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Bronchicum elixir instruction manual

Bronchicum is a remedy with expectorant action of plant origin. This drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, secretolitic, bronchodilator and antimicrobial effect, reduces the viscosity of sputum and helps accelerate its evacuation from the bronchi.

Dosage form and composition

Bronchicum is issued in the form of a transparent elixir of reddish-brown color with a slightly expressed smell of thyme in bottles of 100 g. The active ingredients are thyme herb extract and primrose root extract.

Additional components: sodium benzoate, purified water, sugar syrup (a mixture of sucrose, fructose, dextrose (glucose)).

Pharmacological effect

The process of normalization of sputum evacuation in the treatment of bronchopulmonary pathologies is considered one of the necessary conditions for effective treatment. According to experts' reviews, Bronchicum herbal preparation helps to restore the natural process of bronchial secretion evacuation by changing the rheological properties of sputum, which makes it possible to shorten the duration of treatment and avoid possible infectious complications.

Indications for use

Bronchicum as an elixir is indicated for use in the following cases:

  • Dry (unproductive) cough;
  • Wet (productive) cough;
  • Acute and chronic bronchitis in the phase of exacerbation;
  • In the complex therapy of infectious-inflammatory pathologies of the respiratory organs (bronchiectatic disease, pneumonia, bronchial asthma).
  • SARS, influenza, complicated by a seizure-like productive or unproductive cough.

Before starting treatment with Bronchicum, you should carefully study the official annotation for use, and consult with the treating specialist.

Self-medication is not allowed.

Reception scheme

Elixir Bronchicum is for oral use. The recommended dose for adults is 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) no more than 6 times / day.

Children aged 5 to 12 years - 1 teaspoon not more than 4 times a day.

For the youngest from 1 year to 4 years, the drug can be prescribed only by the treating specialist, the allowable dosage at this age is - 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) 3 times / day.

The drug should be taken at the same time intervals during the day, in the event that the dose is missed, the double dosage is unacceptable.

On average, the duration of treatment with Bronchicum is 10-14 days. The treating specialist can prescribe a different dosage, increase the duration of treatment, depending on the severity of the pathological process.

The herbal preparation Bronchicum can be used in conjunction with other medicines, it enhances the action of antimicrobial agents and antibiotics. It can be taken in between inhalations.

During the period of elixir treatment it is necessary to increase the intake of liquid to 2 liters per day.

Overdose information

During clinical observations of cases of overdose with this drug is not fixed.


The drug is contraindicated in the presence of the following conditions:

  • Hypersensitivity to active components;
  • Severe disorders in the functioning of the liver of the kidneys;
  • Congenital intolerance to fructose, the presence of glucose-fructose malabsorption,
  • Insufficiency of fermentovisomaltase and sucrose;
  • Presence of chronic heart failure in the stage of decompensation);
  • Age up to 1 year.

Application in children's practice

Homeopathic remedy is allowed for use in children from 1 year old.

Side effect

Bronchicum elixir, as a rule, well tolerated.

In rare cases, the following phenomena are possible:

From the digestive tract: dyspeptic disorders, gastritis , nausea;

Allergic reactions: urticaria , skin rash, swelling of the face and oral mucosa. In rare cases, the development of angioedema angioedema Quincke;

If there is an allergy to any of the components of the drug, the use of the drug should be discontinued, or consulted with your doctor.

In cases where you have found the above-described phenomena, you should immediately contact your doctor, he will choose supporting treatment or replace the drug.

Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Clinical studies on the use of Bronchicum during pregnancy and lactation were not conducted. The drug is only allowed to be taken on the advice of a doctor.

special instructions

Due to the fact that the composition Bronchicum has ethyl alcohol, the elixir is undesirable to use for the treatment of patients with alcohol dependence.

In cases where there is no improvement within 7-10 days after the onset of treatment, or signs of deterioration appear, for example, attacks of suffocation, separation of purulent sputum, elevation of temperature to subfebrile values, you should immediately contact your doctor.

With special care and only after consulting a specialist, Bronchicum is allowed to take patients with a history of epileptic seizures, brain injuries, as well as kidney and liver diseases.

This tool can be used by drivers of vehicles and people whose work requires increased attention.

If stored for a long time, a sediment may form in the vial with the elixir, in which case it should be shaken well.

Drug Interactions

In no case can you combine an elixir with antitussive drugs and drugs that reduce the formation of sputum, this leads to an even more blockage of the bronchi and the development of serious complications.

Analogues of the drug Bronchicum

Structural analogues of the drug are:

  • Dr. Theiss;
  • Bronchicum cough lozenges;
  • Bronchicum C;
  • Bronzecept;
  • Tussamag.

It is highly recommended not to replace Elixir Bronchicum independently by others, similar to the mechanism of action, it is necessary for the appointment of a treating specialist.

Storage Rules

Shelf life is 3 years, store the drug in a dry, cool place, at temperatures up to 30 ° C, away from children.

After opening, the elixir can be taken within half a year with observance of all storage rules.

Do not take it beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

Leave conditions

Elixir Bronchicum can be bought in a retail pharmacy network without a special prescription.

Bronchicum elixir price

Bronchicum TP elixir 130g - 350-400 rub.

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