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Bifikol instructions for use

Bifikol instructions for use

Bifikol is a combined drug from the group of probiotics that has a pronounced beneficial effect in restoring the intestinal microflora in case of its disturbance and the development of dysbacteriosis while receiving antimicrobial agents, acute infectious diseases of the intestine, chronic inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract and other body systems. The drug normalizes the processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients, stimulates nonspecific immunity.

Bifikol consists of live bifidobacteria and Escherichia coli strain. They are representatives of the normal intestinal flora of man. Bifidobacteria have the following biological effects:

  • inhibit the growth of various types of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria, which include staphylococcus, Proteus, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Shigella, some yeast-like fungi;
  • level the equilibrium between the intestinal and vaginal microflora;
  • improve digestion and assimilation of food;
  • positively affect the protective function of the intestine, protecting the body from the penetration of harmful bacteria;
  • increase metabolism and absorption of calcium, iron and vitamin D;
  • increase immunity;
  • stimulate the synthesis of important amino acids, proteins, vitamin K and group B (thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic, nicotinic and folic acid, pyridoxine).

E. coli, being a representative of the intestinal normal flora, also has a number of useful properties:

  • similar to bifidobacteria, inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora;
  • participates in the synthesis of all B vitamins and vitamin K, which enhance the growth of bifidobacteria;
  • break down lactose;
  • improve the process of digestion of proteins and amino acids;
  • participate in the process of digesting cholesterol and fatty acids;
  • they assimilate oxygen, which adversely affects the growth of lacto-and bifidobacteria.

Release form and composition

Bifikol by its dosage form is a lyophilisate for the preparation of suspensions intended for oral administration.

It is a mass of living co-grown bifidobacteria and Escherichia coli. One dose of the drug contains at least 5 million live bifidobacteria and at least 5 million E. coli.

Manufacturer of the drug: Biomed them. I.I. Mechnikov (Russia).

Indications for use

  • prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis and digestive tract of different origin;
  • as an auxiliary component in gastrointestinal ulcer, inflammation of the pancreas, gallbladder, liver and other diseases of the digestive system;
  • improvement of the intestine when taking antibiotics, hormonal drugs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • acute infectious intestinal lesions (shigellosis, salmonellosis, inflammation of the intestine against the background of tearing by staphylococcus, rotovirus infection, etc.);
  • food toxicoinfection;
  • chronic constipation;
  • diarrhea, which developed on the background of antibacterial treatment;
  • prevention of the development of dysbacteriosis in persons receiving chemotherapy.


  • hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug or excipients;
  • Concomitant antibiotic therapy may not only reduce the effect of the probiotic, but also suppress the acquired beneficial microflora.
  • specific and nonspecific ulcerative colitis.

Mode of application

The drug is taken half an hour before meals 2 times a day.

  • children from 6 months. up to 1 year - 1 dose;
  • from 1 year to 3 years - 2–5 doses;
  • From 3 years old and adults - 3-5 doses.

A course of treatment:

  • in the treatment of acute forms of intestinal dysbiosis - at least 14 days;
  • depending on the indicators of clinical and laboratory research - 21-28 days;
  • in the recovery period after severe illness - up to 1 month;
  • inflammation of the intestine after dysentery or prolonged impairment of intestinal function - at least 4-6 weeks;
  • in chronic inflammatory and peptic ulcers of the intestine up to 2 months;

According to indications, it is possible to assign repeated courses of drug use or the use of maintenance doses for up to 1.5 months

Side effects

The drug is usually not accompanied by any negative effects. In isolated cases, the appearance of dyspepsia of the digestive tract is possible, which does not require cessation of treatment or discontinuation of the drug.

If there are more pronounced side effects, the drug is recommended to cancel and consult a doctor.

Special instructions and drug interactions

  • the simultaneous use of oral forms with antimicrobial agents is not recommended due to the proliferation of antibacterial effect on beneficial bacteria;
  • Do not dissolve the probiotic in hot water, and also store it in a dissolved form;
  • probiotic effect is enhanced while taking vitamins of group B.


Analogues with the same composition is currently not registered. But there are various combined drugs similar in action with Bificol.

Probiotics containing bifidobacteria and E. coli:

  • Bifikol belongs to the group of agents used to normalize the intestinal microflora. Also available as a lyophilisate for suspension. Manufacturer: Biomed them. I.I. Mechnikov (Russia).

Another group with a similar effect is the combined preparations of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, for example:

  • Bifilact-BILS, which, in addition to oral administration, can be used topically. Manufacturer: Microgen NPO FGUP MZ RF (Russia);
  • Florin Forte, dosage form: powder for internal use. It is domestically produced by the manufacturer partner.

The drug of bifidobacteria and enterococci:

  • Bifiform is a very popular drug in the form of enteric capsules, as well as chewable tablets and powders intended for children's use. Powder and chewable tablets have a pleasant orange-raspberry flavor. Manufacturer: Ferrosan (Denmark).

Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life probiotic 1 year. Storage should be out of reach of children, the temperature should not exceed 10 degrees. Use after the expiration date is prohibited.

Bifikol price

Bifikol dry powder lyophilized 5 doses, 10 pcs. - from 220 to 260 rubles.

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