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Bilobil forte instructions for use

Bilobil forte instructions for use

Bilobil Forte is a medicinal product based on a relic tree, the only representative of the Ginkgo class - Ginkgo bilobed. Due to the components of this plant, the drug has a pronounced nootropic effect, improves cerebral and peripheral blood circulation, microcirculation, tones veins and reduces the permeability of the vascular wall, has a powerful antihypoxic effect, improves blood condition and reduces the tendency to thrombosis.

The composition of Ginkgo biloba includes flavonoglycosides (kaempferol, quercetin, gingolide), terpenolactones (ginkgolides, bilobalids), organic and amino acids; wax, steroid compounds, essential oils, alkaloids, vitamins; micro and macronutrients.

Pharmacological effects of bilobil forte:

  • normalization of cellular metabolism;
  • improving blood viscosity and fluidity, reducing arteriole tone, increasing microcirculation;
  • restoration of vasomotor reactions;
  • stimulation of cerebral circulation and increasing the supply of the brain with oxygen and glucose;
  • regulation of blood vessels, by stimulating the synthesis of endothelial relaxing factor, the expansion of the lumen of the arteries and increase the tone of the veins;
  • a decrease in the tendency of blood to thrombogenesis, a decrease in platelet aggregation, an increase in the synthesis of mediators contributing to an increase in smooth muscle tone;
  • improving the state of the vascular wall, reducing the intensity of edema in the brain tissue and in the periphery;
  • antihypoxic, antioxidant effect, which reduces the negative effects of free radicals and oxidized fats on tissue cells;
  • increase in the survival of nerve cells during hypoxia.

During the action of Bilobil forte on the central nervous system, the following processes occur:

  • due to the stimulation of the synthesis of some neurotransmitters and the inhibition of the capture of others, a nootropic and antidepressant effect develops;
  • improves the state of memory and increases the ability to learn;
  • stabilizes and slightly improves memory, attention and psychomotor functions, optimizes the electroactivity of the brain, slows down the development of dementia in Alzheimer's disease;

In case of circulatory disorders in the periphery, the blood flow significantly fits in atherosclerotic and diabetic vascular lesions, various types of retinopathy and other manifestations of chronic ischemic tissue damage.

In addition to these effects, the drug has a positive effect on potency.

Release form and composition

Bilobil Forte is available in the form of pink capsules, inside of which is a brown powder. The manufacturer of the drug is KRKA, Slovenia.

It includes:

  • leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba - 80 mg;
  • various excipients.

The drug belongs to the angioprotective group, is made from vegetable raw materials, subject to non-prescription.

Indications for use

  • encephalopathy of different origin, which is a consequence of stroke, head injury, age-related changes, in which there is memory impairment, loss of attention, weakening of mental abilities;
  • impaired peripheral blood flow and microcirculation;
  • dizziness, tinnitus or the development of hearing loss and other neurosensory disorders;
  • macular degeneration associated with age-related changes;
  • retinopathy that occurred on the background of diabetes mellitus.


Bilobil Forte is contraindicated:

  • in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or other components of the drug;
  • with a tendency to increase clotting;
  • with the erosive form of gastritis;
  • with exacerbation of gastrointestinal ulcers;
  • in acute disorders of blood circulation in the brain;
  • in case of myocardial infarction in the acute phase;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • under 18 years old.

Mode of application

The dose of the drug is chosen depending on the disease:

  • with encephalopathy take 1 capsule up to 3 times a day;
  • for violations of peripheral blood circulation, sensory functions, macular degeneration and retinopathy, the drug is taken in the morning and evening, it is prescribed 1 capsule.

Improvement is observed a month after starting the drug. The course of treatment should be at least 3 months. If you wish to repeat, you must consult a doctor.

Side effects

Side effects of Bilobil forte are observed very rarely, when they appear, it is necessary to suspend the medication and consult a doctor.

  • gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, loose stools;
  • central nervous system: dizziness, headache, sleep disturbances;
  • hypersensitivity: itching, slight swelling, hyperemia;
  • blood system: reduced clotting;
  • possible hearing loss.

Special instructions and drug interactions

  • with the development of an allergic reaction to the drug, its reception must be stopped;
  • with the reappearance of negative effects, you must contact a specialist;
  • with a tendency to bleeding, the appointment of anticoagulant or antiplatelet agents, preparation for surgical interventions, it is necessary to warn the attending physician about taking Bilobil forte;
  • you can not take the drug with a tendency to allergy to dyes (azorubin);
  • in the presence of lactose intolerance and associated pathologies, taking the drug is not recommended;
  • The drug may affect the reaction rate when performing work with increased concentration, as a result of which caution must be exercised.

Analogs Bilobil forte

  • Vitrum Memory is a Ginkgo bilobate preparation based on 60 mg of the active substance. It has the same indications and contraindications as Bilobil Forte. Drug manufacturer: Unipharm, Inc. (USA);
  • Gingium - available in tablets with a dosage of 80 and 120 mg. It is produced by two foreign companies: Salutas Pharma (Germany), Lek SA (Poland);
  • Ginkgo Biloba has two dosage forms: tablets and capsules. The dosage in both forms can be 40 and 80 mg. Manufacturer of capsules: VERTEX (Russia), tablets - Veropharm (Russia);
  • Ginkio - a drug that comes in tablets, the dosage of which is 50 mg. Produced in Germany, the company Lichtwer Pharma;
  • Ginos, like all members of this group, has an angioprotective effect. The dosage of the active substance is 40 mg. The drug is manufactured by a domestic manufacturer: Veropharm OAO (Russia);
  • Memoplant - one of the most popular preparations based on Ginkgo biloba, is available in three dosages: 40, 80 and 120 mg tablets. Manufacturer: Willmar Schwabe (Germany);
  • Tanakan is an analogue of French origin. Unlike other means, it has a liquid dosage form in the form of a solution for internal use with a pipette-dispenser. Manufacturer: Beaufour Ipsen Industrie.

Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life 3 years. The storage place of the medicinal product should be out of the reach of children, the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. It is recommended to store the product in its original packaging. Use after the expiration date is prohibited.

Bilobil forte price

Bilobil forte capsules 80mg, 20 pcs. - from 280 to 340 rubles.

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