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Pain in the groin in men right, left: causes


Under the groin understand the lower part of the abdominal cavity adjacent to the thighs. In men, there are large blood vessels and a spermatic cord in the inguinal canal, and intestinal loops can also be lowered here. This area also contains the attachment of muscles that help to bend the body and tighten the hips to it. Therefore, pains on the right and left in the groin can have a very different origin.


Pain in the groin in men is most often caused by hernia. It develops due to the fact that due to the weakening of the supporting tissues of the abdominal cavity the intestinal loops slip through the hernial orifice into the groin.

A clear sign of a hernia is the formation of a characteristic protrusion in the groin area, accompanied by pain. There are also hidden hernias without bulging sites, they are detected using special techniques.

If the hernial orifice is small and the protrusion is large, it may be pinched. At the same time, the blood supply to the strangulated area is disrupted and the patient requires urgent surgery. This is the greatest danger of this disease.
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Inflammation of the lymph nodes

A large number of lymph nodes are located in the groin area. If they enter the body they can become inflamed and also cause pain. Inflammation of the groin lymph nodes can be caused by the following reasons:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • fungal infections of the feet;
  • the first stage of syphilis;
  • oncologic diseases of the pelvic organs.

The inflammatory origin of the disease of the lymph nodes is confirmed already by external examination and palpation. In this case, they are painful when feeling, not soldered to each other and the surrounding tissues. If an increase in lymph nodes accompanies cancer, the picture will be different - the nodes in this case are painless and have a denser structure.

An increase in temperature and reddening of the skin at the site of the lymph node indicates its suppuration and the need for surgical intervention.

Urolithiasis disease

In the presence of urolithiasis, pain in the groin can be caused by a low stone. In this case, the pain may occur completely suddenly and last for several days. They are localized mostly in the lumbar region and have a pronounced irradiation to the groin. In addition, they can be given to the bladder, as well as to the external genital organs. In this case, the patient is worried about the frequent urge to urinate, there is blood in the urine.

Diseases of the male genital organs

Pain in the testicles, supplemented by aching pain in the groin may be a sign of such a common disease as prostatitis. At different periods of his life, he is diagnosed in 60% of men. At the same time, pain during urination and erectile dysfunction are also noted.

Inflammation of the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis) and acute inflammation of the testicles (orchitis) are also accompanied by intense pain in the groin. They can give to the perineum, accompanied by swelling of the testicles, redness of the scrotum and a significant deterioration of the general condition - body temperature rises, headache and vomiting occur.

Similar symptoms are accompanied by inflammation of the epididymis - epididymitis.

In older men, a spermatic cord cyst is often observed, also causing aching pain in the groin. Young men usually do not experience discomfort during this disease and detect a cyst on the scrotum by chance.

When making sharp movements during sports can cause testicle torsion. This pathology is accompanied by severe pain in the groin and testicles, a rapid increase in the size of half of the scrotum, which occurs due to the development of edema. Nausea and vomiting may occur, and body temperature usually also rises.

Irregular pain in the groin without a specific location is accompanied by dilated testicles or varicocele . This disease is unilateral, but pain can be felt from the opposite side or spread to the entire groin. Sometimes the patient experiences just a feeling of discomfort and heaviness in this area.

All of these diseases can cause impotence, male infertility, decrease in sexual activity, so you need to contact an andrologist or urologist and appropriate treatment.


Patients can also have pain in the groin in the late stages of prostate adenoma. During this period, there is a significant squeezing of the urethra, accompanied by a violation of the integrity of blood vessels. Retention of urine, which has become permanent, provokes the development of urolithiasis and renal failure, which cause pain in the groin and perineum. Most often they occur during urination, the pain is peculiar to the aching nature.


Intestinal problems can also cause pain in the groin of varying intensity. A significant danger is paroxysmal pain in this area on the right with acute appendicitis. In this case, emergency hospitalization and surgery are necessary. Otherwise, festering and inflamed appendix can simply burst, pouring its contents into the abdominal cavity.

During an attack of appendicitis, in addition to pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever may occur. Reception of painkillers at the same time is prohibited, because they mask the main picture of the disease, increasing the risk of perforation of the appendix and the development of peritonitis.

Joint and spinal problems

When lumbar osteochondrosis squeezes the nerve endings of the vertebral discs, and although the main symptoms are pain and discomfort in the lumbar region, there is often a pronounced irradiation of these pains in the groin.

Pain in the groin is also accompanied by some types of arthritis, covering the hip joints. They account for about 4% of patients who have applied for such pains.

In the case of diseases of the joints and spinal column, anti-inflammatory treatment, massages, physiotherapy are prescribed.


Inguinal bruises are most common in athletes. Painful sensations pass relatively quickly, but in cases where the injury was accompanied by hemorrhage, you may need to see a doctor and special treatment.

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