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Beloderm instruction manual

Beloderm instruction manual

Beloderm - a preparation of the group of glucocorticosteroids, intended for the treatment of various inflammatory processes of the skin.

Form of issue and composition

Beloderm is available in the form of ointments and cream, in aluminum tubes of 15 g and 30 g. The tube is placed in a cardboard box with the instruction.

Beloderm ointment for external use 0,05%

The main active ingredient is betamethasone dipropionate. In 1 g of the ointment contains 640 μg of betamethasone dipropionate, which corresponds to 500 μg of betamethasone.

Auxiliary components: petroleum jelly, mineral oil.

Beloderm cream for external use 0,05%

The main active ingredient is betamethasone dipropionate. In 1 g of cream contains 640 μg of betamethasone dipropionate, which corresponds to 500 μg of betamethasone.

Excipients: sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, chlorocresol, mineral oil, petrolatum, phosphoric acid, macrogol, cetostearate, cetostearyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, water.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacodynamics. Betamethasone belongs to the group of synthetic glucocorticosteroids. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, antipruritic and immunosuppressive effects. Also has vasoconstrictive, antiexudative and antiproliferative properties.

When applied to the skin, betamethasone inhibits the production and release of histamine, prostaglandins and lysosomal enzymes - substances that take part in the development of inflammatory and allergic reactions. Also, the active substance slows the development of edema.

When applied to the skin, the drug has a rapid local effect in the focus of inflammation, reducing erythema, edema, itching and irritation, pain.

Pharmacokinetics. The absorption of betamethasone in the blood varies depending on the general condition of the skin, the presence of mechanical damage and inflammatory processes (when applied to the damaged and inflamed skin the product is absorbed more quickly). Systemic absorption after topical application is 12-14%. About 64% of betamethasone binds to blood plasma proteins. Metabolism of the active substance occurs in the liver. Betamethasone is excreted mainly with bile, in small amounts (up to 5%) - with urine.

Indications for use

Beloderm is prescribed for various skin pathologies requiring anti-inflammatory therapy with topical glucocorticosteroids. It:

  • contact dermatitis of allergic nature;
  • contact dermatitis, including professional;
  • non-allergic dermatitis, including sunlight, radiation;
  • atopic dermatitis ;
  • bullous dermatoses;
  • neurodermatitis ;
  • various forms of eczema;
  • psoriasis ;
  • exudative erythema multiforme;
  • red flat lichen ;
  • discoid lupus erythematosus;
  • reaction to insect bites;
  • itching of various nature.


Beloderm does not apply when:

  • dermal infectious inflammation of a bacterial, viral or fungal nature;
  • open wounds;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • varicose veins;
  • vulgar acne;
  • rosacea;
  • perioral dermatitis;
  • chicken pox;
  • skin tuberculosis;
  • cutaneous manifestations of syphilis;
  • skin reactions to the introduction of the vaccine;
  • oncological diseases of the skin and subcutaneous structures;
  • individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to betamethasone or any auxiliary component;
  • children younger than 6 months.

Do not apply Beloderm to the skin in the eye area, since the ingestion of betamethasone on the mucous membrane of the eyeball can provoke the development of glaucoma, cataracts, fungal infections or exacerbation of herpes.

Dosing and Administration

Both the cream and ointment are applied externally. A thin layer of the product is applied to dry, cleaned skin, slightly rubbed. Multiplicity of application - twice a day. On sites with coarsened and denser skin (on the feet, knees, elbows) or in places where the remedy is quickly erased, Beloderm can be applied more often. A full therapeutic course should not exceed 4 weeks. It is possible to conduct repeated treatment courses during the year.

In the treatment of chronic diseases for the prevention of relapses, the ointment should be applied for some time after the disappearance of the symptoms.

Occlusive bandages are used only according to the doctor's prescription, since their use enhances both the therapeutic effect of the cream and its toxic effect on the body.

Beloderm cream is used to treat acute inflammatory processes on the skin (including wetting).

Beloderm ointment is recommended for the treatment of subacute and chronic dermatoses, including dry and flaky lesions. Also, the agent is used when occlusal action is necessary.

Side effects

In some situations, the use of Beloderm may cause the development of undesirable side effects:

  • hypersensitivity reactions - burning, itching, redness of the skin;
  • acne-like changes;
  • atrophy of the skin (due to reduction of collagen);
  • stria (stretch marks);
  • hyperpigmentation / hypopigmentation;
  • hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth);
  • telangiectasia (widening of small vessels of the skin, manifested by vascular mesh or asterisks);
  • folliculitis;
  • decreased function of sweat glands;
  • secondary skin infections.

The resulting side effects are often less pronounced. The cause of their appearance is considered to be suppression or insufficiency of the function of the adrenal cortex. The provoking factors include:

  • long-term use of Beloderm (longer than 3 weeks);
  • treatment of large areas of the skin;
  • use of large doses of the agent;
  • application of the product to the skin with mechanical damages (scratches, abrasions);
  • use of the drug for occlusive dressing;
  • application of the drug in childhood.

When side effects occur, it is necessary to abolish Beloderm and apply symptomatic treatment.

Symptoms of a systemic overdose are impaired glucose metabolism, headaches. When there are signs of an overdose, it is necessary to cancel the drug, restore the water-salt balance, and symptomatic therapy.

special instructions

During treatment with Beloderm, it is important to take into account the following points:

  • can not be used for more than 7 days to treat facial skin, since it is possible to develop side effects - perioral dermatitis, acne , rosacea;
  • treatment of the skin in the folds (inguinal folds, axillary cavities) should be short (natural occlusion occurs, resulting in increased risk of stretch marks);
  • when attaching a secondary bacterial or fungal infection, additional administration of local antibiotics and antifungal agents is required;
  • in case of liver failure, small doses of the cream can be applied without the use of a dressing, use the drug in short courses;
  • Beloderm does not affect the ability to concentrate attention, manage transport and other mechanisms;
  • Use of Beloderm during pregnancy is only possible in situations where the expected benefit to the mother is greater than the potential risks to the fetus;
  • it is possible to use the drug during lactation, but only on strict indications (while it is impossible to apply ointment on the skin of the breast immediately before feeding);
  • Beloderm can be used to treat children older than 6 months, but with caution and the minimum possible course (children have a greater absorption of the drug due to a greater ratio of skin surface area to body weight, resulting in increased toxicity);
  • under bandages and diapers children can not be applied, as the absorption of the drug increases and the risk of side effects increases.

Beloderm Analogues

To similar preparations with the same active substance are: Acryderm cream, Betliben cream, Celestoderm-B cream.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drug is stored at a temperature of 15 ° C to 25 ° C, protected from sunlight and moisture, inaccessible to children. Do not freeze. The shelf life of the cream and ointments Beloderm is 4 years. Do not use the product after the expiry date printed on the package.

Price for Beloderm Ointment and Beloderm Cream

Beloderm ointment for external use 0.05%, tuba 15 g. - from 127 rubles.

Beloderm cream for external use 0.05%, tube 15 g. - from 127 rubles.

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