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Bromocamphor instructions for use

Bromkamforma is a combined synthetic drug that is taken for insomnia, anxiety, neurasthenia of various etiologies.

Latin name: Bromcamphora

Active ingredient: Camphor bromide - Camphor bromide

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Sedative (sedative) and sleeping pill.

Manufacturers of the drug: Irbit HFZ (Russia), Manfarm (Ukraine), Lekhim (Ukraine).


In one tablet Bromkamfory contains 250 mg of active substance and auxiliary components, such as microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid and potato starch.

Release form

White-gray flat tablets with a dividing strip and beveled edges, has a characteristic smell of camphor oil.

Tablets of 30 pieces are available in polymer cans. In one carton one can. Also known forms of release tablets in blisters of 10 and 100 pieces in a carton. Forms of release depend entirely on the manufacturer.

Therapeutic effect of the drug

The active substance affects the process of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, especially during the period of excitability. Bromocamphor has a pronounced soothing, helps relieve even the strongest stress. The drug has a positive effect on the central nervous system, improves cardiac activity. Bromcamphor is prescribed for sleep - improving sleep and going into a deep phase. There comes a natural and healthy sleep.

Bromocamphor is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine. The concentration of the active substance is directly dependent on the content of chlorides in the body. The less chlorides, the more bromides accumulate. Functionally, they replace the chlorides with them. Bromocamphor is eliminated through the kidneys, the process is rather slow and can take up to 2 months. In the event of a malfunction of the kidneys, the withdrawal of a substance may slow down for a longer period of time.

Sometimes Bromkamfort can be prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment for mastopathy. The drug is able to restore the connection of the pituitary gland with the hypothalamus, as well as the sex glands. Thanks to this property, hormones are getting better, the treatment of mastopathy is successful.

Bromkamfory's indications:

  • tachycardia (heart palpitations);
  • blood pressure lability;
  • asthenia, which is characterized by weakness, fatigue, memory impairment, disorders of sexual function;
  • heartache;
  • irritability, nervousness;
  • to reduce lactation - the active substance acts on the cerebral cortex, thereby reducing the production of hormones and is slowly being lactated.

Contraindications Bromkamfory

The drug is prohibited to take children under 7 years. Do not recommend taking Bromcamphor for people suffering from severe kidney and liver diseases. Bromocamphor is contraindicated in persons who are hypersensitive to bromides or excipients of the drug. With care and under the supervision of a physician prescribed to patients prone to allergies (due to poor liver function).

Instructions for use

Internal use of tablets, recommended after meals. It is necessary to wash down only with water in large quantities. Doses and Bromkamfory treatment is prescribed by a doctor.

  • Adults are prescribed 2-6 tablets divided into 3 doses per day. 6 tablets - the maximum daily dose;
  • Children between the ages of 10 and 14 years are prescribed an opening of 2-3 tablets at equal intervals. 3 tablets - the maximum daily dose;
  • Children from 7 to 10 years old appoint 2 tablets per day in 2 doses. 2 tablets - the maximum daily dose;

The standard course of treatment can take from 10 days to 2 weeks. If for some reason Bromkamfory was missed, then it is allowed to drink the drug at the earliest opportunity. The next reception is made after a fixed period of time from the last dose.


During the course of treatment with Bromkamforoy, patients should not drive motor vehicles and engage in work that requires increased concentration. It is not recommended to engage in any activity that requires increased concentration and reaction rate.

Bromocamphor during pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant and lactating Bromcamphor is appointed solely on the recommendation of a specialist. The drug is prescribed based on the ratio of benefits to the mother and the risk to the fetus.

Side effects:

  • on the part of the nervous system, lethargy, drowsiness, apathetic state may be observed;
  • on the part of the digestive tract, dyspepsia (painful and obstructed digestion) may occur, turning into nausea and vomiting;
  • manifestations of allergies - itchy skin, rash, urticaria ;

Drug overdose


  • on the part of the digestive system, pain in the stomach, nausea, and sometimes vomiting;
  • on the part of the urinary system: no accumulation of urine in the bladder (anuria);
  • mental disorder with disturbed consciousness - delirium. Observed darkened consciousness and disorientation;
  • disorders of the vestibular apparatus, namely, tinnitus;
  • on the part of the central nervous system: epileptic seizures, depression of the nervous system, muscle twitching, convulsions , coma (in rare cases);
  • respiratory failure, characteristic smell of camphor from the mouth.

For any manifestation of side effects, Bromkamphor is canceled. Placed salt means, activated carbon, various sorbents and gastric lavage (preferably in the first hour after overdose) are prescribed. In the event of convulsions, barbiturates (thiopental sodium), diazepam intramuscularly or hemodialysis are used.

Storage conditions Bromkamfory

The drug is recommended to be stored at normal room temperature not exceeding +25 degrees. The storage place should be dark and dry, always away from children. Bromkamfory shelf life - 2 years. But for some manufacturers, the shelf life of the drug may vary.

Analogs Bromkamfory

Bromocamphor racemic, Bromkamfor-lh

Bromo camphor price

The average price of Bromkamfory tab number 30: 180 rubles.

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