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Bifosin spray application instructions

Bifosin spray application instructions

Means for external use with antifungal activity.

The form of release of the drug, its composition and packaging

Spray containing 1% bifonazol, used externally, has the appearance of a clear liquid with no color or with slight staining.

1 ml of spray contains bifonazole in the amount of 10 mg, and additional substances: propylene glycol - 0.3 ml, isopropanol - 0.4 ml, macrogol 400 (PEO 400) - up to 1 ml.

Available in plastic bottles with a sprayer, with a capacity of 20 ml, which are packed in cardboard packs of 1 piece.

Indications for use

The drug Bifosin is used as a therapeutic agent for fungal infections of the skin by such pathogens as: dermatophytes, yeast-like and mold fungi, as well as Malassezia furfur and Corynebacterium minutissimum.

Used for mycotic lesions of the feet and smooth skin, pityriasis, eritasma, candidiasis on the surface of the skin, as well as in case of infection with fungal pathogens of the hairy part of the scalp.


—Individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug

- breastfeeding period

Under the close supervision of a doctor under the age of 12 months and in the first trimester of carrying a child.

Mechanism of action

The drug has a sufficient spectrum of antifungal action, is used to apply directly to the site of infection. Chemical structure of bifonazole belongs to the group of imidazole derivatives. It shows a fungicidal effect on a group of dermatophytes (Trichophyton, Microsporum, Epidermophyton), stops the growth and reproduction of yeast-like and mold fungi (Aspergillus ferrus, Scopulariopsis brevicaulis), Malassezia furfur. In addition, it has a detrimental effect on some bacteria - on the gram-positive bacillus Corynebacterium minutissimum (BMD ranges from 0.5 to 2 μg / ml) and on gram-positive cocci (BMD 4-16 μg / ml), does not affect the vital activity of Enterococcus spp.

Bifonazole inhibits the synthesis of ergosterol - one of the main substances that make up the shell of the fungal organism. The effect occurs at two stages of accumulation of a given substance, therefore there is a complete damage to the shell of the fungus with a violation of both structure and function. This leads to its death (fungicidal action) or to the cessation of reproduction and growth (fungistatic action).


The drug quickly penetrates deep into the skin in the foci of the disease. Absorption is 0.6-0.8%, while bifonazole is not detected in the blood.

Within 6 hours after the application of the medicine, the concentration required for therapy is observed at the site of use. It is 1 mg / cm 2 in the uppermost layer of the skin - the epidermis and 5 mg / cm 2 in the lower layers. This concentration guarantees a fungicidal action for the most common pathogens that can cause ringworm.

The drug continues its action in the skin for 36-48 hours. The half-life is 19-32 hours and is directly dependent on the density of the skin in the lesion.

How to apply and in what doses?

Bifosin spray is applied to the surface of the skin, which has been affected by ringworm once a day, preferably overnight. When applying should spray spray in an amount that can well moisturize the skin. In addition to the affected areas, intact skin should also be treated, that is, the skin around about 1-2 cm from the edges of the focus.

The course of treatment depends on the type of ringworm and its localization. The basic principle that ensures proper effectiveness is the continuity of treatment and maintaining the full course. For fungal infections of the feet and interdigital areas, the drug should be used for 21-28 days, for infection of smooth skin is 14-21 days, diseases caused by Candida albicans are 14-28 days, pityriasis and erythasis should be treated for at least 14 days, damage to the scalp treatment requires about 28-30 days. Recent diseases, in view of the specificity of the surface, require the preferred use of Bifosin spray, which is easy to apply and does not cause sticking and contamination of the hair.

In order to prevent the possibility of recurrence of the disease should continue the course of therapy and after the elimination of the clinical manifestations of the disease for another 14 days, the maintenance dosage should be 1 time per day.


Due to the low adsorption of the drug in the general bloodstream, it is almost impossible to overdose Befosin.

Possible interaction with other drugs

The combined use of Bifosin with other drugs did not reveal any reactions, so this spray can be used in parallel while taking other drugs.

Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the clinical trials, it became obvious that Bifosin Spray does not show a detrimental or any negative impact on the fetus and the organism of the future mother.

Using Bifosina in the first trimester of pregnancy should be carried out only according to strict indications. In the II and III trimesters, Bifosin can be used to treat a fungal infection.

It is necessary to stop breastfeeding of the child if Bifosin is used in this period.

Possible adverse events

Of the possible adverse events occur: redness of the skin at the site of application, irritation and burning, an allergic reaction in the form of rash, itching, eczema, peeling. Very rarely, the use of the drug can lead to allergic dermatitis.

All side effects can be eliminated by canceling the drug.

How and how much to store

The dosage form of the spray requires storage in a dark place, no higher than 25 ° C. Use for 2 years from the date of issue.

Keep out of the reach of children.

special instructions

In case of insufficient efficacy of treatment, it is necessary to conduct a more thorough examination of the patient and make the appropriate correction of therapy.

Use cautiously in infants, only as directed by a physician.

Prevent eye contact

Does not affect the management of vehicles and other mechanisms, as well as the performance of work requiring caution and attention.

How to let go from the pharmacy

The drug belongs to the OTC group.

Bifosin analogues

A group of antifungal agents based on bifonazole is represented by:

  • Bifas is a cream of domestic production. It has the same packaging, composition and indications, as Bifosin. Manufacturer of the medicinal product: Samaramedprom (Russia) ;
  • Mikospor - analogue of foreign production. Available in the form of a cream, ointment in a set for the treatment of nail lesions, as well as in the form of a solution for external use. Producer means: Bayer HealthCare AG (Germany) .

Bifosin price

Bifosin spray for external use 1% 20ml - from 95 rubles.

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