The Pain in the groin in women on the right, on the left: the reasons. Why does it hurt in the right, left groin
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Pain in the groin in women on the right, on the left: causes


The inguinal region is the site of the articulation of the hips and peritoneum. Here are placed the fastenings of many muscles, flexing and extending the body, and also helping to pull the hips to it. There are large femoral arteries here, the intestinal loops may drop, and women may have a round ligament of the uterus. For this reason, the pain in the groin on the right or left can be of a very different nature.

Possible causes of pain in the groin in women

Pain in the groin in the gums Among the most common causes of this symptom are the following:

  • Inflammation of the appendages;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • Rupture or torsion of the cyst;
  • appendicitis;
  • hernia;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • Pathology of the intestine.

The most common pain in the groin in women is observed in inflammatory diseases of the female sexual sphere - oophoritis, salpingitis, adnexitis. Thus there is a general malaise, the temperature rises, and the stomach is painful on palpation.

An equally frequent disease is appendicitis, which is manifested by acute throbbing pains on the right side of the groin. It is characterized by the initial appearance of pain in the epigastric region with a gradual "lowering" down. They appear more strongly during walking, as well as when trying to lie on your left side. Appendicitis can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and stool disorder.

Cystic formations often formed on the internal female genitalia also disturb the patient with pain in the groin. Usually they have a pulling character, but when the legs break or twist the cysts become extremely sharp. In this case, the general condition of a woman worsens - vomiting, a drop in pressure, an increase in temperature.

No less acute is pain in the groin with ectopic pregnancy. Its feature consists of a cramped character and a clearly pronounced tendency to build up.

Intensive pain sensations in the inguinal area are observed with ruptures of the aneurysms of the femoral arteries, which leads to hemorrhages in surrounding tissues.

Various diseases of the intestine can also manifest themselves painful sensations in the groin area. Various, including malignant, neoplasms, intestinal obstruction, diverticulitis, is an incomplete list of problems accompanied by this symptom. As a rule, they are accompanied by bloating, diarrhea or constipation, i.e. Those manifestations that are considered to be intestinal.

The cause of pain on the right or left side of the groin may be a stone that has descended into the ureter. Pain sensations caused by this cause are acute and sudden and can last from several minutes to several days. The main place of their localization is the lower back, and the place of their traditional irradiation is the groin. When diagnosing in this case, you should pay attention to frequent urge to urinate, the presence of blood in the urine.

Inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes can also be accompanied by pain in the groin. In this case, they are localized near the inflamed node and are accompanied by its compaction and an increase in size.

Much less often the pain in the groin in women is caused by inguinal hernia. This is because the woman's inguinal space is much narrower than that of a man, and the local muscle tissue is stronger. Nevertheless, the phenomena of infringement of a hernia nevertheless happen and require an urgent operation.

Pain in the groin of a pregnant woman

Very often pregnant women complain of pain in various parts of the body - back, lower abdomen and groin. Their appearance in the groin area is explained by the following reasons:

  • Relaxation of cartilage and ligaments under the action of hormones produced during pregnancy;
  • The pressure of the growing fetus on the pelvic region and the discrepancy of the pinnate joint;
  • Stretching the ligaments by which the uterus attaches to the walls of the small pelvis;
  • Increased muscular tone;
  • Lack of calcium in the body.

Aching in the groin of expectant mothers can be eliminated by wearing a pelvic bandage, using acupuncture, anaerobic exercises and homeopathic remedies. To prevent calcium deficiency, pregnant women need to monitor their diet.

Premenstrual pain

In addition to the various and almost always serious diseases that cause pain in the groin, this symptom can also be caused by impending menstruation. They occur during premenstrual syndrome more often in young and nulliparous women. This phenomenon is called algomenorrhea and has the character of aching cramping pain that occurs a couple of days before the menstrual period and lasts the same amount of time after their onset. The cause is hormone deficiency.

Usually, these kinds of problems pass on their own after the birth and do not require any treatment. In those cases when the pains are intense and to a large extent disturb the general state of health, you need to consult a gynecologist.

Muscle pain

Pain in the muscles of the inguinal region occurs mainly in athletes, after intense training and competition. The greatest burden is experienced by these muscle groups from volleyball players, basketball players or tennis players. The nature of the pain that occurs for this reason in the groin - pulling or aching. If the muscles are stretched or injured, they become sharp. Treatment in this case produces a sports doctor or traumatologist.

Joint pains

If the pain in the groin appreciably increases during walking, most likely they are caused by a chronic hip joint disease - coxarthrosis. Their features are:

  • Manifestation on the one hand;
  • When walking, their initial strengthening is observed, then the patient "paces" and the pain decreases, but with prolonged walking again resumes;
  • Remission of pain at rest.

To treat coxarthrosis for advice, you should contact an orthopedic doctor or traumatologist.

Aching in the lower back, giving in the groin, are also observed with lumbar osteochondrosis. The treatment of pathologies of this kind is done by neurologists. A patient may receive a course of anti-inflammatory treatment, a referral to a massage or a manual therapist.

These are the main causes of the appearance of pain in the groin in women. As you can see, most of them are extremely serious and require immediate medical treatment.

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