tonsillitis ;
  • laryngitis ;
  • pharyngitis , including acute form;
  • sinusitis;
  • Other infectious diseases that do not respond to antibiotic therapy;
  • preventive maintenance after the transferred diseases, in order to avoid relapses.

Method of taking the drug

Broncho-munal should be taken in the morning, 1 capsule before meals, with a small amount of water. The course of therapy is 10 days. In acute infectious diseases treatment is extended to 4 weeks.

For prophylaxis take 1 capsule in the morning, before eating. For preventive purposes, it is necessary to take a course for 10 days, for 3 months, with a break between courses of 20 days.

The drug is allowed to take children up to 12 years. If the child can not swallow the capsule alone, it is dissolved in water, juice or tea.

Side effects

In rare cases, Bronho-munal caused such side effects:

  • malaise or weakness;
  • a feeling of nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • stomach ache;
  • constipation or diarrhea

Allergic reactions are possible with hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug.


Broncho-munal has the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • children up to 6 months;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

Interaction with other drugs

This drug is allowed to combine with antibiotics or antimicrobial drugs.

It is undesirable to take with other immunostimulants, since the therapeutic effect of such drugs is reduced.

Broncho Munal P

Broncho-munal P is intended for children's use, is an analogue of an adult. The mechanism of action is manifested in the same way. The drug stimulates the body's defenses, strengthens the immune system, helps fight infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.

It should be used for various respiratory diseases, including during treatment of influenza, ARI or ARVI.

Mode of application

Broncho-munal P is taken orally 1 capsule in the morning, before eating. For preventive purposes, the drug should be taken according to this scheme: 3 courses for 10 days, with breaks of 20 days.

During the treatment of infectious diseases take 1 capsule per day, the course of therapy is not less than 10 days. After the end of treatment, it is recommended to prescribe a preventative course.


To date, there has been no information on cases of overdose.

Form of issue

Broncho-munal and Broncho-munal P is available in capsules of 10 pieces in a blister pack.


Store in a dry and dark place where there is no direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life 5 years from the date of manufacture.


Broncho-munal for adults: contains 7 mg of bacterial lysate:

  • haemophilus influenzae;
  • streptococcal;
  • streptococcus viridas;
  • Friedlander's wand;
  • gram-negative diplococcus.

Broncho-munal P (child) contains 3.5 mg of bacterial lysate:

  • haemophilus influenzae;
  • streptococcal;
  • streptococcus viridas;
  • Friedlander's wand;
  • gram-negative diplococcus.

special instructions

Children under the age of 12 should not take the drug intended for adults. It is connected, this is with the fact that Broncho-munal for adults contains a large dosage of substances, which can trigger the occurrence of side effects or an overdose.

Treatment with the drug is contraindicated when there is a possibility of various allergic reactions.

Reviews about the drug Broncho-munal

The drug Broncho-munal received many positive reviews. Patients noted its rather high efficiency and the ability to reduce the symptomatic manifestations of infectious diseases. But, as noted by patients, the highest efficiency is observed when the drug is taken at the very beginning of the disease. Also, the plus is that the drug is well tolerated by adults and children, without causing side effects and allergic reactions.

The prophylactic effect was especially positive, especially for children. Parents noted that after the course of children's Bronho-moon, the number of diseases decreased, the symptoms became much easier, the disease was transferred without complications, and the process of recovery was accelerated.

Plus, is that the drug is approved for use by children from 6 months. Even at such an early age, the medicine is well tolerated, does not cause allergies and side effects.

However, it is worth considering that the therapeutic effect of medicines also depends on the human body. For some patients, the drug may not be as effective as we would like, but for others it can completely replace therapy with antibiotics.

In general, the drug Broncho-munal received positive feedback, which allows us to draw conclusions about its positive therapeutic effect.

Bronchomunal price

Bronchomunal 7 mg, 10 capsules - 500-630 rubles.

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