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Bifidumbacterin dry instructions for use

Bifidumbacterin dry instructions for use

Bifidumbacterin (Bifidobacterium bifidum) refers to the means, normalizing the intestinal microflora, and is used to treat pathologies caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Release form and composition

Bifidumbacterin dry is produced in the form of a lyophilized microbial mass of living bifidobacteria, sealed in glass vials in 5 doses in a cardboard box of 10 pieces. The crystalline or porous microbial mass may be light gray, beige, dark brown or marble color. Has a specific, unsharp smell. After dissolving the contents of the ampoule, an opaque suspension is formed.

For the stability of the dosage form, live bifidobacteria are lyophilized in sucrose gelatin medium. The environment where bacteria are cultivated consists of yeast autolysate, food agar, lactose monohydrate, sodium chloride, enzymatic casein hydrolyzate, L-cystine, purified water.

Mechanism of action

Due to antagonistic properties against pathogenic microorganisms (staphylococcus, shigella, proteus, enteropathogenic E. coli, yeast-like fungi), Bifidumbacterin normalizes the intestinal microflora. This allows you to normalize the digestive and protective function of the intestine, optimize metabolic processes, increase the nonspecific resistance of the organism to infections. Bifidobacteria are involved in the synthesis of important B vitamins as well as digestive enzymes.

Indications for use

  • dysbacteriosis after treatment with antibiotics, hormonal drugs, and radiation therapy;
  • treatment of acute and chronic intestinal infections (dysentery, viral diarrhea, salmonellosis, escherichiosis);
  • diarrhea caused by a stressful situation, unusual food, extreme conditions;
  • purulent-infectious diseases in children (sepsis, pneumonia);
  • allergic reactions, including diathesis in children;
  • intestinal dysfunction in newborns;
  • chronic and acute inflammatory bowel diseases (colitis, enterocolitis).

Bifidumbacterin can be used alone or in combination with other drugs.


Bifidumbacterin can not be used if there is an increased sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Dosing and Administration

Bifidumbacterin used inside. Before using the bottle open and dissolve boiled water at room temperature at the rate of 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for 1 dose of the substance. Since the vial contains 5 doses, 5 ml of water is first added to the vial, and then the solution is transferred to a beaker and topped up with 20 ml (4 teaspoons) of water.

The prepared solution is drunk 20-30 minutes before meals. Infants can be given the drug just before feeding. Dissolved Bifidumbacterin cannot be stored.

Newborn Bifidumbacterin is recommended to give 1-2 doses 3 times a day, starting from the first day of discharge from the maternity hospital.

Children under the age of 6 months, the drug is given in 3 doses 3 times a day.

From 6 to 12 months, children Bifidumbacterin administered 5 doses 2 times a day.

Children from 1 year and adults take the drug in 5 doses 3 times a day.

The course of treatment is determined by the severity of the disease and can range from one week to three months.

Side effects

The side effects of Bifidumbacterin are practically absent. At the beginning of treatment, there may be a temporary relaxation of the stool.


Probifor, Bifiform, Bifikol.

Terms and conditions of storage

Bifidumbacterin is stored in its original packaging in a refrigerator at a temperature of from 2 to 8 0 C. Shelf life is 1 year.

Bifidumbacterin dry price

Bifidumbacterin dry powder, lyophilized, 5 doses in glass vials - 80-90 rubles.

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