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Ear hurts, what to do?


Ear pain is a fairly common sign of a cold, and can also occur in perfectly healthy people.

Causes of earache

The pain in the ear can have a different nature: sharp pain, discomfort, pressure. It is important to understand that painful sensations are not always accompanied by somatic pathology. For example, after a walk in windy weather, you can experience discomfort in the depth of the auricle, comparable to pain. This is a completely normal phenomenon and does not require any treatment: after a while discomfort occurs naturally. Familiar pain and lovers of water swimming. When water often enters the ear canal, it causes skin softening and, therefore, slight swelling. In this case, the person may experience a feeling of squeezing, dull pain. And, finally, one of the most common causes of discomfort in the ears is excessive or, on the contrary, insufficient production of sulfur. In the case when there is too much sulfur, it forms a so-called sulfuric plug, which causes hearing loss - hearing loss - and causes discomfort. If the body does not produce enough sulfur, the skin in the ear canal will be dry, which will also cause pain.

Ear hurts what to do Among the most common causes of pain syndrome can be identified:

  • Otitis;
  • Injury;
  • Sinusitis ;
  • Giving pain in ears due to caries;
  • Neuralgia of various etiologies;
  • Inflammation of the jaw joints;
  • Eczema of the ear canal;
  • Penetration into the ears of small insects;
  • Angina

Obviously, the list of causes includes quite diverse diseases, so for correct diagnosis it is important not to dwell solely on the pain syndrome, but to look at the whole symptomatic picture as a whole.

Symptoms associated with earache

When a patient comes to a doctor with these or other complaints, it is very important to conduct a correct differential analysis in order to accurately determine the disease that is manifested by ear pain. It is extremely important to cover the whole clinical picture as a whole.

  • . Inflammatory processes in the auditory canal . Usually accompanied by general intoxication of the body, because of which the patient feels weak, sleepy, decreased performance. The temperature may rise. With external and average otitis, the pain increases, if you put a hand on the ear or pull it. With otitis media (inflammation of the ear canal behind the eardrum), the pain becomes intense during the process of chewing. With the development of otitis media without proper treatment, there may be a decrease in hearing.
    Internal otitis, or as it is otherwise called, the labyrinth, besides pain, gives a number of seemingly neurological symptoms: a feeling of instability when walking, dizziness with nausea and vomiting, nystagmus of the eyeballs.
  • . Ear injuries . An external examination can reveal bruises and bruises. A very serious symptom is the blood released from the ear canal, mixed with a clear liquid - this may indicate a fracture of the skull bone. In case of burns or frostbite, the skin of the auricle has a corresponding appearance, which greatly facilitates the diagnostic process.
    The rupture of the eardrum is usually accompanied by fainting, tinnitus. Severe pain is reduced with increasing hearing loss.
  • . Foreign objects in the ear canal . Most often, such a cause of pain is found in children who can shove a small object in their ear. Sometimes insects enter the ear canal. The difficulty of extraction lies in the fact that the entry of a foreign object is always accompanied by edema, so the object or insect remains “walled up”, out of reach. At the same time, unbearable itching is noted, which induces yourself to reach a disturbing object with a cotton swab or a needle. It is absolutely impossible to do this; it is necessary to seek medical help.
  • . Pain as a result of jaw disease . If the earache is intermittent in nature and is noted in other parts, for example, in the teeth when pressing the jaws or other bones of the face when pressed, then it can be suspected that the pain from the problem area "gives" to the ears.
    This situation often occurs with angina, when swallowing is accompanied by mild pain in the ears, removal of the tonsils, wisdom teeth, or cutting off the hood of the gum from distant teeth. Often the pain in the ear is a consequence of caries or suppuration in the gums.

Methods for diagnosing ear pain

In most cases, it is enough for the doctor to conduct an external examination using a special device that allows to extend the ear canal and examine the condition of the eardrum and ear tissues in order to understand what is causing the pain. Characteristic features are:

  • Ear discharge;
  • Increased pain when changing position or when touched;
  • The fact that pain occurs when swallowing;
  • Redness of the ear, swelling of the skin behind the ears;
  • Accompanying symptoms in the form of nausea, dizziness, headache, tinnitus.

If there is a discharge from the ear, the doctor sends them to the laboratory to find out what is causing the disease: a bacterium, a viral infection or a fungus.

Other clinical tests are prescribed only if the symptoms are accompanied by signs of intoxication: weakness, nausea, fever. A complete blood count is performed to determine the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which is a marker of the inflammatory process in the body.

If the cause of the pain is an inflammatory process of the upper respiratory tract, located deeply and not amenable to external examination, it is recommended that x-rays or tomography of the head.

Treatment of earache

Whatever the cause of pain in the ears, it is important to take pain medicine right away, which will reduce the intensity of the sensations. After that, you must immediately consult a doctor: a general practitioner or otolaryngologist.

When detected during the laboratory diagnosis of inflammatory processes, antibiotics or antifungal agents are prescribed. If the medicine is chosen correctly, it will be much easier for the patient approximately on the third day - the pain in the ear will pass and the general condition will return to normal. If after the specified period of time the pain does not become less pronounced or, on the contrary, it intensifies, then correction of the prescriptions is required.

A good effect is warming the ears with compresses, which can be done at home. A small amount of alcohol is heated to a comfortable temperature: so that dripping it on your wrist does not get burned. A piece of cotton is soaked with alcohol, applied to the ear, fixed with polyethylene and a gauze bandage. The number of procedures and time of exposure of the compress is determined by the doctor. It is strictly forbidden to carry out such manipulations before an accurate diagnosis is made that speaks of the inflammatory process in the ear. If the pain is knitted with suppuration, then when warming up there is a high probability that sepsis will develop - an extremely dangerous emergency for the patient’s life. In addition, you can not do warming compresses at elevated body temperature.

If pus is secreted from the ears, it is necessary to wash the ear canal with an antiseptic, for example, “Miramistin”. In most cases, only a qualified doctor can handle this task. In the absence of proper skills, a person risks damaging the eardrum or causing deterioration.

The washing process is completed by laying an antiseptic ointment into the outer ear canal. This happens as follows: a small cotton swab is impregnated with the composition and gently injected shallowly into the ear canal. After a certain amount of time, the tampon is removed with tweezers.

Sometimes surgical treatment is required. For example, if inflammation occurs behind the eardrum, the doctor gently pierces it with a needle to give pus a chance to go out. This procedure is always anesthetized with local preparations, therefore it does not cause unpleasant sensations to the patient. In no case can not carry out such a procedure yourself - it is fraught with complete hearing loss.

If the cause of the pain is inflammation of the mastoid process, then it is necessary to remove the pus from it surgically. For this, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is used.

Special tools are used to remove a foreign body (only on an outpatient basis). When an insect has fallen into your ear, you can pipette a few drops of vegetable oil yourself. In this case, the insect can crawl out by itself. If this does not happen, you should consult a doctor so that he gets it with the help of tools.

Practically in any inflammatory processes in the ears, various drops are prescribed by the doctor. It is not recommended to purchase them in a pharmacy on your own without the appointment of a specialist. Many drugs are contraindicated, for example, in perforation of the eardrum, which only the ENT can diagnose during the examination.

Ear pain prevention

In order to avoid such an unpleasant symptom, like pain in the ears, it is important to remember a few rules of prevention:

  1. Avoid drafts and prolonged exposure to cold. One of the surest ways to protect yourself from the inflammatory process in the ears is wearing a hat in cold weather. It is important that the cap model tightly covers both ears. If the ear canal inflammation is already in history, then it is important to avoid any catarrhal diseases: even a seemingly innocent rhinitis can be a powerful catalyst for the development of otitis.
  2. Eliminate foci of chronic infection. Timely treatment of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis and sinusitis helps to avoid their transition to the chronic form. If the chronization of the process has already occurred, it is important to undergo regular inspections, to carry out the necessary treatment, including surgery.
    It is equally important to visit the dentist twice a year to treat caries .
  3. Get rid of provoking factors. After suffering the disease is to protect yourself from diving into the water, as well as from trips to countries with very different climates, especially if we are talking about the flight from cold to heat. Swimming in any reservoir, you need to use special headphones, and make sure that the water was clean. After leaving their water, ears should be carefully wiped with a towel.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to clean the ears with objects not intended for this, including long nails. Most doctors agree that even cleaning the ears with cotton buds is a useless and potentially dangerous procedure for the vast majority of people.

Features ear pain during pregnancy

Treatment and prevention of ENT diseases in pregnant women is not much different from the standard prescription regimen. It is only important to remember about the thoroughness of the selection of drugs, since antibiotics should be prescribed only when absolutely necessary.

If the inflammatory process is pronounced and manifested intoxication, hospitalization in the inpatient unit and bed rest are necessary.

In the case when the disease is chronic and was present before the onset of pregnancy, it is important to remember this in the process of family planning.

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