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Bellataminal application instructions

Bellataminal application instructions

Bellatamininal tablets (Bellataminal) belong to the group of sedatives of the combined composition. Produces their Russian pharmaceutical company JSC "Pharmaceutical VILAR." Due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes several active ingredients, it has not only a sedative, sleeping pills, but also m-anticholinergic and alpha-adrenoblokiruyuschee effect.

This drug should be prescribed by the attending physician, who will offer an objective duration of treatment and the multiplicity of pills, and, if necessary, prescribe additional courses of treatment.

Below will be presented instructions on the use of tablets Bellatamininal.

Release form and composition

Bellatamine tablets lenticular form cover with a light yellow shell.

The composition of the drug includes belladonna alkaloids in the amount of 100 µg, ergotamine tartrate - 300 µg and phenobarbital - 20 mg. In addition there are excipients: potato starch, refined sugar, polyinylpyrrolidone (povidone), calcium stearic acid (calcium stearate). The tablet shell consists of magnesium carbonate basic (magnesium hydroxycarbonate), refined sugar, titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide), aerosil A-380 (colloidal silicon dioxide), beeswax, gelatin, tropeolin O.

Tablets are packaged in 10 mesh blister packs. Blisters of 10, 30, 50 pieces are packed in cardboard boxes and supplied with instructions.

Indications for use

Bellatamina tablets prescribed for sleep disorders (insomnia), increased irritability, neurogenic disorders during the menstrual cycle. Additionally, the drug is indicated in the complex treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, as well as to alleviate the condition due to itching with neurodermatitis.

Stable therapeutic effect is observed after a long time of taking the drug. It takes at least a month of regular use of the pills to observe a lasting improvement in the patient’s condition.

The special composition of the drug causes antispasmodic (due to alkaloids belladonna and ergotamine) and sedative effects (due to phenobarbital). But of course, in the first place, the drug is valuable for its soothing properties.

The drug is excreted by the kidneys.


This drug is not recommended for use by persons under the age of 18 and with hypersensitivity to the drug's components, pregnant and lactating women. Patients suffering from angle-closure glaucoma, spasm of peripheral arteries, angina, as well as other manifestations of atherosclerosis, should refrain from taking pills.

Dosing and Administration

Bellatamininal appoint 1 tablet inside 2-3 times a day, take the drug after a meal, washing it down with the necessary amount of water. If necessary (serious conditions of the patient), the doctor may prescribe a dose of 1 tablet in the afternoon and 2 tablets before bedtime in the evening. The course of treatment lasts an average of 2-4 weeks. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe a re-treatment after a short break or a temporary reduction in the dose of the drug.

Side effects

The described drug rarely causes side effects. However, some patients complain that in the process of taking the drug dry mouth, visual impairment (accommodation paresis), drowsiness occurs. If the patient has hypersensitivity to the components of the tablets, allergic reactions may occur.

In the event of side effects, you should consult with your doctor. It will adjust the dosage regimen and frequency of administration, or, if necessary, suggest another pharmaceutical preparation.

special instructions

The drug Bellatamininal in no case can not be used for pregnant women, women who breastfeed, as well as children under 18 years.

During the entire period of treatment, care must be taken to persons engaged in hazardous activities that require increased attention and quick response, or driving a car.

The drug can not be used with alcohol (ethanol). According to the results of observation of the patients, it was noticed that nicotine and alcohol cause an increase in the effects of the use of the Bellataminal.


The composition of the tablets Bellatamininal one of a kind. At the moment, there are no structural analogues for it.

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Terms and conditions of storage

This drug should be stored at room temperature no more than 25 ° C in a dry place that children cannot reach. Bellataminal tablets belong to the list B.

The shelf life of the drug is 5 years, after which it cannot be consumed.

Pharmacy holidays

Bellatamininal tablets sold from pharmacies only by prescription.

Bellatamininal price

Bellatamininal tablets 30 pcs. - from 120 rubles.

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  • | Anna Filonenko | November 21, 2015

    Remarkably relieves tremor with thyrotoxicosis! What would I do without him?

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