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Pain in the anus: causes


Pain in the anus in men and women indicates damage or irritation of the anal sphincter or rectum. In more rare cases, such discomfort is a consequence of the inflammatory process in the sacral spine. Pain can be an independent symptom or be combined with other signs of the disease. In any case, when an unpleasant sensation occurs in the anus, you should immediately contact an experienced doctor.

Causes of pain in the anus

Pain in the anus Pain syndrome in the anus in women and men is the result of the influence of various factors. The main causes of this symptom are the following:

  1. Crack in the anus. In this case, the pain increases during bowel movements. Fissure can occur due to increased loads on the rectum as a result of constipation or diarrhea.
  2. Crotch contusion. This can occur when falling or other traumatic injuries.
  3. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids. The use of spicy foods, high physical exertion, an excess of alcohol leads to this state. Sometimes this condition occurs during pregnancy and disorders of the digestive system.
  4. Long sitting on rigid or, on the contrary, too soft furniture. This factor also often causes severe pain in the anus.
  5. Malignant tumors in the anus. This condition is accompanied by fairly obvious symptoms, the main of which is scarlet blood in the stools.
  6. Muscle rectum spasms. This condition is usually observed at night and is most often diagnosed during adolescence.
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases and abscesses. These are quite dangerous disorders, which are often accompanied by pain in the anus.
  8. Prolapse of the rectum. As a rule, this problem occurs in old age, and quite often it is detected in women who have given birth.
  9. Subcutaneous paraproctitis. This disease is a suppuration in the subcutaneous layer of the anus walls. It is characterized by acute development - fever, chills, intoxication of the body.
  10. Submucosal abscess intestine. This is a rather rare pathology, which consists in the formation of an abscess on the very edge of the anus. This disease is characterized by a slight fever and weakness.
  11. Alien items. For example, it may be fish bone, which broke through the entire digestive tract and injured the rectal mucosa. In the future, inflammation may develop in this place, which is accompanied by accumulation of pus.
  12. Traumatic injuries. The extent and location of pain is affected by the nature of the injury. When bruised, dull pain occurs, which disappear on its own after a few days. At a rupture of a mucous membrane the strong cutting or pricking pain can be observed. Fractures of the bones of the pelvis or the coccyx are accompanied by severe pain extending into the anus.

Symptoms that may accompany rectal pain

Pain in the anus can have a different character - sharp, cutting, burning. Sometimes the discomfort increases during bowel movements or after bowel movements. Some patients even have a fear of this process, which leads to the development of constipation. In addition, pain in the anus is often accompanied by such manifestations:

  • violation of the chair;
  • itching;
  • bleeding;
  • abnormal discharge;
  • feeling of a foreign object in the rectum.

Depending on the presence of additional symptoms, the doctor may make a diagnosis. When hemorrhoids pain is accompanied by itching, burning, bleeding. When anal fissures pain occurs suddenly during a bowel movement and have a sufficiently high intensity.

Thrombosis of hemorrhoids, fistula of the rectum or acute paraproctitis causes constant pain in the area of ​​the anus. With colitis and proctitis, there is a pressing discomfort, which is directly related to the process of defecation. If a person has a dull, burning pain, you can diagnose rectal fistula and papillomatosis.

At the same time, there are symptoms that require urgent treatment to the doctor:

  • dark red or brown bloody discharge;
  • black or tarry stools;
  • age over 50 years;
  • cases of intestinal cancer in the immediate family;
  • high intensity pains;
  • pain for more than a week.

Diagnostic methods for pain in the anus

If you experience pain, you should immediately consult a doctor. A qualified proctologist will prescribe the necessary studies that will allow him to establish the cause of the discomfort. The following methods are commonly used to diagnose rectal pathologies:

  1. Inspection of the anus;
  2. Palpation of the rectum;
  3. Rectoromanoscopy;
  4. Histological analysis of material taken on biopsy.

Procedures such as anoscopy and proctosigmoidoscopy may also be used. Using these techniques, specialists can determine the causes that provoke pain. During the procedures, a thin tube is inserted into the anus and lower intestines, which is used for inspection. In addition, thanks to these techniques, you can take tissue samples for additional research.

After the causes of pain are established, the doctor will be able to prescribe an effective treatment that will not only eliminate discomfort, but also help to cope with the provoking factor.

Pain in the anus: treatment

To make therapy as effective as possible, it is very important to establish the causes of pain in the anus. Depending on this, the doctor prescribes medications for local and internal use. In some cases, surgery may even be necessary.

To relieve pain in muscle spasms, you can use warm sedentary baths. To cope with the discomfort of sensations will help local anesthetics, which are used in the form of rectal fresh. If these drugs do not give the desired result, they can be supplemented with analgesics in the form of tablets.

If the pain in the anus is associated with impaired bowel movements caused by tight feces, it is very important to increase fluid intake. In some cases, this is enough to soften feces and eliminate pain.

If discomfort occurs due to stagnation, you can perform special physical exercises and go swimming. These activities will help improve blood circulation in the rectum and eliminate pain. In this case, in no case can not lift heavy objects.

With the development of anal fissures, laxatives and stool softeners are usually used. To speed up the healing process and eliminate pain, it is recommended to take warm sedentary baths. Equally important is the use of a sufficient amount of fluid. In difficult cases, surgery is performed, during which the crack is sutured.

Treatment of rectal abscess requires the use of antibacterial drugs. The choice of a particular remedy depends on the type of infection that provoked the disease. Apply a special needle to pumping out of liquid. If this method is ineffective, carry out surgical drainage.

With the development of hemorrhoids is shown several times a day to take sedentary baths. To reduce the tumor used ice packs. Also, to reduce pain and eliminate hemorrhoidal cones using special creams.

In some cases, to cope with the problem without surgical intervention is impossible. Ligation can be used to combat hemorrhoids. During the procedure, hemorrhoids are overtightened with a rubber band or suture. A week later, the cones wither and fall off independently.

Sclerotherapy can also be performed in which chemicals are injected into the affected tissues that significantly reduce the blood supply in the area. With the ineffectiveness of these methods, surgical removal of hemorrhoids is performed.

With the development of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, it is necessary to minimize the symptoms of the inflammatory process. Therapy usually involves the use of steroid drugs. In case of intestinal damage, an operation is carried out, which allows to reduce the manifestations of the disease and cope with serious damage.

If the pain is associated with the development of genital warts, special creams can help. If they do not give the desired results, surgical removal is performed. With the development of genital herpes, the doctor may prescribe zovirax for local treatment. Oral medications such as valtrex and acyclovir will also help reduce outbreaks.

Sometimes pain in the anus is the result of emotional overstrain. In this case, a walk in fresh air will be enough to relieve discomfort. Sometimes it may be necessary to use sedatives.

Prevention of diseases that are manifested by pain in the anus

To avoid problems in the anus, it is necessary to engage in the prevention of diseases that can provoke them. The main role in this is played by proper nutrition. Disturbances in the diet often provoke rectal diseases. To prevent their development, it is necessary:

  • drink enough water;
  • refuse flour products;
  • eat food with fiber content;
  • eliminate alcohol;
  • eat dairy products;
  • refuse to eat too hot dishes.

Equally important is the correct defecation. It should be regular, and preferably at the same time. To prevent health problems, you should use toilet paper or wet wipes, as well as avoid excessive straining.

It should be borne in mind that a sedentary lifestyle also often causes diseases of the anus. For the prevention of such violations need to increase physical activity. To do this, you need to do exercises every day, walk more, go to the gym.

It is very important to monitor your health. The presence of chronic diseases can lead to new problems in the body. Diseases of the digestive system, thyroid, diabetes contribute to the development of disorders that provoke pain in the anus. Therefore, you need to regularly visit the doctor and in time to treat all chronic diseases.

Features of pain in the anus during pregnancy

Pain in the anus can also occur in pregnant women, because during this period their immune system is weakened. Sometimes discomfort is provoked by the pregnancy itself. The increase in the uterus in size leads to the fact that this organ squeezes the rectum.

In addition, the appearance of such problems are often caused by such factors:

  1. Constipation.
  2. Hemorrhoids .
  3. Anal fissures.

To control the exacerbation of pain, doctors recommend pregnant women:

  • refuse to eat spicy foods that can trigger blood flow to the anus and cause bleeding;
  • eat food with fiber content - this will prevent the development of constipation;
  • regularly change the position of the body, if you have to stand or sit for a long time;
  • give up hot tubs;
  • sleep on your side, not on your back.

Of course, any discomfort during pregnancy must necessarily be a reason for going to a doctor who can determine the cause of this condition and prescribe an effective treatment.

Pain in the anus - a fairly common problem that may indicate the development of serious diseases. The appearance of this symptom should be a signal for an appeal to an experienced proctologist. Only timely diagnosis will help you cope with discomfort without surgery.

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