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Binafin Cream instructions for use

Binafin Cream instructions for use

Binafin cream is a drug with a wide range of antifungal and fungicidal effects, used to treat various mycoses and candidiasis.

Binafin is a drug based on terbinafine. It has an antifungal effect on all kinds of fungi that affect the skin and nails: dermatophytes, yeast and mold fungus flora. The action develops due to the destruction of membranes of fungal cells and the reduction of the synthesis of substances involved in their formation. The greatest activity is manifested in the relation of red trichophyton and yeast-like fungal representatives.

With the defeat of nails on hands, the effectiveness of treatment reaches 95%, onychomycosis of brushes, the effectiveness of treatment is 95%, with the nail injury, the efficiency is over 90%. The drug is highly effective in the treatment of:

  • moldy lesions;
  • ringworm;
  • rubromycosis;
  • epidermophytia;
  • multiple nail lesions.

In the form of a cream Binafin is applied topically and is prescribed for:

  • interdigital fungus of feet and brushes;
  • rubromycosis of the skin;
  • multi-colored deprive.

The period of remission in the chronic form of dermophytia is observed not less than 75%. In the treatment of progressive candidiasis, accompanied by the spread of the process to the interdigital folds, vulvovaginitis and inflammation of the nail roller caused by fungi of the genus Candida, improvement is observed after 3-4 days.

Form of issue and composition

Binafin cream is available in the form of a cream that is applied externally. The amount of the drug in the tube is 10, 15 and 30 g. The cream is homogeneous in structure, it has a white color.

The manufacturer of the drug is Shreya Life Sciences, India.

It includes:

  • terbinafine - 10 mg in 1 g;
  • cream base.

The medicine belongs to the antifungal group, it is made from chemical raw materials, the tablets are released according to the doctor's prescription, the cream is subject to over-the-counter release.

Indications for use

  • fungal skin lesions by representatives of the genus Trichophyton and Epidermophyton;
  • microsporium;
  • yeast fungal skin lesions;
  • colored lichen .


Binaphin is contraindicated:

  • with increased sensitivity to the active substance or other components of the drug;
  • Persons suffering from severe hepatic or renal insufficiency;
  • with severe metabolic disorders;
  • with blood diseases;
  • in the presence of neoplasms;
  • in vascular pathologies;
  • pregnant and lactating;
  • children under 12 years.

Mode of application

The course of treatment and the particular application depend on the nature of the fungal lesion.

The cream is applied 1-2 times a day with a thin layer. Before use, the affected areas should preferably be roasted and removed from excess skin and scales formed during peeling. It is necessary to apply the cream not only to the affected areas, but also to adjacent tissues, while slightly rubbing. If the lesion occurred in places prone to the appearance of diaper rash (under the chest, in the groin, between the fingers or the buttocks), overnight the affected area can be protected with a gauze napkin.

The duration of therapy with dermatomycosis is 1 week, with candidiasis lesions and color deprivation - 2 weeks.

Reduction of symptoms is usually observed at the beginning of treatment. At the termination of therapy, relapse of disease is possible. If the improvement does not occur after 2 weeks, you should see a doctor to clarify the diagnosis.

When applying the drug to elderly people, adjusting the dose of the drug is not required.

There is no experience of use in children under 12 years of age, and therefore do not use the drug in this age group.

Side effects

Negative influence of Binafin is observed very rarely. Possible:

  • from the digestive system; heaviness and pain in the abdomen, a taste disorder, a decrease in appetite, a loose stool;
  • from the hepatobiliary system: cholestasis;
  • from the side of the blood system: neutropenia, thrombocytopenia;
  • hypersensitivity reactions: burning, flushing, itching in the area of ​​application.

Special instructions and drug interactions

  • Apply the cream with caution to avoid contact with the eyes;
  • with local application, no drug interactions were observed.

Analogues of Binafin cream

The group of terbinafine-based antifungal agents is represented by a wide range of foreign and domestic products.

Foreign analogs:

  • Lamisil is the most popular terbinafine drug. Widely used in all dosage forms: cream, gel, spray, tablets and solution for single use. It is distinguished by high quality and durability of the effect. Manufacturer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland);
  • Atifin cream is produced in Slovenia, by the company KRKA;
  • Myconorm also has a dosage form only in the form of a cream, manufacturer: Rusan Pharma (India);
  • Tebikur is available in the form of cream and tablets. Manufacturer: Nobelfarma Ilac Sanayii ve Ticaret AS (Turkey);
  • Terbized-Agio Cream, Agio Pharmaceuticals (India);
  • Terbizil cream and tablets, Gedeon Richter (Hungary);
  • Terbinox cream and tablets, Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories (a division of JBC Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) (India);
  • Terbifin has 3 dosage forms: cream, spray, tablets. Produced in India, manufacturer: Cipla Ltd;
  • Ungusan Cream, Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant (Estonia);
  • Exifin in the form of cream and tablets is also quite in demand, thanks to the average price policy and quality, Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. (India).

Domestic counterparts:

  • Fungoterbine is produced in the form of cream, spray and tablets. Manufacturer of medicinal product: NIZHFARM;
  • The termicon has 3 forms: cream, spray, tablets. Projector: Pharmstandard-October;
  • Terbiks cream and spray, Altay vitamins;
  • Terbinafine cream is produced by several manufacturers: Biosintez OJSC; VERTEX; Belmed drugs of RUE (Republic of Belarus);
  • Exterin cream and tablets are produced by the domestic manufacturer Ozone LLC.

Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life 3 years. The storage location should be out of reach of children, the temperature range is from 2 to 30 degrees. Application after the expiry date is prohibited.

Binafine Cream price

Binafin cream 1% 10g - from 240 rubles.

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