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Berodual inhalation solution: instructions for use

Berodual solution for inhalation

Berodual - a combined bronchodilator for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by spasm of the bronchi.

Form of issue and composition

Berodual is available in the form of a solution for inhalation, in a vial-dropper with a capacity of 20 ml.

The main active substances (in 1 ml of solution):

  • fenoterola hydrobromide - 500 mcg:
  • ipratropium bromide monohydrate 260 μg (corresponding to 250 μg anhydrous ipratropium bromide).

Auxiliary components: sodium chloride, disodium edetate dihydrate, hydrochloric acid, benzalkonium chloride, purified water.

pharmachologic effect

Berodual is a combined bronchodilator. Contains two active components: ipratropium bromide (belongs to the M-holinoblokatorov group) and fenoterola hydrobromide (belongs to the group of β-2 adrenomimetics).

Ipratropium bromide has anticholinergic properties. Slows down the reflexes caused by the vagus nerve, by counteracting acetylcholine (a mediator released from the ends of the vagus nerve). The effect of ipratropium in inhalation administration is due to local, rather than systemic, anticholinergic effects. With inhalation administration of the substance in patients with bronchospasm, a marked improvement in lung function is noted for 15 minutes. The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved 1-2 hours after inhalation, it lasts up to 6 hours. Ipratropium bromide does not have a negative effect on mucociliary clearance, mucus production in the respiratory tract and gas exchange processes.

Fenoterol hydrobromide has a selective stimulating effect on β-2 adrenergic receptors. Relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi, counteracting the development of spasm. Fenoterol blocks the release of inflammatory mediators and allergies from mast cells. With the introduction of fenoterol at higher doses, mucociliary clearance is increased.

Fenoterol also has a stimulating effect on β-2 adrenoceptors in the heart and blood vessels, resulting in increased frequency and strength of the heart. When exceeding the recommended dosages of fenoterol, β-1 adrenoreceptors are stimulated.

The mechanisms of action of fenoterol and ipratropium are different. The active ingredients complement each other, which increases the spasmolytic effect on the musculature of the bronchi and achieves a pronounced therapeutic effect in various bronchopulmonary diseases with obstruction.

Indications for use

Berodual is used to prevent and symptomatic treatment of chronic obstructive diseases of the respiratory tract, namely:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • chronic obstructive bronchitis;
  • emphysema.


Contraindications to the use of Berodual are:

  • tachyarrhythmia;
  • hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy;
  • hypersensitivity or intolerance of the main or auxiliary components of the drug.

Method of application and dosage

Dosages of the drug are selected individually, taking into account the indications and age of the patient.

For adults (including the elderly) and children over 12 years of age:

  • relief of an acute attack of bronchial asthma - 1 ml (20 drops) with a mild and moderate attack, in difficult cases - 2.5 ml (50 drops), in extremely difficult situations under strict medical supervision - 4 ml (80 drops);
  • long course therapy - 1-2 ml (20-40 drops) 4 times a day;
  • as an auxiliary during the ventilation of the lungs - 0.5 ml (10 drops) of the solution.

For children from 6 to 12 years:

  • relief of an acute attack of bronchial asthma - from 0.5 ml to 1 ml (10-20 drops) with a mild and moderate attack, in difficult cases - 2 ml (40 drops), in extremely difficult situations under strict medical supervision - 3 ml (60 drops);
  • long course therapy - 0.5-1 ml (10-20 drops) 4 times a day;
  • as an auxiliary during the ventilation of the lungs - 0.5 ml (10 drops) of the solution.

For children under 6 years (with a body weight of less than 22 kg):

the recommended single dose is 0.1 ml (2 drops) of solution per 1 kg of body weight, but not more than 0.5 ml (10 drops); the frequency of reception is up to 3 times a day.

Treatment should begin at the lowest recommended dose. The necessary amount of solution is diluted with physiological solution to a volume of 3-4 ml. Inhalations are carried out with the help of a special inhalation device - a nebulizer. Before each inhalation should prepare a fresh solution, you can not use the remaining remedy after the previous procedure. The minimum time interval between the two procedures is 4 hours.

Side effects

Berodual is usually well tolerated. In some situations, it is possible to develop undesirable side effects from different systems.

On the part of the respiratory system:

  • cough;
  • irritation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract;
  • development of paradoxical bronchospasm (rarely).

From the nervous system:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • change in taste and dry mouth;
  • nervousness;
  • tremor.

From the cardiovascular system:

  • increased heart rate;
  • tachycardia ;
  • increased systolic and decreased diastolic pressure;
  • arrhythmia.

On the part of the digestive system:

  • digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting);
  • violation of intestinal motility (mainly in patients with cystic fibrosis).

From other systems:

  • hypokalemia;
  • increased sweating;
  • weakness;
  • Myalgia (muscle pain) and muscle cramps ;
  • disturbance of visual accommodation;
  • retention of urination.

Allergic reactions:

When the solution gets into the eye, the pupil dilates, the intraocular pressure rises, which is accompanied by pain or discomfort in the eyeball, an unclear vision of objects, the appearance of colored spots in front of the eyes and reddening of the conjunctiva.

The appearance of symptoms of overdose is usually due to the action of fenoterol - excessive stimulation of β-adrenergic receptors. It is possible to lower or increase blood pressure (depends on the predisposition of the body), increase the difference between upper and lower pressure, increased heart rate and tachycardia, tremor of fingers, extrasystole, angina , arrhythmia, rush of blood to the face and upper body, increased bronchial obstruction. Signs of an overdose of ipratropium bromide - a violation of visual accommodation and dry mouth are usually poorly expressed.

Treatment for overdose Beroduala is symptomatic, includes the use of tranquilizers, sedatives. In severe intoxication, intensive care is provided. As a specific antidote, β-adrenergic receptor blockers are used (preferably β-1 blockers). But in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma, the use of these drugs can cause an increase in bronchial obstruction, so the doses of the antidote must be selected very carefully and carefully.

special instructions

The drug should be administered with caution in certain diseases and conditions, among which:

  • closed-angle form of glaucoma;
  • high blood pressure;
  • coronary insufficiency;
  • recently suffered myocardial infarction;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • diabetes;
  • severe organic pathologies of the heart and blood vessels;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • hypertrophy of the prostate;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • obstruction of the neck of the bladder;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 6 years.

During treatment, Berodual should take into account that:

  • Berodual inhibits the contractile activity of the uterus;
  • Fenoterol is absorbed into breast milk, so it is prescribed with caution to lactating mothers;
  • Symptomatic therapy with Berodual's solution may be preferable to long-term treatment (for mild-to-moderate disease);
  • the effectiveness of prolonged treatment Berodualom in patients with severe forms of pathology increases in combination with anti-inflammatory therapy with inhaled corticosteroids.


Analogs of Berodual include the preparation of Iprateol-Native solution.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drug is stored out of reach of children, protected from the sun, at room temperature (below 30 ° C). Shelf life is 5 years. Do not apply the solution after the end of the storage period indicated on the package.

Berodual for inhalation price

Berodualal solution for inhalations 0,25mg + 0,5mg / ml 20ml - from 270 rubles.

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