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Binafin instructions for use

Binafin instructions for use

The drug Binafin belongs to the group of antifungal agents, intended for the treatment of skin diseases. The international name of this drug is Terbinafine.

Form of formulation and composition of the preparation

The drug Binafin is available in the form of tablets with a dosage of 125 mg and 250 mg. The main active substance of the drug is terbinafine hydrochloride, as well as additional auxiliary components.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

This drug belongs to the group of antifungal drugs and has a high therapeutic activity against infections caused by fungi. The active substance of the drug adversely affects fungal cells, suppressing their metabolic processes and vital processes, thus causing their death.

The active substance of the drug is highly effective against many varieties of fungi that cause various diseases of the hair, skin and nail plate.

When taking the drug inside the main active substance for 2 hours is absorbed into the common bloodstream and settles on the tissues of the skin, nails, hair structures. The maximum concentration of the drug is observed precisely in the lesions, thereby destroying fungal cells. In the nail plate, the active substance penetrates only a week after the start of the drug.

Indications for use

Binafin tablets are administered to patients under the following conditions:

  • Treatment of skin diseases of fungal origin (dermatomycosis);
  • Fungal diseases of the scalp;
  • Fungal lesions of the nail plate, provoked by dermatophytes (onychomycosis);
  • Generalized lesions of the skin, caused by fungi of the genus Candida.

Contraindications to use

The main contraindication to the use of Binafin tablets is individual intolerance of the drug components or past allergic reactions in the patient.

Investigation of the effect of active ingredients on liver function in patients with hepatic insufficiency has not been carried out, therefore one should be very cautious or do not prescribe Binafin to such a patient at all.

Dosing and Administration

The dosage of the drug and the length of the course of therapy are determined by the doctor, depending on the diagnosis of the patient, the severity of clinical symptoms, age, body weight and many other factors. According to the instructions to the drug tablets are recommended to take 1 per day. If a single use is necessary for prophylaxis, the dose is calculated depending on the patient's body weight.

The drug can be used in pediatric practice to treat fungal skin diseases in children older than 2 years. The dosage for children is as follows: with a body weight of 20-40 kg, the daily dose of the drug is not more than 125 mg, for children weighing more than 40 kg, the recommended daily dose is 250 mg. If the weight of the child is less than 20 kg, then the drug is indicated in an amount of 62 mg per day, that is, half the tablet with a dosage of 125 mg.

The duration of treatment depends largely on the severity of the pathological process. According to the instructions to the drug tablets for fungal skin diseases are prescribed for a period of at least 2 weeks. If necessary, the course of therapy can be continued up to 1.5 months. Constantly monitoring the effectiveness of treatment at the doctor. With fungal lesions of the scalp and hair, the duration of therapy is at least 1 month. With fungal diseases of the nail plate, the minimum course of treatment is 1 month, the maximum - 3 months.

Patients with chronic hepatic or renal failure require dose adjustment.

Use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation

In medicine, there is no reliable data on the safety of Binafin tablets in the first trimester of pregnancy, so the drug is not prescribed for treatment of expectant mothers at this time. In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, indications for the use of this medication are very limited. Future moms can drink these pills only if the expected benefit is higher than the potential risk to the fetus.

Binafin tablets during the period of breastfeeding are prescribed to women only if she agrees to stop feeding and transfer the baby to a milk formula. This is due to the ability of the main active substance of the drug to penetrate into breast milk, and then into the body of the child with food.

Side effects and drug overdose

In most cases, the tablets of this drug are well tolerated by patients. Adverse events occur only in rare cases and are poorly expressed. The most common side effects are as follows:

  • Impairment of appetite;
  • Nausea;
  • Changing stools (diarrhea);
  • Stomach ache.

In rare cases, there are allergic skin rashes, itching and hyperemia of the skin.

If such symptoms appear, the drug should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

Overdosing of the drug occurs in rare cases and is accompanied by allergic skin rashes, diarrhea and headaches. In these cases, the patient is discontinued and the enterosorbents are prescribed. Very rarely patients require gastric lavage.

Interaction with other medicinal products

With the simultaneous use of Binafin tablets with combined oral contraceptives, the effect of the latter is significantly reduced, which the doctor must necessarily warn women.

With simultaneous use of this drug with drugs from the group of beta-adrenoblockers, a decrease in their therapeutic effect can be observed. If treatment with beta-blockers is necessary, certain intervals between dosages of the drug should be observed.

Conditions of dispensing and storage of the drug

Tablets are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. Shelf life of the drug is 3 years from the date of manufacture, indicated on the package. Tablets should be stored out of the reach of children at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees.

Binafin analogues

Analogs for the active ingredient (Terbinafine): Atifin, Binafin, Lamisil, Lamel, Terbizil, Terbinafine, Terbinox, Terbifin, Thermicon, Ungusan, Fungoterbine, Exeter, Exifin

Binafine price

Prices for tablets Binafin are very different in different pharmacies in Moscow. The price range is from 450 to 700 rubles.

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