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Pain when urinating in men


The sensation of pain or burning during urination is one of the most common pathologies in men of any age. But it should be understood that in itself this discomfort is not a disease, it is an important symptom that may indicate a number of pathologies.

There is no reason to point out the need to immediately contact the therapist or urologist at the first manifestations of pain with the release of urine. After all, such discomfort significantly reduces the quality of life, and cannot be ignored even by the most patient and indifferent person to his health. But to know about the causes of such symptoms, the existing modern methods of treatment and prevention is worth every man, regardless of his age.

Causes of pain when urinating in men

pain when urinating in men Our body is a complex system, in which for every symptom that arises there is a good reason. Sometimes the diagnosis of the etiological factor can be difficult due to the complication of the clinical picture of concomitant diseases or due to the characteristics of a particular organism. Male painful urination is not an exception to these rules, and the following causes contribute to its occurrence:

  • . Prostatitis The most common cause of pain when trying to urinate. The cause of the disease can be viruses, even previously cured and cured, bacteria, fungi. It is an inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • . Prostate adenoma . A benign tumor, provoking an increase in prostate tissue, which entails pressure on the urethra, and as a result, painful sensations.
  • . Urethritis . Inflammation of the urethra (urethra) can be triggered by infections, tumors, injuries, and allergic reactions.
  • . Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder is most often observed in women, but the man has the possibility of the occurrence of the disease.
  • . Pyelonephritis . Inflammation of the kidneys is a disease with a broad picture of symptoms, including pain when urinating.
  • . Urolithiasis . Pathology can occur at any age. Stones can be in the kidneys or bladder, after which their calculus enters the urethra, causing pain in the process of emptying. Sometimes urine may be difficult to urinate due to stones in the urine, and after resuming, if you change the position.
  • . Tumors in the bladder . The most common type of oncology in older people. Pain can not only accompany the process of emptying the bladder, but also always be present.
  • . Neoplasm in the urethra . Polyps narrow the urethra, which is the reason for the appearance of pain.
  • . Chlamydia . Venereal disease, which is caused by chlamydia entering the urethra. The disease should be treated as early as possible, otherwise the risk of infertility may occur.
  • . Gonorrhea Venereal disease caused by Neisseria gonococcus. It can affect not only the urinary canal, but also the rectum, and in women - the cervix.

Thus, it becomes obvious that differential diagnosis in the event of pain in the urethra is a priority task. It is important to review the whole symptomatic picture in order to understand which diseases this syndrome may indicate.

Symptoms associated with painful urination in men

Of great importance is the fact when the pain is felt: at the beginning of urination, during the whole process, or regardless of visiting the restroom. This indicates which organs can influence the onset of pain.

Painful urination is often accompanied by a decrease in sexual function. This can be triggered by somatic causes, for example, if prostatitis is diagnosed, which has a direct impact on the potency, and psychological, when the presence of pain in the genitals is an internal block for a full sexual life.

During the progression of the disease, leading to discomfort, the color of the urine may change: from straw yellow it may turn brown if urine is mixed with red blood cells, or greenish when a bacterial infection occurs. The frequency of urination, up or down, may change. Sometimes urine may have a sharper odor. The cap of foam that appears in the toilet after emptying the bladder, says that the body loses the protein it needs with urine.

As with any pathology that occurs in the human body, such manifestations as general weakness, decreased performance, drowsiness are possible. This is caused by a general imbalance in the operation of the systems, inevitably accompanying inflammatory processes. A more alarming symptom is a sharp decrease in body weight for no apparent reason - this may indicate the likelihood of cancer.

The symptomatic picture of diseases associated with the urogenital system is generally quite similar, so the decisive factor in determining the etiology is the diagnosis - functional and laboratory.

Diagnostic methods used in complaints of painful urination

. 1. Urine analysis . First of all, when complaints about the work of the urinary system are detected, the doctor prescribes the patient to take a portion of the first morning urine for analysis. This will detect the following deviations:

  • Bacteria that indicate urinary tract infection;
  • Red blood cells that indicate that blood cells are present in the urine.

The analysis is collected in the morning in a sterile container, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If this is not possible, you can take any small volume of the bottle and wash it thoroughly in running water with soap or sterilize it. Before collecting urine, it is important to carry out hygiene procedures - wash the genitals with soap and dry them with a clean towel. Then the first portion is poured into the toilet, then, without interrupting urination, the container is filled so that the last portion of urine does not fall into it, but is also drained. In addition to the general analysis of urine, there are also special tests that allow to determine the culprit of the occurrence of the disease. For example, a three-glass test, in which the urine is collected in three equal parts: the initial portion, the average and the last. It is possible to judge where exactly the pathological processes take place: in the kidneys, bladder or urethra. On the eve of the test it is not recommended to take salty foods, large amounts of protein, or products that can affect the color of urine (beets).

. 2. Blood test . It is recommended to pass a clinical and biochemical analysis. The first will show the level of ESR, indicating the presence or absence of the inflammatory process. The second - will reveal the level of sugar, which is of great importance in the work of the urogenital system, the levels of creatinine and uric acid, which change in the event of renal failure. As well as blood cholesterol, the increase of which is a consequence of a violation of lipid metabolism, arising from a violation of the kidneys.

. 3. Ultrasound examination . For painful urination, an ultrasound of the kidneys, bladder and prostate gland is recommended. And if the ultrasound of the kidneys does not require special training, then a series of manipulations must first be carried out to study the bladder and prostate. Two days before the examination, it is not recommended to eat foods that can cause fermentation and gas formation in the stomach (simple carbohydrates, cabbage, peas). You can take sorbents: activated carbon, "Polyphepan", or carminative drugs. Two hours before the procedure, one and a half liters of non-carbonated water should be drunk and not urinated until the end of the ultrasound. Ultrasound examination of the prostate is performed rectally by inserting the device into the anus. This allows you to more accurately diagnose, and identify violations that are difficult to detect during an abdominal examination. Before the procedure, you need to do an enema from cool water on your own or introduce a glycerin candle, and then empty it. If a patient has a history of hemorrhoids , anal fissure, or rectal surgery, it is important to inform the physician prior to the study.

. 4. Smear of the urethra . Allows you to identify various venereal diseases, bacteria, infections, fungi. Thanks to this research, it is possible to prescribe a course of drugs, selected according to the inoculated microorganisms, and to provide a more rapid and correct treatment.

Pain when urinating in men: treatment

Prescribed therapy is completely dependent on the diagnosis made during the examination. The causes of infection are mainly eliminated - antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal drugs are selected. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids during their intake (if there are no contraindications from the kidneys and the endocrine system) to allow toxins to leave the body unhindered. You should not drink beverages that stimulate urge to urinate (coffee, hot chocolate, carbonated drinks, alcohol), but it is better to opt for fruit drinks from sour berries (cranberries, lingonberries) and decoctions of various herbs (chamomile, wild rose).

After a successful treatment course, it is recommended to take sorbents, for example, Enterosgel, in order to cleanse the body of dead microorganisms. For symptoms of dysbacteriosis, undergo treatment with prebiotics and probiotics.

In case of detection of kidney disease (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis), hospitalization to the hospital for examination is recommended, and if necessary, surgical treatment or lithotripsy. After the therapy, the accompanying pain syndrome during urination will disappear independently. If during treatment sensations during urination significantly reduce the quality of life, it is recommended to take painkillers and undergo a course of physiotherapy.

It is important not to self-medicate such a delicate problem, but to consult a doctor in time: a general practitioner, urologist or venereologist, who can identify the real cause of the pathology and carry out a competent treatment tailored to the patient's state of health.

Preventing painful urination

Given the fact that a significant part of the causes of painful urination is occupied by sexually transmitted infections, it is important to remember about safety measures, using barrier methods of protection during sexual intercourse, especially when dealing with new partners. Of great importance is body hygiene, which can prevent the development of infectious diseases and inflammations.

If there are foci of chronic infection in the body, it is important to eliminate them in a timely manner, until they become the cause of inflammation of the organs and systems of the body, or an autoimmune process. It is also necessary to control all chronic processes in the body, in time conducting treatment courses to maintain long-term remission. Even a slight disorder in the work of any system can affect the overall condition of the whole organism, its level of resistance to viruses and bacterial infections.

In identifying pathologies of the urogenital system, it is important to get the right therapy in time, which will eliminate the risk of turning the disease into a chronic process that requires a longer and more complex therapy.

And in the event that the unpleasant symptoms did not appear, all men whose age has reached 55 years old need to undergo a routine inspection, pass urine, blood tests and ultrasound of the prostate gland and bladder.

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