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Baralgin M ny: instructions for use

Baralgin M injections

Baralgin M solution has antipyretic and analgesic effect on the body. Refers to the group of pyrazolones. It can be used to eliminate severe pain that is not eliminated by other drugs, as well as during febrile conditions caused by various causes. Baralgin M is considered a non-narcotic analgesic. The half-life period reaches about 14 - 15 minutes. Oppresses the synthesis of prostaglandins. Has a slightly pronounced anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Form of issue and composition

Baralgin M is a solution for injections. The active ingredient is sodium metamizole. In 1 ml of Baralgina M contains 500 mg of metamizole sodium. The ampoule has a volume of 5 ml. An additional substance is water for injection. The secondary cardboard box contains a tray with 5 ampoules and detailed instructions. On the package you can find information about the manufacturer, the term of validity and series of production.

Indications for use

Baralgin M is widely used in medical practice. Its purpose is justified in the therapy of pains of varying strength, which are difficult to resolve with the help of other medications. Can be used for feverish conditions, which are difficult to stop for different reasons.


The ban on taking Baralgin M is available under the following conditions:

  • asthma bronchial or other diseases that can provoke bronchospasm;
  • known hypersensitivity to pyrazolones or sodium metamizole;
  • sensitivity reactions to pyrazolidines. The emergence of agranulocytosis with the use of drugs of this group;
  • the last and first trimester of women bearing a child;
  • the risk of hemolysis exists with congenital deficiencies of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase;
  • serious allergic manifestations caused by the intake of such analgesics as naproxen, paracetamol, indomethacin and others, as well as salicylates. Such manifestations may include cases of anaphylactic reactions, edema, rhinitis, and urticaria;
  • the age of children under 3 months with a weight not exceeding 5 kg;
  • malfunctions in the operation of the bone marrow. These conditions may occur after therapy with cytostatics or in the treatment of diseases of the hematopoietic system;
  • the possibility of developing porphyria attacks appears with the use of Baralgin M in patients with acute intermittent hepatic porphyria;
  • with lactation;
  • Baralgina M solution can not be used in patients with low blood pressure or any hemodynamic disorders;
  • impaired functionality of the kidney or liver.

Dosing and Administration

Rules for taking Baralgin M for adolescents, starting at the age of 15 and adults: a single dose ranges from 500 mg to 1 gram. The daily dosage should not exceed 2 grams. It should be divided into 3 receptions. Use the solution for both intravenous and intramuscular use.

In children from 3 months and up to a year, with body mass index of 5 - 9 kg, the drug Baralgin M is administered strictly intramuscularly. The recommended dosage is from 50 to 100 mg per 10 kilograms of weight (approximately 0 .1 - 0. 2 ml of a solution of 50%). This single dose can be applied no more than 3 times during 24 hours.

It is important to inject the solution of Baralgin M to warm the solution to body temperature. A too rapid introduction can provoke a shock. For intravenous administration, the rate should not be more than 1 ml per minute strictly in the lying position of the patient. At the same time, the parameters of respiration, pulse and blood pressure are monitored. Particular care is needed when injecting the drug Baralgin M in a dose exceeding 2 ml. Perhaps a sharp drop in blood pressure.

The duration of therapy is determined by the attending physician on an individual basis.

Side effects

Such side effects were observed during therapy with Baralgin M:

  • phlebitis, tenderness in the place of the injection;
  • burning, accompanied by itching manifestations;
  • of leukopenia. Seldom there may be thrombocytopenia or agranulocytosis;
  • angioedema ;
  • rash ( hives );
  • failures in the work of the kidneys. Usually they are expressed as anuria, staining urine in a reddish hue, proteinuria, oliguria. Sometimes acute interstitial nephritis occurs;
  • bronchospasm;
  • anaphylactoid manifestations;
  • occurrence of arrhythmias;
  • a sharp drop in blood pressure indicators;
  • a rare complication is Lyell's syndrome and Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

special instructions

With concurrent administration of cytotoxic drugs, treatment with Baralgin M is carried out only under supervision. If a long course is required, periodic monitoring of the blood picture is necessary. If agranulocytosis was provoked by the use of metamizole, then it lasts no less than 7 days and is able to pose a threat to life. The relationship between the occurrence of this condition and the applied dosage was not found.

The abolition of the use of Baralgina M is necessary when the temperature rises suddenly, accompanied by chills, pains in the oral cavity, the appearance on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity of erosive lesions. Severe neutropenia also requires the withdrawal of the drug.

Fixed cases of anaphylaxis usually appeared in patients prone to allergic manifestations and having a history of bronchial asthma. In the risk group are people with hives, rhinosinusitis or who have alcohol intolerance or intolerance to a variety of dyes.

Injections produced by the intravenous route are slow to reduce the likelihood of complications. With care use Baralgin M in the presence of low pressure or high temperature. Particular attention is paid to people with heart failure, glomerulonephritis and other kidney diseases.

It is inadmissible to use Baralgina M in cases of severe pain in the abdominal area without an established diagnosis.

For injection by intramuscular method, long needles are used.

In pediatrics, intravenous injections are prohibited for use in patients under 1 year.

Pregnancy: there is a possibility of closing the arterial duct prematurely. It is not used by Baralgin M in the last and first trimesters. In a different period, the drug can be taken only under the control and under strict indications.

When lactation after injection of Baralgina M, you can not breast-feed for 2 days.

Driving in the treatment of the drug is possible, but caution is required when prescribing elevated doses of Baralgina M.

Overdosing requires treatment in the form of symptomatic therapy. There is no antidote at the moment. It is possible to carry out hemodialysis and forced diuresis. If there is a development of convulsive syndrome, diazepam IV should be administered intravenously.

Drug Interactions

The drug enhances the sedative effect of alcoholic beverages. The intake of other non-narcotic analgesics together with Baralgin M leads to an increase in toxic manifestations. When taken with cyclosporine, control of its concentration in plasma is required.

Increased toxicity of Baralgina M and a change in its metabolism occurs when interacting with oral contraceptives, allopurinol and tricyclic antidepressants.

The weakening effect of metamizole sodium is noted when it is used with phenylbutazone or barbiturates.

An increase in the analgesic effect is noticeable with the combination of Baralgina M with tranquilizers and sedatives.

Hyperthermia is most likely to occur with metamizole sodium in combination with phenothiazine derivatives.

With Baralgin M therapy, radiopaque substances, penicillin group preparations and colloidal blood substitutes can not be used simultaneously.

Sodium metamizole increases the activity of indomethacin, indirect anticoagulants and glucocorticosteroid substances.

The likelihood of leukopenia increases sarcolysin and thiamazole.

In one syringe it is not allowed to mix Baralgina M with other medicinal substances.

Analogues of injections Baralgin M

Replace Baralgin M after consulting a doctor can be a solution of analgin with the required dosage, which is produced by many pharmaceutical companies.

Terms and conditions of storage

You can store Baralgin M for 5 years. After the end of the expiration date, injections are prohibited. Storage should be carried out in a dark place. The recommended temperature regime is from 8 to 25 degrees Celsius. Keep ampoules away from children in the factory carton. From drugstores, the release of medication Baralgin M occurs according to a medical prescription.

Baralgin in ampoules price

Baralgin M solution for injection 500 mg / ml, 5 ampoules - from 230 rubles.

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